Anglo-Scandinavian Golden Age

Anglo-Scandinavian Golden Age

We find their world order and myths on long golden horns and on nearly thousand golden medallions and golden bracts. In Roman sources their nobility was called Heruli. On rune stones they wrote EK ERILAR. Early Anglo-Saxon laws tell about their nobility and sense of law. They were early Vikings and all our ancestors

This is an electronic book about the Anglo-Scandinavians and Erils. I by principle use the name Eril since the name Heruli was given by the Romans that also called them barbarians. They served the Roman Empire and did the dirty work. They do not deserve any invective. An old proverb for judges tells that enemies should not be witnesses. Still I use the Roman barbarian sources but weigh their words on gold scale.

These are the files starting with the first contacts we know of:

The Romans meet the Erils

The victor usually writes the history and we have got only the Roman version. The Celtic world knew about Greeks and Romans long before the other way around. Here another view from the northern Celtic viewpoint. My ancestors were not barbarians!

Civilised circus, Elbe, Teuroburgerwald, wolves and bears, Nero friend of Germans, Vergilius in Aeneid, Romulus and Remo, Tiberius, Saxony, peace altar Ara Pacis, German hero Arminius, Hoby family, the Iliad, Irminsul, Mars Thingsus

Erils as legionnaires 100 to 500 AD

Erils as legionaires, traders and nobility, neck-rings or necklaces, maiden Freya, Heruli, EK ERILAR, Mithra, Hekate, Celts and Erils, twins or fellows, trophy of victory, Beowulf, Jupiter, Odoacar, Theoderic I

Golden Age of Erils

Celtic culture, runes, Erils, Heruli, farmen, gifts for a fiancée, Ptolemaios' map, Danes, cuneiform brooch, freemen were druid, king, earl, ceorl, huskarl, ornum or birke

Golden horns from Gallehus

Gallehus, golden horn, drinking-horn, hospitalitas, foedorati, Jutes' horn, the Stag, Horn Dance, Otherworld, Bear Maiden, Angles' horn, thula, thegn, binding the Fenriswolf,


Anglo-Saxons, Gute Saga, Horsa and Hengest, Attila, Odoacar, Theoderic, Cassiodorus, Venerable Bede, cruciform brooch, Danelaw, theoden, earl, thegn, thane, freeman, merchant, slave, Celtic clientship, Kent, Mercia, Erils

Golden necklaces and neck-rings

Golden neck-ring, Queen Boudica, Shield Maiden, golden medallion, golden necklace, gorget, lunula, Brisingamen, peasants' culture, noble hov, hall, hus, husby, blot, gille, Morten Goose

The Trinity

Trinity, Great Migration, ritual society, European Celts, equality and federation, terminology of Edda, triglav stonehead, Trihead, rune staff, three terminuses, hov, Three Stone Hov, Adam of Bremen

Gold medallions and gold bracts

Golden medallions, golden bracts, Roman medallion, Eril gold, almandines, green enamel, labarum, entwined strings, filigree and granulate, Olbia, Slettner, knigthhood, lady

Were they Christian?

Christianity, heresy, Christian Heritage, Constantine the Great, labarum, tabula, mensa, Trinity, Arian, Erils, Heruli, Angels, Jutes, Tri-head Thurs, Catholic Trinity, Old Celtic Trinity, Orientius, cruciform fibula, Berserk, Wolf-guise, Snake Pit,

Where they Christian 2

Denar, aureus, solidus, Victoria, Saints in Scandinavia, St Augustine, Mary of the Gael, St Brigid, Pope Gregory I, animal ornaments of Viking Age

World Order in Gold

Gerete, gold bract, long Celtic hair, Swebian knot, mask, Mithras, Sun Rider, Sun-horse Pegasus, World Order, leader cult

Leader medallion

Leader medallion, Eagle, Jupiter, Iovi, augustus, caesar, emperor, Roman symbolism, Celtic society, head medallion, leadership, graveyard, Lilla Jored, Manus Dei, lituus, Roman augur, Celtic hairstyle, Nordic hairstyle, pairhood, jarl, earl

The Flying Horse

Flying horse, Swebian knot, Swebian league, Pegasus, Sun Horse, light cavalry, Baltic Amber, Frisian, Thüringian, Roman society, German, Goth, hird, witan, Maglemose Zealand, golden bract, Probus, Centaur Cheiron

Light cavalry continued

Celtic tactic, Parthians, Cassiodorus, Procopius, Herulian lots, Parthian helmet, Vimose at Fyn, Roman bath, Attila, Heruli or Erils, Odoacar, EK ERILAR, Danes, Langobard or Lombard, Justinian, Battle of Taginae

The Tyr bract

Tyr bract, Thor, Tyr, Aegir's Feast, Midgaard's Snake, Edda, Snore Sturluson Gylfaginning, golden bract, Loke, Midgaard, Hel, Fenris Wulf, thane, thegn, Temple Knigth, marskalk,

Balder myth in gold

Balder myth, Poetic Edda, Valaspa, Hauner, Laur, Laukar, Chaos Mights, well cult, Yggdrasil, Tree of Life, Achilles's theme, Balder's fire, Misteltoe customs, Loke, Holly Oak, swastika,

Balder myth background

Balder motif, Valaspa, Mimer Well, Laukeberg, Idun's apples, rock-carvings, mourning mother, Loke, mistletoe, druid, Roman augur, Etruscan augur, Tree of Life, the Holly Oak, Thor, Inanna myth, Isis myth, Snake pit

Finds tell us

Agriculture, culture, feudalism, kingdom, cattle-people, cattle-breeders, Norse law, ceorl, cannibal, golden neck-ring, necklace, Vittene, grave finds, women graves, war-trophies, Parthian style, mask, cavalry grave, horsemen, golden hoards, Tureholm, Timboholm, craftsmen, Roman wine service, blot, oppida, season of herring, Unicorn, Frisian Brothers.

The Vi

The Vi was forbidden by law when Christianity got the monopoly of keeping track of time. That was the end of maybe more than 5000 years tradition and custom with the local Vi as sanctified place for law, order and time keeping. There is no magic in the Vi.

Dolmen, Balder myth, vi, harg, hult, lund, heathen monument, Sparlausa, Oklunda, Malt, vising, Christianity, Sigurd,


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The golden bract above is from Aars Aalborg Jutland and it is unique and the only one in that style.

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