Wisbech Standard 24 July 1925 - Christcurch Hospital Sunday

Christcurch Hospital Sunday

A Splendid Effort

        From the The Wisbech Standard, July 24, 1925.

        The Christchurch Hospital Sunday Committee were favoured with a fine day on Sunday for their special effort.
        In the morning the Rector preached in the church and a collection was taken on behalf of the hospital.

        At 2 o'clock the Parson Drove Band, accompanied by the representatives of the Friendly Societies, paraded
        the village and a service was held in the church at which the Rev. R.J.A. ?Jary, Vicar of Manea, preached
        from the text: "Bear ye one another's burdens."  The church was well filled.

        In the evening the band led the way to the Rectory grounds where a meeting was held on the front lawn by 
        kind permission of the Rev. M. Sayers.  Mr. Herbert Scott was the chairman, supported by the Rector, and 
        the speakers were the Rev. W. Wilby and Messrs. J.W. Payne (Murrow) and J.S. Green (March).  Some excellent
        selections were given by the band.  All through the proceedings the collectors were busy with their boxes,
        and after the service the band proceeded to the corner and entertained the people for some time.

        Mr. Jordan and his fellow workers are to be congratulated on the splendid result of the effort.

        The amounts collected were as follows:

Church collection in morning . 0 12s. 8 1/2d
ditto in afternoon . 3 17s 6d
boxes - H. Shaw 0 3s 01/2d
. W. Chamberlain 0 7s 6d
. F. Straw 0 4s 4 1/2d
. A. Russell ?1 3s 4 1/2d
Evening boxes: H. Shaw 0 12s 3d
. A. Russell 3 4s 6d
. W. Chamberlain 1 15s 01/2d
. T. Shaw 2 1s 5 1/2d
various other boxes: Misses M. Searle and G. Russell (flowers) 0 13s 11d
. Misses R. Goodger and D. Hovell (flowers) 0 15s 9 1/2d
. Mr. J. Jordan (icecream) 0 16s 11d
. B. Shaw 1 7s 7 1/2d
. W. Chamberlain 1 7s 5 1/2d
. Boyce 5 5s 10d
. F. Winter 1 12s 6d
. H. Lavender ("Dun Cow") 0 4s 3d
. G. Worts ("Farmer's Boy") 0 5s 9d
. Mr. F. Scott's men 1 1s 0d
gate box per Mr. Hart and Mr. Winter 2 11s 9 1/2d
. drum head 1 9s 1d
. Mr. Wallis (Wheatsheaf box) 1 12s 10 1/2d
. Mr. J. ?Cowplin (book) 14 0s 6d
. TOTAL: 47 7s 01/2d
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