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Note for:   Fredrick F. Fischer,   4 NOV 1895 - 27 MAR 1966         Index

     Date:   31 MAR 1966
     Place:   Gackle City Cemetery/Gackle, ND

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Note for:   Gottlieb Fischer,   19 APR 1905 - 8 APR 1995         Index

     Date:   APR 1995
     Place:   Streeter City Cemetery/Streeter, ND

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Note for:   Henry Perman,   3 JUL 1861 - 31 DEC 1944         Index

     Date:   JAN 1945
     Place:   Perman Cemetery/Grenz Twp, ND

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Note for:   Elizabeth Ketterling,   10 JUL 1866 - 24 JAN 1915         Index

     Date:   JAN 1915
     Place:   Perman Cemetery/Grenz Twp, ND

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Note for:   Emelia Knodel,   21 JUN 1903 - 11 SEP 1979         Index

     Date:   SEP 1979
     Place:   Streeter City Cemetery/Streeter, ND

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Note for:   Virginia Delores Buck,   23 JUN 1928 - 15 OCT 2000         Index

     Date:   OCT 2000
     Place:   Streeter City Cemetery/Streeter, ND

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Note for:   Frederick C. Fandrich,   19 NOV 1909 - 12 JAN 1959         Index

     Date:   JAN 1959
     Place:   Streeter City Cemetery/Streeter, ND

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Note for:   Cincinnati Floretta Buck,    -          Index

Alias:   Nettie /Rueb/

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Note for:   Raymond Rueb,    -          Index

Individual Note:
      Raymond Rueb was born on July 2, 1930 in Eureka, South Dakota to Henry
        Rueb and his wife Philippina Bauer. He grew to adulthood on his father's farm
        four and a half miles southwest of Wishek, North Dakota. He received his
        formal education (grade 1 - 10) at the Wishek Public School. In 1946 he moved
        with his parents to Streeter, North Dakota where he attended the Streeter Public
        School and graduated in 1949.

        In 1949 he was united in Holy Matrimony with LaVerne Viola Buck (the girl next
        door). God blessed them with four sons, Paul Ray of Dickinson, North Dakota;
        Jeffrey Lloyd of Phoenix, Arizona; Lance Tony and Scott Jeffrey of Edmonton,

        Early in his life he felt the call of God to ministry. Shortly after his graduation
        from high school he filled the pulpit of the Assembly of God Church in Wishek,
        ND while still living on the farm with his parents, southwest of Streeter. The
        need for additional help in the flourishing ministry of his oldest brother,
        George, a pioneer pastor, involved him in continuous pulpit ministry shortly
        after his marriage. In 1951 he moved to Tappec, ND where he assisted in the
        beginning of a Home Missions church. Later he assisted in the congregations
        of Streeter, Medina and the Emmanuel country church between Lehr and
        Streeter. During this time of ministry God opened the doors of opportunity to
        begin a church in Alfred, ND. A former Congregational church sought
        affiliation with the Assemblies of God. This congregation later amalgamated
        with the Streeter congregation to form the present church in Gackle, ND.

        Many and varied were the opportunities of service for the Lord. All of them
        were done with the greatest of joy. He was often sought after for camp meeting
        speaker, as well as revival meetings. Many are those who found Christ as Lord
        and Savior.

        In 1969 he and his wife LaVerne moved to Michigan where he became pastor of
        First Assembly of God for more than 18 years. During this time of service he
        also served as Secretary Treasurer of the German Branch Assemblies of God as
        well as Superintendent for a number of years.

        While pastoring in Benton Harbor, MI, his voice was heard weekly on a half
        hour broadcast on WHFB as radio pastor on "Morning Evangelize" the radio
        voice of First Assembly. His vision of reaching the lost birthed the telecast
        released on Channel 46 in Southbend, Indiana known as "A Time to Listen"
        which continued for several years with measurable success.

        The "Life line Ministry", a call in phone service, served the communities of
        Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, Michigan for many years ministering to those in

        In 1988 he resigned his position as Senior Pastor of First Assembly and
        accepted the position of Senior Pastor of Southside Pentecostal Assembly in
        Edmonton, AB.

        Shortly after his arrival the congregation entered into a building program which
        was successfully completed, launching the congregation into a new phase of
        ministry, outreach and change. He was well know throughout the city through
        the local cable TV ministry known as "Good News For You" which ministered
        to German speaking, English and children during its one and a half hour

        In the spring of 2000, after much prayer, Pastor Rueb resigned as Senior Pastor
        of Southside Pentecostal Assembly to retire from active full-time ministry. His
        retirement however has not slowed him down in his work and dedication for the
        Lord. In October of 2000 he understood a missions trip to India to see the
        ongoing work of the organization Gospel to the Unreached Millions. He is
        actively involved in the radio shows "A Time To Listen" and "Ask The Pastor"
        heard every Sunday night in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. Although he
        resigned as Senior Pastor of Southside, he did not resign from doing the Lord's
        work and is willing to go wherever the Lord leads. He is presently serving as
        Senior Pastor at Valley Christian Center Assembly of God church in Grand
        Forks, North Dakota and even here his visions and energies are being extended
        as he started a radio program on the local station and also was instrumental in
        organizing a pastors prayer time and a Mayor's Prayer Breakfast.

        His love of people and his skill in conducting business meetings seems to draw
        him into the chairmanship of various Societies and organizations. For several
        years he served as Chairman of the "Alberta Beach Camp Society", "The
        Canadian Foundation for the Love of Children" as well as "Gospel to the
        Unreached Millions", a missions organization concerned with the reaching of
        the millions of souls in the 10/40 window of the world.

        He enjoys life and always looks to make the life of those with whom he comes
        in contact just a little lighter. His laughter and his humor brighten the pathway
        for many.

        Pastor Rueb was born and raised in a home where Christ was Lord and a
        decisive testimony for Christ was always the most important issue. As a young
        lad he often sought the Lord for the assurance of salvation. He wanted to be
        sure that the life changing experience he saw in the lives of his parents and
        older siblings would also be his. While attending special meetings in the
        "Evangelical" in Wishek, ND he broke through to this life changing experience.
        He experienced the divine miracle of the "New Birth" which would direct and
        influence the balance of his life. His burden for souls never diminished. His
        love of people, both young and old, endeared him to the hearts of many. His
        vision for the future was never blurred by the successes or difficulties of the
        day. A phrase he often repeated and that seemed to have shaped his life was,
        "Keep your hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life." That's a
        full time job and will always keep you occupied with yourself.

        He often said, "The scripture that most appropriately describes my life is:
        "But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which he loved
        us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ
        for by grace you have been saved." - Ephesians 2:4.

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Note for:   Todd James Remboldt,   JAN 1968 - 17 JUL 1970         Index

     Date:   28 JUL 1970
     Place:   Gackle City Cemetery/Gackle, ND

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Note for:   Elizabeth Lintz,   ABT 1882 - 17 JUN 1910         Index

     Place:   Gackle City Cemetery/Gackle, ND

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Note for:   William Hehn,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     Surname may be HENNE

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Note for:   Rosina Bender,   21 DEC 1900 - 7 DEC 1984         Index

     Date:   DEC 1984
     Place:   Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery/Jamestown, ND