Ancient ideas, megaliths, rock-carvings, rituals

Interpreting petroglyphs, symbols and megaliths,

"They say that gene-manipulated crops kill this beauty"

Essays on ancient ideas, megaliths, laws, myths, petroglyphs, time-symbols in rock-carvings, monuments and figurative arts. Covers cultural developments in the Old World and especially in Scandinavia. Then it is about our roots and ancestors 7000 years back.

Keywords: Sumerian zodiac, Egyptian year ritual, rock-carvings, megalith, dolmen, ancient myths and astronomy, stone circle, Inanna myth, Isis songs, Kimberley Girls, rock art, calendars in zodiacs, longbarrow, passage grave, origin of laws, time symbols, astro-symbolism,


Megaliths in ritual order

Stones are much more than Carnac and Stonehenge. In this electronic book I analyse different kinds of configurations with stones. In Ritual Age they were maybe made for "Following Her" and deciding the time. During Bronze and Iron Age it seems to be manifestos of their local World Order. In fact we have some folk memory about altar on Dal from about 300 AD indicating that Christianity reached our ancestors at that time.

Stones in circle or row, standing stone, cultural stones, earthwork, avenue, the Vi, dolmen, passage grave, ground grooves, wedge tomb, mound, stone ship, bautastone, doom ring, altarstone, footstool, thing stone, thing place, thing mound, picture stone

Megalith Ideas

Law of the Naked in Scandinavian rock art

The Naked goddess has many names and gave name to my original book. She is seen in our rock-carvings. At the same time she taught the Sumerians how to cultivate … she was of course the mind of the Sumerians. The rock-carvings on Dal are the best for understanding ancient ritual astronomy = calendar ritual.

Law of the Naked

Ritual & Time Law

The oldest signs of calendars or following the time and that is at least 20000 years old custom. Time Law was always the real ruler and naturally it includes the rituals that sometimes were manifested in stony monuments. These files are about time symbolising and it is good to know the Ritual Age and it's myths. It is about sources in South and reflections in northern rock-carvings

Time Law

Interpreting scripts

These files are about interpreting scripts in general. However th script at the rocks in Haugsbyn is like a gateway to understanding. Some of the texts are more than 5000 years old, however the laws from ca 2300 BC are the core. The early society was writing down the rituals tied to practical astronomy. Here I show a guide to the variety of problems in interpreting

Interpreting scripts

Bronze Age

Script starts with the first symbol that compresses an event or a bit of the world. It is understood that more than the scribe understands it and it becomes a convention among the local people. Naturally the aim was to plan and know their practical cultural life.

Bronze Age

Anglo-Scandinavian Golden Age

We find their world order and myths on long golden horns and on nearly thousand golden medallions and golden bracts. In Roman sources their nobility was called Heruli. On rune stones they wrote EK ERILAR. Early Anglo-Saxon laws tell about their nobility and sense of law. They were early Vikings and all our ancestors

The Erils

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NEW ...First Myth in Sumer and Scandinavia about Creation and World Order and appendix about numbers

NEW Heavily upgraded files about Phoenician trade and Sailors in Spacetime = early boats and ships.

NEW ...The Me as indirect law, Sumerian Law and comments to Hammurabi's codes about women

Sorry Columbus, that got you ... you were the Latecomer

Rock carvings in Idaho tell about traders from the Indus culture visiting and leaving their script on the rocks in Bronze Age

Sumerian zodiac and myths, Egyptian calendar and rituals, Indus symbolism, Sailors in spacetime and development of boats. This is in the size of a book

Theme standing cultural stone, dolmen, longbarrow, passage grave, stony circle, ground grooves, cists, mound, stony circle, stony ship, footstool, altarstone, thing-stone, the Vi, Olympos of Nordal Updated to book's size September 2000. Integrated with Evenstorp's rock-carvings and slab cists February 2001

Theme our many mothers and the myths of Inanna and Isis including subfiles

KIMBERLEY GIRLS a visit to the Aborigines of Australia 10 - 17000 years ago

Time-law calendars in rock-carvings, Egyptian calendar, Sumerian zodiac, time and ritual symbolising, time symbols in rock-carvings

Early Bronze Age pairhood, Anatolian bridge to Europe, Cadmus Phoenician trader, Male league and feudalism, Age of Aries, Indian Rigveda and age of riders, Scandinavian Edda gods Odin, Thor, Loke goddesses in rock-carvings

Photosafari to oldest law and rostrum in Europe

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