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Catshaman's link-node II

My choice try to cover rock art, ritual astronomy and associated areas. Often the links leads to other links and it is difficult to overlook. Some of the links go to areas with odd languages, but you have still the pictures to look at if you are interested. All the links are pasted. Sorry there is no order. If you have suggestions in making this a good node on subject LINKS.

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It is difficult to define the search words in commercial engines ... especially when you get 25000 hits. That is why I search for specialised directories like these:

Internet Archaeology


Tracce Online Rock Art Bulletin

History of Astronomy Bonn University ...

Link Forum for Science Journals

NEWS from Archaeologica

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Contains 11612 articles about the church from the very early days. We need that for our medieval studies. Search in alphanumeric order

Astronomy & Culture

Another mega-catalogue makes it easier for you to search

Anthropology in the News

Provided by Texas A & M 1500 links on the issue

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

The Online Medieval & Classical Library

Another great resource

38000 links Global and Swedish

Linguistic Directory

Directory with links to studies in historical linguistic and languages in general

Archaeology Resources - archaeology related news, books and web resources.

Catshaman's News and Features

News and features from science and society provided by iSyndicate and other sources

Top links at the moment

Whatever the male part of society says "Our many Mothers" were the first idols in society. Darlene have gathered bunches of pictures and articles about the first Lady

This is the ultimate site for those interested in runes and all in English

Hard to believe that it may be more than 17000 years to our ancestors looking like us or?

Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre, Alice Springs for true art lovers

The rock art in Yorkshire shows the essentials in carvings. They needed only a few sign as reminder of time. Some good folklore too. Did the Norsemen be on tour there once long times ago?

Here is much about archaeology in Scotland. 7000+ links to Schottish related sites.

Arild Hauge's runor gives you the most about Norse runes and facts from that time

The best Swedish link page with many international links

Asko Parpola have made good efforts to solve the Indus Script

On this site is normally news from the excavating in Harappa India

This is about Celtic culture. Celts are our hidden ancestors in West Europe

Here you find very beautiful pictures from Knossos Crete

Pictures from Thera

More frescoes Akrotiri Thera

Frescoes from Crete

Stony well preserved monuments in Netherlands

This Finnish site on the border to Russia shows that maybe the Norse did not invent the skies. Sorry Norsemen!

INTERNET ARCHAEOLOGY is an e-journal for actual archaeology in Britain

This website features information on the alignment of the shafts of Khufu's pyramid with the ecliptic, celestial equator, and lunar orbital planes; a dating of the Great Pyramid to 4420 BC by a double alignment with Alpha Orion; the original Giza masterplan; the development of the Osirian mythology in association with a changing Egyptian perspective of Orion throughout the ages; an explanation of how the Egyptians came to know the value of Pi; the celestial sphinx and the stellar capstone.

On this document are many links (if they work) in archaeoastronomy and the history of astronomy

Celtic Corner contends several webrings about Celts and much more. Nowadays it is only the Irish and Scottish that remember our root in the Celtic culture ... that is caused by Roman cultural imperialism.

This is a little page about Egyptian astrology

There is much old Celtic mythology and Irish culture on this site

This is not only about the famous battle 1066, but also the background. There is also a fine timeline from 100 AD to 1100 AD

This is a good glossary of Egyptian archaeology. However it seems to be only for the chosen. In the UN declaration of Human Rights they say that all knowledge should be open for the people of the world.

Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas but also stony monuments from the entire Germanic area including Viking Age settlements in Scotland and so on.

Welcome to Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends. The pages that follow are dedicated to those of you who have dreamed, as I have dreamed, or longed for the days of long, long ago. A place that we can really only visit in our dreams and desires. A misty, mysterious time full of heroes, romance, chivalry, and legends.

This is also a very large source. Observe some of the files are forbidden for ordinary deadly people

Web Gallery of Art is a fantastic source of art during 1150 to 1750

The Catholic Encyclopedia contains 11612 articles about the church from the very early days. We need that for our medieval studies. Search in alphanumeric order

This is your gateway to the world of British archaeology. These are the home pages of Current Archaeology, Britain's leading archaeological magazine.

If we really want to preserve old Mother Earth I think we owe her an hour or two every week. We have to use our special skills so that we at least delay the destruction of our old mother. It is yours and mine responsibility.

On Line Ancient Near Eastern Texts keyed to Britannica Online for Serious links to research on Babylon.

Megaliths, stone circles, etc by Jan Bily You can visit megaliths and megalithic sites in many countries, not only UK, Ireland and France but also megaliths of Portugal, Spain megaliths, monuments in Germany, Sweden, Belgia, Malta, Russian Megaliths and others. Very fine pictures.

Current archaeology at Isle of Man

Indo-European language resources On this site there are several old language tools available.

Old Icelandic Dictionary … Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language (1910) And also a word list … Latin Word List … Old High German … and more is coming

This contains the complete course in Old Norse with grammar and word list. Also link to two province laws and something about Viking Age

Gesta Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus The Danish History, Books I-IX complete version

Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

See Medieval Sourcebook Bede

This is the ultimate site about Celtic culture

Beowulf in Old English and today's English. For those who want the original sources

Runenprojekt Kiel Inschriftem auf einem Objekt. This is a list of all about 450 early rune inscriptions on all kind of substratum

Roman Emperors - DIR - Imperatoribus Online Encyclopedia to Roman Emperors.

Source to coins from the Roman Empire

Doug Smith's Coin Academy

The ultimate source for reading texts, idols and symbols on Greek and Roman coins. Links to coins from different times also of course

Legacy of Horse. History of the horse from the very beginning

Photos from sacred places all over the world with explanatory texts. King size link page

This is gateway to alternative and speculative ideas

Students favourite tool. Very good link node for students

This is the ultimate site with many photos of the various Irish stony monuments. There are many more types than Stone Henge

Francesco Raffaele shows us the ivory and wooden labels are one of the most important items found in Ist to IIIrd dynasty royal and private tombs.

Andres Tvauri have gathered the Estonian rock carvings. It is a good reminder that culture those days did not follow the nation borders of today.

300 petroglyph links As comments the site description meta-tag

The Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Process. Proverbs in Sumerian Cuneiform. Symbolic Counting Tokens from the Early Near East. Links to Mesopotamian or Language Web Sites. Maintained by John A. Halloran

Sumerian Lexicon, version 3.0 John A. Halloran The following lexicon contains 1,255 Sumerian logogram words and 2,511 Sumerian compound words. Sumerian scribes invented the practice of writing in cuneiform on clay tablets sometime around 3400 B.C. in the Uruk/Warka region of southern Iraq

Hittite Home Page Resource pages for Hittite studies

Mike Weir in France looking for stony monuments

Listed Rock Art sites in USA and Canada

Jane Resture's Gateway to Polynesia Amazing list with links to everything in Polynesia

Links to all questions about archaeology, anthropology and ancient times

EUROPREART A new growing Euro-project with several thousand pictures of ancient European art from 7 countries at this stage

William Bakken 1994 assessing Anglo-Saxon invasions

On this page you will find information about the Anglo-Saxon village of Stowa and it's modern reconstruction and images of Angelcynn at the Village.

Stonepages This site has been on my page for some years. Good intentions in the first year of their pages. My control today shows too many dark photos and broken links and too many unfinished intentions. There are some photos from Italy though.

I altered my text because of this reply to STONEPAGES on their link page about my site at FREEPAGES with 656 URLs. I asked them for a link long ago. Now March 2003 they waked up:

"A somewhat chaotic website but with some interesting information for "megalithomaniacs". Worth reading the online essays on Bronze Age and Megalith Ideas, with information on Nortern European areas."

Anglo Saxon links A good guide to online sources about the Anglo Saxons.

ca 53 pictures about Saudi rock art and 200 more from the Saudi

Indian clothing and reconstruction from 19th century

Fabulous collection of tome poles and a growing number of collections from the University of Washington Libraries and faculty in such diverse areas as the humanities, the natural sciences, and the regional cultures of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Fabulous site with 1508 pages (today). Click-maps of Roman Britain showing all military sites and civilian settlements. Classical references to Roman Britain and all things Romano-British

Romans in Ost-Friesland. The Romans recruited auxiliaries among the tribes in Northwest Europe. Especially the cavalry is interesting since until our day's big horses from Belgium to Holstein has been the ultimate friend of man.

Biblical archaeology in Sinai. The Riddle of Mount Sinai Archaeological Discoveries at Har Karkom. Lifework of Emmanuel Anati

Politics by Aristotle

"It is meet that Hellenes should rule over barbarians;
as if they thought that the barbarian and the slave were by nature one."

He tought also that women shall know their place

"Each one gives law to his children and to his wives"

Jordanes by Charles C. Mierows Origin and deeds of the Goths

Roman emperors alphabetically

Compass Collections of British Museum with 5000 object online

NEWS from Yorkshire Rock Art

British Museum photos. Below are a collection of images depicting various dark age and early medieval artefacts currently housed in either the British Museum or the Museum of London.

The Poetic Edda … translated by Henry Adams Bellows

NEW Sarasvati_Sindhu India is confusing manifold … big with many people and cultures. The archaeology is fairly young compared to the rest of the Old World

Ultimate first guide to writing systems

Rock art from Borneo. In French, but have a look at the PDF-file with the ultimate picture of "Hands"

More form Sulawesi

Proto Elamic Especially about early decimal, sexagisemal and bisexagisemal number system. Maybe the Anglo-Scandinavian languages are inspired to our old bisexagisemal names of number from one to twelve, i.e. 2 x 6 numbers

Standardisation of Ancient Scripts Universal character sets of all ancient languages as far as they have made them on this ongoing project

Leeks in the Unicode pipeline Samples of many ancient scripts … just to get a feeling

Digitized reports from early archaeology

Rock Art cuts from Armenia The rock-carved pictures of the Gueghamian Mountains … I have to remark that the interpreter wants always the whole picture and not cuts of curious details

Index of the World's known caves. All you need to know if you want to visit them

The megaliths of Carnac Good site about The Mother of Megalith Culture. Good information about alignments, dolmens, tumuli, cromlechs, menhirs and some about engravings. Map on every object in Bretagne

Carnac - megaliths Good pictures from the big alignments

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth at Ireland

Anthony Murphy at Mythical Ireland has done a great job in presenting these important temples that are parallels to the underground temples in Bretagne

Perseus Digital Library Online Latin and Greek morphology, etymology, lexicon and much more

The Southwest region of the United States, the focus of this series of photo galleries, has the greatest concentration of rock art in the Americas.

On there is much more than about trade

The University of Texas at Austin have opened the world to numerous places and classical remains

Ale's Stenar Andrew M. Kobos excellent monography about the big ship-setting in Skaane with many pictures

Ale's Stones moon astrolabe

Pharaonic Egypt . andré dollinger Reshafim's comprehensive site with many original texts and photos recommended

Site Links Related to Mesopotamia or Language

For the fun of reading


Iraq & Mesopotamian Map Links Good maps from all historical periods

Collection of love songs from Egypt - religion/celtic

Celtic religion

PIE / IE lexicon of Proto-Indo-European lexical roots

Ships from Egypt and Greece

Gallery of Roman ships

Germania inferior. Very good site about all aspects in the province at Lower Rhine in Roman Time

Troels Brandt about the Heruli

Ultimate link list about Central Asia Archaeology

Directory of Levantine pre-Christian culture

Dea Syria by Lucian of Samosata middle 2nd AD about Syrian rituals and deities

The Ugarit Myth of Baal complete original version

Kalevala the Karelian epos in English

In cludes also writers as Tacitus, Suetonius, Apollonius in early first millennium

Web Access to Rock Art: the Beckensall Archive of Northumberland Rock Art’

Art and Shamanism in the Himalayas

Links to all tribes and their folklore categorised by early science

Just one of the URLs of Max Baldia and here with modern dating of the TRB-sites

Excellent site about Cycladic culture with very good photos

Links to sites about ancient ships

Intersting map of possible origin of the Sea People. We can notice that the "Danish" culture exported swords as far as to Egypt. It was the time when Tutanakmun and a Danish priest king used the same kind of folding chair

Now we can also see some of the ancient art in Louvre online

Prehistoric Rock Art Photography and illustrations by James Q Jacobs

Two dozen images of ships

Translation from Old English first part of Voyage of Othere

… and links to his Lexiline

Sheela is the Christian version of the Old Inanna, moondaughter

Latest news in various sciences

A Fresh Look at Ancient Indian History B. B. Lal

USA Foxboro State Forest

Nova Scotia Canada

White Seas and Carelia

Vyacheslav Mizin (Russian Geographical Society, Saint-Petersburg) and Vladislav Trosin (Academy of a state service, Murmansk) Show the typology of certain stone monuments

Korea and Manchuria China with "seidas" and also "dead-houses" seen in Caucasus.


Tomb of Paheri 18th dynasty reign of Tuthmosis

This is the ultimate site of Egypt with many photos from the tomb showing daily life of the Egyptians

Sequences dates of F Petrie

Relative dating of the pottery in 4th millennium

The wall painting from Hierakonpolis king size

It shows a bit of the savannah culture Middle Egypt around 3600 BC

Mural and portable very old art

Spiritual sites

The ORB new URL

Encyclopædia Early Medieval

Hamlet's Mill

Entire book of Santillana

My true Favourite of ultimate beauty and movement


Megaliths in West Gautland

History of Jelling

About early Danish Kings and Vikings

Haplotypes & Haplogroups

Nowadays we have to know something about these things too

Doomesday book

William the Conqueror wanted to know what he rules in England 1085 AD

Kings thegns

The King's Thegns of England on the Eve of the Norman Conquest


Andrée Tougas sent me this URL … swastika and triskele are parted sun year and moon year or simply "running Time". The symbols could of course be interpreted in many ways since the structure is abstract


Fernando Coimbra has gathered examples from VI millennium onward

Stone-struck site

Many pictures of stone monuments mainly from Sweden but also other memorable boulder collections

Megaliths from Mön

The little island southeast of Zeeland has an amazing collection of megaliths. What about a 100 meter long-barrow with 145 stones?


Endless collection pictures from role-play with replicas from Hallstat time 800 - 400 BC as heydays


Catshaman's private links and forum

At this moment I have published ca 5 books in English at Internet giving them to science and other people interested in ancient ideas before Viking Age. Most of the ideas are of the pan-human kind telling how the ideas of civilisation were created. For several reasons I have more than one site and that is why I make this list for the readers

"Essays on ancient ideas"

NEW domain with no commercials


Swedish / Svensk  http://

This mirror site is in English and Swedish since I have 550 files and must have "backup" site if anything happens ... unlimited space

Essays on ancient ideas, laws, myths, petroglyphs, time-symbols in rock-carvings, monuments and figurative arts. Covers the cultural development in the Old World including entire Europe

Sumerian zodiac and myths, Egyptian calendar and rituals, Indus symbolism, Sailors in spacetime and development of boats. Discovering of Idaho's Indus Script.

Origin of laws as seen in Scandinavia rock art and megaliths and … Theme standing cultural stone, dolmen, longbarrow, passage grave, stony circle, ground grooves, cists, mound, stony circle, stony ship, footstool, altarstone, thing-stone, the Vi, Olympos of Nordal

KIMBERLEY GIRLS and … Theme our many mothers and the myths of Inanna and Isis

The forum "ancient_ideas"

Click to subscribe to ancient_ideas

Since I have several sites it is most convenient using one forum for them all. There gathers the discussion and the questions and all the members get it immediately by email. You are invited to


Svenska länkar/Swedish Links

Peter Carlssons Historiasida och länkskafferi är den verkliga guldgruvan till svensk historia

Vitlyckemuseet sajt med upplysningar riktade till besökare

Högsbymuseet sajt med upplysningar till besökare

Bengans historiesidor Stor sajt om medeltiden med bilder, kommentarer och historik. REKOMMENDERAS

Jan Guillous introduction till Arn "Vår landsfader"

Troels Brandt om herulerne … dansk site

Norrköpingsmuseets sajt med upplysningar till besökare

Tanumsmuseets sajt med upplysningar till besökare

Ale stenar astrolab för månvarven

Arild Hauges runor en gedigen sajt om de norska och mycket mer om runtiden

Projekt Hällristningar i gränsbygd är ett samarbetsprojekt för forna Vikens hällristningar. Där finns det mesta om vetenskaplig undersökning av alla aspekter

Historiesajt med rätt livlig och ungdomlig diskussionsklubb

Danska Rud Kjems månatliga arkeologiska magasin med tillgång till äldre nummer

En intressant länk där jag fann en intressant avhandling om forntida mat och mycket annat.

Sören Gannholms företag, där man får leta sig fram till hans bok om sliprännor via länken Gotlands historia på hemsidan. Han har lagt ned tid på att forska och dokumenterat en tredjedel av Gotlands runt 3000 sliprännor tillsammans med astronomen Göran Henriksson Uppsala.

Gladsaxe har en fin ordbok över tidig dansk myntning

Illerup mose har lämnat runt 15000 fynd från 200 - 450AD efter bl.a. en stor batalj med Viken med 1000 stupade runt 220 AD.

Skandinavisk Rundatabas. Alla Skandinaviens runfynd nu databank i Windows

Artiklar om aktuell svensk historia

Västgötlands runstenar En mycket bra lösning för att presentera alla data och bilder av Västgötlands och Bohusläns runstenar

Omspänner Skånes historia från stenålder till nutid. Varje landskap borde "gräva där de står"

Historiska Museets resurser

Ny URL med Bildarkiv på Historiska. Bilderna kostar men titta går. Det är verkligt fina bilder.

Oldsakssamlingen Norge Lättsökt om Norges samlingar av "oldsaker"

Nationalmuseet Köpenhamn Har inte motsvarande heltäckande online sökning och de tycks inte vara iontresserade av att dela med sig.

Erikskrönikan På originalspråk så att sägas. Bör läsas så om man vill ha tidskänslan … och har tid.

Project Runeberg har publicerat mer än 300 verk av upphovsmän som i regel varit döda i mer än 70 år dvs. upphovsrätten har upphört. Det finns även bildfiler av John Bauers och Carl Larssons målningar!!!

Västergötland Museums historieförfalskning på Internet

Knudsgård framställer järn

Kulturarvstyrelsen Danmark Fund or fortidsminder i det kulturhistoriska centralregistret. Under uppbyggnad där man sockenvis kan söka alla kända forntidsminnen. Mycket bra kartor och t.o.m. flygfoton över platserna

Bornholmsmuseets bildgalleri av hällristningar

Alfabetisk lista över runinskrifter

My true Favourite of ultimate beauty and movement


Runes megaliter Västgötland

Danska kalkmalerier sök på kyrka/ ort

ny URL Historiska Museets resurser

Arkeologi i norden

Frans-Arne Stylegar sine sider om nordisk arkeologi. Massor av artiklar och en nordisk länklista i hästväg


I kong Valdemars jordebog 1231 kan vi läse "Der skal stilles 100 fade og 400 tallerkner til rådighed", og da man spiser med fingrene, kan der sagtens være flere, der spiser af hver tallerken.

Några tavlor om Kalevala

Stora kyrkomötet i Skänninge 1248

Bl.a. införande av celibat hela texten … " att ingen om prästeståndet vidare får ta sig hustru eller allmänligen bekant ha frilla eller samboende kvinna;…"

Äldre Västgötalagen, Gutalagen, Gutesagan

På originalspråk men en stor del är översatt till nusvenska

Bengans historiesidor megaliter

Stockholms läns fornminnen 1300 i arkiv

Välj "fornlämning" på sökmotorn

Holm sockens fornminnen

Mina 100 foton säger nästan samma sak "forntiden försvinner" !!!

Stenmonument i Sverige

Många bilder även från annat håll men text på engelska

Arkeologi i Nord

Norske arkeologen Frans-Arne Stylegars blog/ dagbok med många intressanta längre artiklar


Hör till de större svenska arkeologiska sajterna med många internationella länkar. Man är dock inte intresserade av interaktion med amatörer

Catshaman's sajter och Forum

På Internet finns nu min hela produktion som kan delas i 6 - 8 böcker. Jag har lagt upp den på flera sajter för att inte ha alla ägg i en korg. Jag har redan haft erfarenheten att en värd kraschar min sajt. Mina sponsorer vill förstås ha sin reklam i rutan.

Detta är min reklamfria domän med svenska och engelska versioner

En sajt som rymmer mina svenska essäer; två böcker om Dals/ Dalslands medeltid samt småsajter på tyska, danska och finska samt om finska krigsbarn

Sitemap svenska Catshaman:

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På Geocities finns en kopia av min finska version

Samt om Krigsbarn på

Forum SCANDIDEA på Yahoo Groups

Anslut dig till diskussionsgruppen scandidea

Det är bekvämast att samla all diskussion på ett ställe. Du och jag kan posta meddelanden och de kommer automatiskt till alla på listan. Yahoo har just tagit över så hoppas att det fungerar


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