The Rectory, Christchurch

The Rectory, Christchurch.

          The Rev. Henry Sayers, father of the novelist, Dorothy L. Sayers, was Rector of Christchurch, 
          from 1917 to 1928.

          He buried my father's baby sister, Joan, in 1928 when she was only 1 year and 8 months old. 
          He also baptised, married and buried quite a few other members of Dad's family. 

          The Rectory, Christchurch

          Both he and his wife were buried in unmarked graves at Christchurch on the
          insistence of their famous daughter - but they have recently had a marker
          stone placed over them as result of a one-off Dorothy L. Sayers Festival to 
          help raise funds for the church roof.

          Rev. Sayers was buried at Christchurch on 25 Sept. 1928, aged 74, and Mrs
          Helen Mary Sayers was buried on 31 July 1929, aged 73.
          (Source: Entries 633 & 641 in Christchurch Register of Burials at Cambridge CRO.)

           Dorothy's novel "The Nine Tailors" is based upon the area around
           Christchurch and Upwell; she used to be talked of quite often by the old 
           folk in the village, particularly those that worked up at the Rectory!

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