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North and South Carolina

Created: Jan 29, 2004
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This page is dedicated to the search of ALL Calder/Caulder's found in North and South Carolina.

The CAULDER name has become an increasingly interesting part of my husbands family research.   Starting out with just one name and not much to go on, we have learned that the Caulder's are very much intermingled with his family, with no less than two lines to search.  
However,  I have learned through different contacts that there are many lines of Caulder's that seem to have no connection.  It is my firm belief that with enough diligent researchers that we will find a connection somewhere linking most of them to one or two progenitors.
This project will make use of two separate sites.  This one, where all can view records,  and research notes but, only I can upload and add information as it is given to me.  A password protected site where you can have a more in depth relationship with each other as well as a secure place to share information that will only be seen by other researchers.  Each having it's own purpose in our research.  To obtain a password to the site just send me an Email with Caulder/Password in the subject line.  You must have an interest in the research to obtain this password.  

Below you will find the link to the Guestbook.  I will be using this for communication with each other.  Here you can add your queries, ideas, anything you like.  To see what others have added simply click the View button.  
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