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Catshaman's sitemap

This sitemap has all my books and files in English. They are about early Ritual Age, symbolising Time Law, Bronze Age ideas and rock-carvings, Law codes, on Indus, Sumerian and Egyptian myth and calendars, myth and rituals as context to stony monuments. Anyway this should be the full sitemap

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Ideas of the stones

Stones is much more than Carnac and Stone Henge. In this electronic book I analyse all different kinds configurations with stones. In Ritual Age they were maybe made for "Following Her" and deciding the time. During Bronze and Iron Age it seems to be manifestos of their local World Order. In fact we have some folk memory about altar on Dal from about 300 Ad indicating that Christianity reached our ancestors at that time.

West European megalith culture map

First myth compare with Old Norse Edda | Ubaid, Ereshkigal, Animal Round, zodiac, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ginungagap, Enki, Wainamoinen, Eridu, Oannes, Abzu, World Order, Edda, Kalevala, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, Sin, Enlil, Ninlil, Virgin, Scorpio, Oxen, Leo, Inanna , Dumuzi

Early Script …The oldest signs of calendars or following the time is at least 20000 years old. The file is about time symbolising and it is good to know the Ritual Age and it's myths since they are manifested in the stony monuments. This file is written as a reminder that we can see signs of abstract thinking and World Order long before the stone monuments.

Celestial World Order …It is almost "must" to read this comprehensive file about the celestial World Order that is the real base for the megaliths


Carnac close to the Morbihan bay in Bretagne gave a good fishing season in spring seven thousand years ago and I suppose it is so today too. The Table of Gods was surely overloaded when they kept kermesse every year. The passage grave of Gavrinis is maybe the oldest moon temple from around 4200 BC

Moon temple Gavrinis |megalith, Gavrinis, Canchal Mahoma, Saros cycle, Troy, Carnac, fasces, kermesse, von Däniken, Le Menec, Ker Mario

Stones in circle and row | Standing stone, ritual stone, Ansur, Geb, bautastone, tombstone, Ras, place name, trinity, tri-head, Short stone row, two-stone, sightstone, heelstone, astrolabe, Auriga, fix-star, Follow Maiden, The Bride's Suite, Buck stone, Ekornavallen, three-stone, hov, Adam of Bremen

Ritual circle | Stone circle with stone rows, giant Finn, religion, World Order, Callanish, midsummer sun, equinox,

Danish stone rows | Stone row, marker stone, time cross, Time, trinity, Ritual Age, spacetime, time ritual, Order of Society, feudal order, avenue, thing

Cultural stones | Seit, red-stone, white-stone, small-stone, oath-stone, germ-stone, hov-stone, maiden Stone, obelisk, standing stone or stela, Little Hans, oath, hult, lund, harg, border stone, five-stone, raa and raur, milestone, herm

The Vi | Dolmen, Balder myth, vi, harg, hult, lund, heathen monument, Sparlausa, Oklunda, Malt, vising, Christianity, Sigurd,

4th millennium ideas | Dolmen, long barrow, passage grave, Isis dagger, double axe, resurrection, agriculture, law room, animal round, Eridu, Abzu, Enki, Inanna, god-table, bear hunting, aesir, vanir, New Grange, Gavrinis, Malta, Alvastra, time and calendar, cupmark, crossed circle,

Grooves and cists | Ground grooves, Flyhov, going beneath, otherworld, netherworld, Gotland, Antares in Scorpio, Meton's cycle, Saros cycle, slab cist, amulet, sickle, dagger, rock-carvings, two law-men, green-stone, copper mountain, Caucasus, Nart Epos, Edda, Kalevala, midgaard, outgaard, Heidenstein

Mounds and stoneships | Mound, big mound, Time burial, Silbury Hill, cremation, Sarmatian influence, ringsword, Amazon, Shield Maiden, big stone ship, Askeberga, Blomsholm, Ale's stones, Badelunda, folkland, Kivik grave, small stone ship Lindholm

Doom ring and footstool | Doom ring, hult, lund, rock-carvings, alderman, yearman, ring, pairhood, septemvir, collegium of seven, nemeton, footstool, fodepald, king, oldest rostrum in Europe

Stones in Exodus | Exodus, rock-carvings, Hittitian, wanax, satell, Astarte, asherim, Ashera, Asvins, Moses, masseboth,

Altarstone | Altarstone, rock-carvings, altar, Otherworld, law-room, ancient field, going beneath, handstone, cupmark, May stone, Sumerian season, Enki, Inanna

Thingstone | Thingstone, thing mound, thing circle, Tynwald, allting, Manx cat, platform, terrace, Monks' Altar, fylgia, Gulating, oathring, tingrith, third man, oath-going, oathstone, edstone

Olympos of Nordal |The big mound, two doom-rings, altar-stone, three stony ships, two stony mounds, birke, landowners code

Origin Law | … this article about Ancient law codes, Criminal code, Code of religion, Commerce code, King's code, Community code, Marriage code, Inheritance code, Land code, Wandering minstrels,


Short essay about early writers and about theories

Tacitus about society in Germania

Tacitus and Jordanes overrated sources

Gimburta's local patriotism

Totemism as Jesuit description of unknown cultures

King of Stonehenge

Law of the Naked

The Naked goddess has many names and gave name to my original book. She is seen in our rock-carvings at the same time as she taught the Sumerians how to cultivate … she was of course the mind of the Sumerians. These files jump between rock-carvings and the roots in Sumer and Egypt. In general I name it Ritual Age since they followed the goddess of fertility.

Slab cist period | Follow Gyr, early round, songs from the pyramids, Plutharch about Isis, world heritage, Bride of Spring, Ramadan, Aryans, Leo, River of Underworld, Virgo with Spica, Watergate, Capricorn, Sirius, Osiris is Orion,

People of the Dagger| Slab cist, Age of the Dagger, boat axe, battle-axe, ritual amulet, sickle, Beltane, ritual fire, May Day, manor of pairs, brotherhood, fellowship, rectangular slab cist, wedge shaped cist, dead-house, ritual bath, grave beer, entrance chamber cist, gable hole, prospecting copper, Alps, Caucasus, green stone, territorial claim, Old World, symbol script, god begotten, rock-carvings

Wedge tomb | Slab cist, wedge tomb, Caspian trade, Nart Epos, Edda, Kalevala, Midgaard, Outgaard, Gobustan, Azerbaijan, three thursa-women, Three Maiden, Time River, Inanna myth, agriculture, Heidenstein, Arco Italy, Remedello, Isis dagger, Aosta, bucrania

Law of the Naked | Law of the Naked, law in detail, Law of Brotherhood, binary system of syllables, hieroglyphs, Info-European common culture, Aesirs and Vanirs, Sumerian marriage, formula of protection, breast-plate or collar, time-wheel, naked goddess, Three Maiden

The Law of Brotherhood | Cultivator's claim, Thor in the Edda, smith's hammer, lunula, gorget, Brisingamen, marriage code, hand-take, Suite of Seven, septemvir, Collegium of Seven, time-wheel, La Madeleine, The Naked of Levant, Mare of the Moon, time-wave, Three Maiden,

Fotosafari at Haugsbyn | Ronarspit, claim, Peasant's Almanac, timewheel, snipe, unite or marry, Hand/ Cancer

Law codes on the rocks | see also this article about Ancient law codes, Criminal code, Code of religion, Commerce code, King's code, Community code, Marriage code, Inheritance code, Land code, Wandering minstrels,

Isis myth | Follow Gyr, early round, songs from the pyramids, Plutharch about Isis, world heritage, Bride of Spring, Ramadan, Aryans, Leo, River of Underworld, Virgo with Spica, Watergate, Capricorn, Sirius, Osiris is Orion

Inanna myth | Inanna steps down, Inanna lure the boys, Under the apple tree, Uruk, Sumer, Eridu, Easter, Ishtar, Maria, Fishman, Ereshkigal, face of Leo, Engelstrup Zeeland, shepherd Dumuzi, Enlil, Ninlil, Sin, Virgin

First myth |Ubaid, Ereshkigal, Animal Round, zodiac, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ginungagap, Enki, Wainamoinen, Eridu, Oannes, Abzu, World Order, Edda, Kalevala, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, Sin, Enlil, Ninlil, Virgin, Scorpio, Oxen, Leo, Inanna , Dumuzi

Sumerian heritage| Eridu, satelle, syllable writing, Gilgamesh, Sargon of Akkad, Bible, geronsia, Etana, Bible, Nanshe, yearman, aedicula, stand-in, bio-intelligence, teamwork, symbiosis, first-time-act, taming, herbs talk,

Early Animal round | Animal Round Thuban, Kochab, Oannes, Goat-fish, Abzu, Eridu, radio, kringkasting, round radio, the first on the Earth, Inanna and Dumuzi, Ishtar and Tammuz, resurrection

Sumerian astronomy | Sumerian astronomy, Scorpio, cardinal directions, Astronomy Square, Heaven, Earth, Underworld, Earth-eye, Gateway to Underworld, Face of Underworld, world corners, seal of Sargon, instead-ritual, other-side-symbol, two-stroked footprint,

Lingua Franca | Lingua franca, Indo-European, Aryan, Hurrian, Mitanni, cultural influence, Varuna, Mitra, Nasatyas, Nabu, Hittitian, Nuzi, Iran, time-wave, Naked Lady, Young Lower, Sitting Lady, Animal Round, Teshub, Mursilis

Iconography | Script, glyph, the Naked, high game animal, Big Man, Lepenski Vir, He-goat, renpet, Fishbeing, Follow Hor, Horus name, yearman, Elam, Persia, cultural interchange, little world, Culgi, fierce-looking lion, dragon, wild bull, Original Hill, Enki, Inanna, phase shift, entirety, ritual suite, space-time, World Order

Egyptian calendar| Egyptian wisdom, House of Life, African heritage, Follow Her, Senenmut's calendar, Khufu's pyramid, dating, Sphinx or Leo, predynastic time, Astarte, Ishtar, hero, Sothic year, portal, palm-leaf, Egyptian ritual year, djed-pillar, Toth the moon, Atum

Egyptian icons and symbolism | iset-step, ur-hill, stairway to the stars, obelisk, djed-pillar, natural resurrection, unification, watering, pick, Maiden of Underworld, bronze sickle, Seth, Karnak, Anubis

Egyptian night sky | icons and symbols, night skies, Farmer's year, Ramesses, asterism, Horus the Time, fertility, Goddess of birth-giving, Ur-hill of inundation, Farmer's ritual year, ritual astronomy, New Year or Ramadan, epigone, Harem feast, oracles, sibyl, Great Bull

Indus symbolism | Indus symbolism, Easter Islands, Indus culture, Rigveda, Asko Parpola, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Argos, Unicorn, Indus seal, Mesopotamia, Negroid people, Aryan question, Four Corner, weather corners, cardinal directions, Chinese symbolism

The Naked Gangaur | Indus culture, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Rigveda, animal round, pictorial script, Indus Script, World Order, Vishnu, Tree of Life, Rahu, Ketu, Gangaur, Parvati, Siva, marriage, fertility, Hesiodos, Lait, Astarte, Aphrodite, Black Stone.

Going beneath | Isturitz, Malabar, going beneath, double-axe, ground grooves, Flyhov, ban-in-ban, flint chisel, Meton's cycle, Saros' cycle, New Grange, Underworld's portal, ancestor skull

Moon year | Indus calendar, ancient astronomy, animal round, zodiac, Time River, conventions, rough simplification, windmill, vasanta, varsha, sarad, sisiva, merged figures, triad, trisection, trinity, Brahmins, Sun Square, Month Wheel, World Corners, Siva, Vishnu, World Order, World Tree, old wise men, Seven Sages, Longleg, Rhinoceros, Ramadan symbolism, Zebu

Indus symbols | Toe of Gemini, gandharva, naksatra, Soma, double-axe, female centaur, Horus, Oxen, Narmer Palette, painted ceramics, aswins, humanising, Agni, Waterman, Crab, polestar, Thuban, Koshab, crossed circle, swastika, sun square, month wheel, earth oven

Indus script in Idaho |Rock carvings, Snake River, earth oven, Polynesian umu ti, Indus Script, fireplace, Indus culture, Siva, Parvati, season for salmon, Ramadan, Sarasvati, Sindhu, Rigveda, transpacific trade

Dream Time, space-time, thunderbird, thunderstorm, Romans, Sumerians, Scandinavian Thor, Same Drum, Wayward Sun, Rocky Mountains, Sun Dance, hare-god, Utes, patronising, spring equinox, zodiac, animal round, Flood, Bear Dance, Honeypaw, Bearwatcher, moon

Idaho Script, Indus Script, symbol script, syllable language, cupmark, algebraic meaning, Indus symbolism, moon cycle, urn-symbol, offer cauldron, bear paw, Boöetes, Bearwatcher, snake, dragon, Serpent Mound, grid, sticky figures, searching copper

Our many mothers |Motherhood, Leading Lady, naked mothers, good mothers, images of goddesses, mankind, another world, spacetime, otherworld, cave of Laussel, Timer River, Ensi, Enki, Sumerian literature, Images of goddesses, clothed child, sleeping Lady, Fishman, Trinity of childbird, Madonna

Kimberly Girls | virtual visit to Australia 10000 to 20000 years ago

Bronze Age

These files are about the connections to the Levant and the Aegean sphere during Bronze Age. It is hard to sort out from which source we got the influences. It is harder to know what did our Scandinavian ancestors use for pay when they got things from South.

Pairhood | Early Bronze Age, Age of Pairhood, pairhood at Fossum, Otherworld or Netherworld, Unêtice culture, fertility, idol, Two lands of Egypt, Seth and Horus, Gemini, Candlemas, pairhood, Gemini as fix-star, Archer the guard

Age of Pairhood, fellowship, double axe as guard, Minoan culture, time law, two-cupmarks, lunula, bowler hat, Loke, idea of wanax, labrys, Kivik grave, Gemini as fix-stars, Archer the guard, Procyon, Ramadan, New Moon Mare, The Girl, Kore, Demeter, fire altar

Anatolian trade | Anatolian bridge, Greek trade, Hittites, Ionian heritage, Roman collegium septemviri, Greek geronsia, Male league of horsemen, Assyrian influence, Greek World Order, Aedicula seal, Mycenaean World Order, Kültepe, Karatepe, concepts in society, bear-guise

Feudal Age | Feudal ideas, Bull, Baltic amber, Early speeders, Herodotus, Hittitian symbolism, Hird head of nobility, Cybele and horsemen, horn-altar, slaves or clients, putout child, secret language, light chariot, Faeton charioteer, Riding-Thor

Minoan trade | Age of Aries, eroding rock art, customs in spring, agriculture carvings, male league, Minoan Crete, Ugarit, Aries and half-year symbols, Iphgenia is offer instead, sibylline question, new moon saturates, Aspeberget, ploughs from Beotia, priest, priestess

Cadmus | Kinahhu, Canaan, Sargon of Akkad, Ugarit, Akkadian, Ebla, god El, Watersnake, Serpent, Scorpio, Bull, Oxen, Astarte, Sea People, Byblos, Sidon, Tyre, Arwad, Cadmus, Greek, Herodotos, Ezekiel, hand symbol, Aratos, Cartage, caduceus, Phoenician trade, guiding stars, Aratos, Ursa Minor, Little Bear, caduceus, lure the octopus

Celts | Celtic culture, Stag Cernunnos, Vitlycke, Halstatt culture, winged chape, Irminsul, marriage symbol of fertility, lure-blowers, Celtic neck-ring, riding the Stag, Thor smith and farmer, Apollo with horns, Tarvos Trigarnos,

Agriculture rock-carvings | agriculture rock-carvings, corn, wheat, barley, Egyptian pickaxe, Beotian plough, Minoan plough, Celtic words, Sumerien sowing machine, Etrurian arder, Three furrows in Thor, offer in grave, Sibylline question, Plutharch, Plinius, Abu al Haggag, Aspeberget, Beltaine, Mother House, hunting game law, heretic, Echnaton, Amarna, legs of gods, Peasants' Law, Artemis, time carriage

Age of Water-snake | Water-snake, Hydra, Undervorld, Serpent, Eart-snake and Earth-eye, four seasons, Swan, Backa, Half-year snake,Isis, Osiris, Loke on the glue-stick, Killing of Balder, misteltoe

Moon year | Moon year, tree, power belt, Erosion, L. Baltzar, Agiri-goat, The Stag, Sun Stag, Apollo, Artemis, altar, Iphigenia, Vitlycke rock-carvings, World Heritage, Moon calendar Ekenberg,

Danish Bronze Age dresses |Danish Bronze Age, woman skirt, woman sari, Egtved Girl, Skrydstrup girl, Minoan style, Goddess with Snakes, dagger, sword, head-gear, Herodotos, Danish girls in Artemis' Temple at Delos, cultural trade

Male dresses Bronze Age |Male dress, Scandinavian rock carvings, loincloth, sari, slim cover, Egyptian culture, Sumerian culture, skirt of sheepskin, long or half-long kirtle, Akkadian, headgear, Age of Oxen, Minoan culture, Ugarit, battle chariot, Age of Aries, oxwagon, Age of Handman

Textiles, Hittitian culture, Babylon, priest-king, Sumerian symbolism, yearman, tunic, Horus, Egypt, Aegean worlds, Anatolia, Levant, power belt, Celts, Gundestrup kettle, trousers, Persia, caftan, military order, foot-soldier, cavalry, Celtic feast, gille, neo-Hittitian, battle chariot,

Kaisa Warg's recipe, rock carvings, two-wheel chariot, double-axe, crescent moon, boat-axe, copper tools, dagger, slab cist, gable hole, ritual axe, Isis-dagger, female goddess, educating system, horse-ship, Ekenberg,

Ships Sumer - Egypt |Ritual boat, early ships, Egyptian boat, Sumerian boats, Watergate, Water-snake, Ugarit, rock-carvings, Flood, wheel, Indus ship, reed ship, symbolic marriage, vase paintings, Naqada, Gerzeh, year ritual, votive ship, sails-ship, Syrian

Mediterranean ship | Cycladic ships, Phaistos desk, Phoenecian ships, Herodotus, Hyperboreans, Ekenberg, trier, trireme, rock-carvings, duck-head ships, ritual boat, Medinet Habu, Phoenician coins, Sidon, Tyre, Byblos, figure-head, Aegean ship, Kalnes, reed-boat, Naqada, Gerzeh, year ritual, votive ship, Syrian ship, round Greek shields,

Shipbuilders | Time-boat, ritual ship, flock, village, journey, hird, folk, folkland, early shipbuilders, Valderøy ship, Ferriby ship, world's oldest boat, Valderöy ship, clink-build, sewn boards, tap-hole, resin cake, cat, hen, catch octopus, traders

Culture as cargo 1 | figure-head, offer find, buck, Aspeberget, Ekenberg, running-dog, ram horns

Bronze Age Rigveda | Thor woodman and smith, Rigveda, treadmill, Sun poetry, Sun chariot, World Egg, Rain Dragon, advices in Kalevala, Aryan, trading Erils, Celtic hero, Pushan, Agni

Bronze Age Thor | Ionian bridge, Vedic Age, Master of Wheel, Jesus, Kullervo, Riding Thor, Marrying Thor, Master of Ceremony, Gille at Bro, noble riders, religious mysticism, Val Camonica, Lokasenna, battle chariot, swine-phalanx

Bronze Age Odin | Leadership, Odin, messenger birds, Lugh Long-arm, Odin, Tyr, Amled saga, neck-ring, Cernunnos, the Stag, Trinity, the Horse, The Bird, comradeship, Loke, Mercurius

Bronze Age Goddesses | Many goddesses, Cybele or Kubebe, sitting Tinia, wandering people, cultural growth, Maidens of Childbirth, Naked Nerthus, Eta in Echraid, Snake Goddess,Irish legends, Wayland smith, Edda, Asa gods, Edda literature

Rock carvings of Idaho |Rock carvings, Snake River, earth oven, Polynesian umu ti, Indus Script, fireplace, Indus culture, Siva, Parvati, season for salmon, Ramadan

Fotosafari at Haugsbyn | Ronarspit, claim, Peasant's Almanac, timewheel, snipe, unite or marry, Hand/ Cancer

Anglo-Scandinavian Golden Age

This book is about the proto-Vikings before the real Viking Age. The victor usually writes the history and we have got only the Roman version. The Celtic world knew about Greeks and Romans long before the other way around. Here another view from the northern Celtic viewpoint. My ancestors were not barbarians!

Some maps etc. from the period

Brakteat Europe map

Brakteat & neckrings Scandinavia

Cruciform brooch


Ptolemei map

Celts France


se also Essays

These are the files starting with the first contacts we know of:

The Romans meet the Erils

The victor usually writes the history and we have got only the Roman version. The Celtic world knew about Greeks and Romans long before the other way around. Here another view from the northern Celtic viewpoint. My ancestors were not barbarians!

Civilised circus, Elbe, Teutoburgerwald wolves, bears, Nero, Germans, Vergilius, Aeneid, Romulus, Remo, Tiberius, Saxony, peace altar Ara Pacis, German hero Arminius, Hoby family, Iliad, Irminsul, Mars Thingsus, Mercurius Cimbri, Mercurius Rex, Heruli

Erils as Heruli | Erils as legionaires, traders and nobility, neck-rings or necklaces, maiden Freya, Heruli, Ek Erilar, Mithra, Hekate, Celts and Erils, twins or fellows, trophy of victory, Beowulf, Jupiter, Odoacar, Teoderic

Early rune texts | Rune text, Heruli, Eruli, Eril, farman, goldsmith, ornum, oldemor, give eye, ceorl, huskarl, bread guest, sal guest, skin merchant, gastir, hall, love magic, thane, Illerup, salus alu, Laur, ChiRo, Mithraism, Thor, Tyr, Mithras, Wodan, Lugh, Frey, Remus, Romulus

Origin of runes | Runes, early alphabet, phonetic alphabet, syllable alphabet, Kylverstone, futhark, Venetico-alphabet, rune magic, fortune-teller, sibyl, oracle, augur, giant, World Tree, Yggdrasil, Audhumbla

Roman emperors | Roman emperors 253 - 578 AD

Golden Age of Erils | Celtic culture, runes, Erils, Heruli, farmen, gifts for a fiancée, Ptolemaios' map, Danes, cuneiform brooch, freemen were druid, king, earl, ceorl, huskarl, ornum or birke

Golden horns from Gallehus | Gallehus, golden horn, drinking-horn, hospitalitas, foedorati, Jutes' horn, the Stag, Horn Dance, Otherworld, Bear Maiden, Angles' horn, thula, thegn, binding the Fenriswolf,

Anglo-Saxons | Anglo-Saxons, Gute Saga, Horsa and Hengest, Attila, Odoacar, Theoderic, Cassiodorus, Venerable Bede, cruciform brooch, Danelaw, theoden, earl, thegn, thane, freeman, merchant, slave, Celtic clientship, Kent, Mercia, Erils

Anglo-Saxon ideas | Scandinavian ancestors, Cesar, Barbarians, Celts, place names, by-law, witan, the Vi, World Pole, Irminsul, harg, heorg, Holy Oak, Celtic Trinity, Danelaw, Isle of Man, Olof the Holy, house guest, Edda gods, Oxen, multi-culture, Tyr, Loke, Odin, Thor, Frey

Golden necklaces and neck-rings | Golden neck-ring, Queen Boudica, Shield Maiden, golden medallion, golden necklace, gorget, lunula, Brisingamen, peasants' culture, noble hov, hall, hus, husby, blot, gille, Morten Goose

The Trinity | Trinity, Great Migration, ritual society, European Celts, equality and federation, terminology of Edda, triglav stonehead, Trihead, rune staff, three terminuses, hov, Three Stone Hov, Adam of Bremen

Heruli the history 270 - 570 AD

Heruli, Eruli, Mercurius Rex, Swebian league, Swebian knot, Severus, Ammianus Marcellinus, Erilar, palace guard, Batavi, Notitia dignitatum, Attila, Odoacar, Theorderic I, Emperor Leo, Dane, Anastacius, Duke Fara, Arian Wulfila's Bible, Silver Bible, Philimuth, Narses, Langobards, Justinian, Battle of Taginae

Gold medallions | Golden medallions, golden bracts, Roman medallion, Eril gold, almandines, green enamel, labarum, entwined strings, filigree and granulate, Olbia, Slettner, knigthhood, lady

Gold medals | Constantine I, Constans, Constantius II, Medallion, gold medal, two-sided medal, one-sided golden bract, solidus, aureus, Valentinian I, light cavalry, World Tree, Serpent Pit, Manus Dei, Sun-Eagle, Sun-King, Nordic World Order, Celtic flying hair

A-bract | Constantine I, Constans I, Constans II, Constantine II, Valentinian I, Valens, pairhood, jarl, earl, Heruli, Ammianus Marcellinus, Herulian cavalry, taler, thegn

Leader medallion | Leader medallion, Eagle, Jupiter, Iovi, augustus, caesar, emperor, Roman symbolism, Celtic society, head medallion, leadership, graveyard, Lilla Jored, Manus Dei, lituus, Roman augur, Celtic hairstyle, Nordic hairstyle, pairhood, jarl, earl

Laukar | Laukar, Laur, Swedish Government, brainstorming, synthetcial analysis, theory of relativity, barbarian, Faculty of Religion, preconceived ideas, weekday names, the Stag, the Raven, culture carriers, Serpent Pit, Underworld, Isis

The Flying Horse | Flying horse, Pegasus, Sun Horse, Jordanes, Cassiodorus, Procopius, Ammianus Marcellinus, light cavalry, Parthians, Eagle Helmet, Parthian helmet, Vimose Fyn

Wild ride | Wild Ride, otherworld, virtual reality, Christian tongue, St George, Dragon, Tyr Fenriswolf, Ulvhedin, Berserk, swastika, hunting game, Constantine I, Mithras, Bullfighter, Remus, Romulus, Chi Ro, Graal, myth of Tyr, magician, high seat, sound of cat feet, woman's beard, sinews of the bear, roots of the mountain, fish's breath and spit of the bird

Icons | Icon, bullhorns, Oxen, Pegasus, Hare, New Moon Mare, Hekate, Freya, Mother Earth, Frigga, Kim, Frau, Archer

Symbols | The Pearl, Welsh corn, triumphal, crossed circle, time cross, three-part, swastika, bullhorns, tropheum, Manus Dei

Tombstones 400 - 600 AD Gotland 1 | Picture stone. symbol stone, Gotland, Havor, the Pearl, fighting stallions, Kivik, running spiral, Thera, farman, Lochlin

Tombstones Gotland 2 | Tombstone, farman, trader, running spiral, Sunhorse, YIN YANG, Ferryman, Lady with Snake, russ, centaur, battle mate, play mate, companion, funeral mate

Gosforth Cross |Gunnar in Snake Pit, fettered Loke, Sigyn, season snakes, Thor, Midgaards Snake

World Order in Gold | Gerete, gold bract, long Celtic hair, Swebian knot, mask, Mithras, Sun Rider, Sun-horse Pegasus, World Order, leader cult

The Tyr bract | Tyr bract, Thor, Tyr, Aegir's Feast, Midgaard's Snake, Edda, Snore Sturluson Gylfaginning, golden bract, Loke, Midgaard, Hel, Fenris Wulf, thane, thegn, Temple Knigth, marskalk,

Balder myth in gold | Balder myth, Poetic Edda, Valaspa, Hauner, Laur, Laukar, Chaos Mights, well cult, Yggdrasil, Tree of Life, Achilles's theme, Balder's fire, Misteltoe customs, Loke, Holly Oak, swastika,

Balder myth background | Balder motif, Valaspa, Mimer Well, Laukeberg, Idun's apples, rock-carvings, mourning mother, Loke, mistletoe, druid, Roman augur, Etruscan augur, Tree of Life, the Holly Oak, Thor, Inanna myth, Isis myth,

Finds tell us | Agriculture, culture, feudalism, kingdom, cattle-people, cattle-breeders, Norse law, ceorl, cannibal, golden neck-ring, necklace, Vittene, grave finds, women graves, war-trophies, Parthian style, mask, cavalry grave, horsemen, golden hoards, Tureholm, Timboholm, craftsmen, Roman wine service, blot, oppida, season of herring, Unicorn, Frisian Brothers.

Were they Christian? | Christianity, heresy, Christian Heritage, Constantine the Great, labarum, tabula, mensa, Trinity, Arian, Erils, Heruli, Angels, Jutes, Tri-head Thurs, Catholic Trinity, Old Celtic Trinity, Orientius, cruciform fibula, Berserk, Wolf-guise, Snake Pit,

Where they Christian 2 | Denar, aureus, solidus, Victoria, Saints in Scandinavia, St Augustine, Mary of the Gael, St Brigid, Pope Gregory I, animal ornaments of Viking Age

The Vi

The Vi was forbidden by law when Christianity got the monopoly of keeping track of time. That was the end of maybe more than 5000 years tradition and custom with the local Vi as sanctified place for law, order and time keeping. There is no magic in the Vi.

Dolmen, Balder myth, vi, harg, hult, lund, heathen monument, Sparlausa, Oklunda, Malt, vising, Christianity, Sigurd,

Feudal ideas | Feudal World Order, Rauk Stone, Sparlausa Stone

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