The (Wesleyan) Methodist Chapel, Christchurch

The (Wesleyan) Methodist Chapel, Christchurch

        Two branches of my family - CAWTHORN & SCOTT - were involved in the establishment of the Methodist Chapel 
        in Christchurch.

        My parents have orginals of the: 

             "Rules of the Brimstone-Hill Sunday School, established June 1841" 
             "Hymns to be sung at the United Methodist Free Church Sunday School Anniversary, Brimstone Hill, 
                     on Sunday, June 4th 1871". 

        The Chapel (Wesleyan) can also be found on the c. 1889 Ordnance Survey Map of Christchurch.

The Methodist Chapel, Christchurch An early view of the The Methodist Chapel, Christchurch.
The Chapel was given a Pulpit Bible in memory of my grand-parents, Walter & Grace Cawthorn, by the Cawthorn family after my Grandfather's death in 1966. It is now in the safe hands of one of my cousins who is recording the CAWTHORN Family Tree in it. Trustees of the Methodist Chapel 1835-1958 The Methodist Chapel, Christchurch is now a private house - but what happened to all the Cawthorn & Scott memorial stones and headstones? Three Holes Methodist Chapel also has CAWTHORN connections. Christchurch History Notes Home Page & Site Index Contact Details if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages
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