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Our Family Tree
Like Branches on a Tree, we grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one.

Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.

A Genealogy Poem
"If just one of these had had a miscarriage, I wouldn't be here" 
Aren't we glad they didn't?  It has also been stated that we should not judge our ancestors as we don't know how we would have reacted in the same situation.

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  Lemmon Myers  Pyles Rich Simmons        
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"Personal Statement"

I first became interested in family Genealogy when I was in High School.  I never knew my biological grandmothers on  my mother nor fathers side of the family.  I don't know why it was important to me, but I needed to know who they were.   

Genealogy is like a challenging mystery to be solved. You never seem to get all the puzzle pieces put together. 

Cemeteries intrigue me with their beauty of art and prose.  I have visited a few to record my information.  I can't help but sometimes put my mind in the days that my ancestor where alive and wonder how life could have been then.

  I never much liked history in school, but now I can't get enough.

These ancestors may not all reach back to the Mayflower or to the American Revolution but I do want to preserve this record.  This work is in no way complete.  This writing is to help me organize the records that I have and will undoubtedly make evident facts I would like to have.  I plan to continue my research particularly in the area of early family members.  

I have tried to make this record as accurate as possible.  The records and sources used are not infallible and my human error in copying and typing is entirely possible.  There will be errors to be sure.  I would appreciate notification of corrections and additions.

I know family genealogy is never finished but I do feel a sense of accomplishment that I have this much of the puzzle completed.  I hope that others will enjoy it.

Catherine D. Simmons

1622 Maiden Lane

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Contact me at



A special thanks to my husband,  Thomas Franklin Simmons who hardly ever complains about the unlimited time I spend on my research.  

Thank you honey...     I love you!

My mother, J. Harlene Hollett Gudgeon, who is a great inspiration to me.  

My father,  Dale Thomas Myers who helped me with my research and continues to be there to help.  He took me to the National Archives in Washington DC and he helped me locate cemeteries and took me where ever I wanted to do my research in Preston Co., WV.  Thanks Dad!

My Uncles,  Robert "Bob" Hollett and David Hollett in Canada for researching all our Newfoundland families.

My mother and father-n-law whom have given me lots of information on their families and taken the time to show me places where family lived and took me to family cemeteries.  If everyone had in laws like me,  they would truly  be blessed.

Janice Cale Sisler for providing us with her cemetery books for locating family in 

Preston Co., W.Va.

Maxine Taylor Wiles, daughter of Lula Everson Taylor, who is the sister to my biological grandmother Roxie Everson Myers.  Without her I wouldn't have been able to find all the information on my Everson/Eavenson families.

I have found county clerks in West Virginia and North Carolina to be very helpful in responding to inquiries both by mail and when I visited their records room, especially the workers in Preston Co., WV.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all those too numerous to mention who sent me their family pictures, family records and continue to keep me informed.  

I'm forever grateful to you all.

Family genealogy is indeed an interesting hobby that never seems to end.


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