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(1870 Dvinsk - 1938 Cape Town)



(1872 Dvinsk - 1956 Cape Town)

Had 9 children.
First two girls died in Dvinsk, Latvia in flu or polio(?) epidemic about 1906)

* Hymie (1908-1977) born in Dvinsk, Latvia
* Jack (1909-1987?) born Johannesburg, SA
* Louis (1911-1999) born Johannesburg, SA
* Lionel (1913-1985) born Johannesburg, SA
* Becky (1915) born Cape Town, SA
* Willy (1917-1999) born Cape Town, SA
* Mary (1919-1996) born Cape Town, SA

Hymie Catzel m. Elsa Spangenthal (1911-1992)

Had one son:

Sigi (Sigmund)

born 1933 (?)

Sigi Catzel m. Sheila Penkin

(At present in Sydney, Australia)
Had 3 sons:

Dale, Robin and Maon:

Dale Catzel m. Nathalie Meyer

(At present in Sydney, Australia)
Have two children:
Daniel Catzel and a daughter (?)

Robin Catzel m. Rifke Gellman

(At present, living in Cape Town, SA)
Have one daughter:
Rachel Sarah Catzel

Maon Catzel m. Myvanwy Carr

(At present in Sydney, Australia)
Have two children:
Julia Zoe Carr-Catzel, Ethan Carr-Catzel

Jack Castle m. Rene Blumenau

Had two children:

Jennifer and Brian:

Jennifer Castle m. Robin Henry

(At present in Phoenix, AZ, USA) Have three children:

Alan Laura and Gail

Gail Henry m. ?

Brian Castle m. Deidre Sender

divorced (At present in San Diego, CA, USA) Have one son:

David Castle

Brian Castle m. Debra Engelhardt

Have one daughter:

Jenna Castle

Louis Catzel m. Olga Awerbach (1915-2002)

Had three children:

Joan (1939), Raymond (1940) and Leonard Hirsh (1943)

Joan Catzel m. Nissim Ben-Shemesh 1971

Divorced 1985 (At present in Israel)
Have three children:

Edya Esther (1972), Anat (1973) and Doron (1976)

Edya Esther married Eli Eliyahu

Anat married Avigdor Zigdon

Doron married Ruth Helena Klain: they have one son: Aron Yitzkhak

Joan's partner since 1991: Maurice (Mori) Kantor

Raymond Catzel m. Diane Kahn 1970

(now in Toronto, Ontario, CA) Have two sons:

David and Jonathan:

(i) David Catzel partnered Donna

(At present in Vancouver, CA)
Have son Najai

Lionel Catzel m. Stella Feinsinger (1912-1997)

Had one daughter

Andrea Catzel (b. 1956)

(At present in Cape Town, SA)

Becky Catzel m. Kalman Musikanth

Had two children:

Selwyn (1938) and Joy (1942?)

Selwyn Musikanth m. Bernice Atlas

Have two daughters:

Liora and Shirley:

Liora Musikanth m. ? Frankel

(At present living in Chicago, IL, USA)
Have three children

Shirley Musikanth m. Graeme Zacks

Have one son

Willie Catzel m. Tikvah Kaplan

Had two daughters:

Margeret (1945) and Felicity (1950)

Felicity Catzel m. Leslie Sandler

divorced 19??

Mary Catzel m. Hymie Bloom (1921-1995)

Had two sons:

Jonathan (b 1948?) and Gregory (b 1950):

Jonathan Bloom m. Angie Law

Have three children:

Andrew, Simon & Carla

Gregory Bloom m. Flora Birger

Have four children:

Janene, David, Steven and Garren

Janene Bloom m. Gareth Currie

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