The David Catzel Family Tree


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(187? Dvinsk - 19?? Johannesburg)



They had three children: Irwin, Pincus and Wolfie. (The last-named died at the age of 21)

Irwin Catzel m. Mignon Kramer

They had two children: Jorian and Sheryl

Jorian Catzel married Shelly Jawmo

They had two children: Lyndon and Ryan

Sheryl Catzel married David Goldberg

They had four children: Craig, Shawn, Kim and Wayne

Kim Goldberg married Gavin Gilbert

They have one child: Kayla Gilbert

Pincus Catzel married Bernice Cohen

They had three children: Elizabeth, Joanne and David

After being widowed, Pincus remarried (Dorothy Isaacs)

David Catzel married Toby Lubov

They have one child: Courtney Catzel

Elizabeth Catzel

Has two children: Li and Nam

Joanne Catzel married Stanis Smith

They have two children: Cloe and Maia

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