821 Naval Air Squadron 1942-1946

821 Naval Air Squadron 1942-1946

821 Badge .... May 2002 - I found Dad's Naval Certificate
of Service + a lot of photos.

He was in 821 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm,
and served on "H.M.S. Puncher" & "H.M.S. Trumpeter"

My father is Frank CAWTHORN
[his nickname was "Curls"]

He was just 18 years and 4 months old when he
volunteered for the Navy in June 1942.

I bet he didn't expect to spend his 21st birthday
in Scapa Flow!

           He began his basic training at H.M.S. Duke, Malvern, in Worcestershire before being sent on to H.M.S. Daedulus, Lee-on-Solent 
           to begin his training as an Air Mechanic.  This was completed at Cowdray Park, Midhurst, Sussex where he passed out as a 
           Naval Airman, 1st Class* before joining 821 Squadron and embarking on H.M.S. Puncher for North Atlantic patrols based at 
           Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands.

On deck21st Telegram envelopeCaptain Bidwell821 Naval Air Squadron, Ceylon, 1945H.M.S. Puncher
H.M.S. Duke, Malvern 1942 Click on the above picture to take you to a larger image of "H.M.S. Duke", Malvern, Worcestershire, July-August 1942.
Jump forward to VE Day 75, 8 May 2020 and I'm attempting to put together an album of Dad's photos, postcards and memorabilia. Dad is still with us, aged 96 and has passed all his paperwork, etc. over to me. 1st Gallery of a few photos and memorabilia | Going through the Suez Canal | Views of Colombo, Ceylon
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