Worleys Of America
Worleys Of America

Everybody is driven to research their family history for different reasons, but many of us feel special excitement in finding an exotic location or a famous person in our family tree. WE are focused on increasing the likelihood of that kind of discovery. There can be great satisfaction and joy in discovering interesting people in your past, and just going back a few generations can begin to connect your line through common geography and ancestry to the famous people of the world.

I hope you find everything that you are looking for.

[This does not take into account records in the LDS Church archives, and the over 16,000 major sites on the Internet where "publishing" is important; but where the life of sites can be brief and unpredictable. Primarily because of information published in the Mormon and Other database, some information, and assertions are incorrect].

There were many people named Worley -spelled variously -among the early arrivals to the English colonies in America. For examples: Richard Worley, Gentleman, came to the Virginia Colony in the year 1608 on the second supply ship Phoenix; and ten years later one William Worley, at age 19, came to the struggling colony called Jamestown. William was later in the militia and served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. To date not much has been hard- copy published to enable genealogists to connect with them; however, there are at least four families whose lines have been studied, published and which works have been generally accepted as authentic.

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I started my research a little over two years ago, primarily tracing the WORLEY/LIVINGSTON family. my wife's family, TREADWELL/ HOLSTED