NOT an Economic Proposition - Electricity for Christchurch - from the "Wisbech Standard", 24 April 1936

NOT an Economic Proposition
Electricity for Christchurch

From the "Wisbech Standard", 24 April 1936 The annual meeting of the Upwell (Isle) Parish Council was held at the Old School, Christchurch, on Tuesday, when the following members were present: Messrs. W.D. Hunter Rowe, L. Hunter Rowe, W. Vincent, A. Calvert, F. Scott, H. Pate, C.W. Chamberlain and F. Russell. Mr. W.D. Hunter Rowe was elected Chairman, with Mr. F. Scott as vice-chairman. A letter was read from the East Anglian Electricity Co. informing the Council that no provision had been made for a supply of electricity to Christchurch in this year's programme. Investigations showed that it would be a long way from representing an economic proposition, although they would be quite prepared to look further into it before launching their 1937 programme.
A letter from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Electricity Co., stated that they were afraid the prospect of supply in Christchurch had not improved since 1934, but if their plans in the direction of Manea should develop and there was any likelihood of Christchurch being dealt with at the same time, they would communicate with the Council again. With reference to the dangerous corner on the 16 Foot-bank, the County Surveyor informed the Council that the matter would become before the Highways and Bridges at their next meeting. A letter was read from the Upwell (Norfolk) Parish Council asking the Upwell ward members of the Upwell (Isle) Council to meet the Footbridge Committee with a view to having the footpath leading from the Norfolk side to the bridge put in better condition. The clerk gave particulars of the charges to be made by the Norfolk County Council to keep the footpath in good condition. It was agreed that the Upwell ward members should meet the committee, and if it was agreed to have the work done, the Council would pay half the cost. It was agreed that the letters from the two Electricity Companies should be brought forward at the next meeting for discussion.
The Clerk gave a statement of the Lady-day allotment rent collection as follows:- Amount to collect, 81 5s. 3d.; collected 70 11s. 9d.; arrears 10 13s. 6d. The following were appointed to serve on Committees: Allotments: The whole Council; Upwell War Memorial: The Upwell Ward members; Christchurch War Memorial: Rev. S. Evans; Footbridge: Upwell ward members, Messrs. W.D. Hunter Rowe. A precept was signed for 60 to be served on the Rating Authority. Messrs. W. Vincent and F. Scott were appointed to serve on the Rating Authority. Messrs. F. Scott and Isaac Russell were re-elected representative trustees on Upwell Isle Charities for four years. Transcription © Ann McClean, 2 April 2010 Clippings, Snippets, et al - Index Home Page & Site Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages
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