Wolfgang (Wolfie) Bernard Katzel

They had four children:

Yankel, Rochel-Leah, Joseph and David

Yankel and Rochel-Leah lived and died in Dvinsk, Latvia
All Yankel's children emigrated to South Africa and established families in the Johannesburg area.
All but one of Rochel-Leah's children remained in Latvia and were murdered by the Nazi's and their Latvian collaborators. Rochel-Leah's son Bennie Blacher emigrated to South Africa, and is her only child who survived. He established a family in Johannesburg.
Joseph and David emigrated to South Africa and established families there. Joseph's family grew up in Cape Town and David's family grew up in Johannesburg. See links to the family trees of Joseph, (see below) Yankel, Rochel-Leah and David.

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Joseph's Family Line

Yankel's Family Line

Rochel-Leah's Family Line

David's Family Line


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