GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILIES: CATZEL, SKOP, AWERBUCH, ROM and the extended families into which they married - the tributaries of the great river of our ancestry.

Here follows a recorded history of our family lines as far as I've been able to trace. Our roots are difficult to trace since the Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators are known to have wiped out out a great many of the older records and destroyed many of the Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania and Latvia. I do not know if I will be able to find graves in Europe of my ancestors. If anyone reading this history has knowledge of our family lines or thinks they may be related, I would very much appreciate hearing from them.

Between 1880 and 1930 tens of thousands of Lithuanian Jews landed in South Africa. 85% of South African Jews trace their ancestors back to those "Litvak" immigrants.

Amongst those immigrants was my Family:

* Catzel * Skop * Awerbach * Rom *

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Wolfie's Family Line

Joseph's Family Line

Yankel's Family Line

Rochel-Leah's Family Line

David's Family Line

Dora Skop-Etin's Family Line

The Awerbuch Family Line

The Rom Family Line

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