Methodist Chapel - List of Trustees

Trustees of the Methodist Chapel, Christchurch

         Extract from "Centenary of the Methodist Church Christchurch 1872-1972"

           William Hodson
	John Hodson
	John England
	Jaspar Lyon
	John Davison
	Gowler Neville
	Jonas Amos

	John Russell**
	Daniel Barnes
	John Buckingham
	Thomas Hiam
	Thomas Uffindale
	John Duffin
	Samuel Chenery
	Henry Stringer
	Robert Ruston
	*William Chenery
	*John Scott** (either my Gt-Gt-Gt or Gt-Gt Grandfather!)
	*Joseph Prior
	*William Ruston
* Reappointed to next trust.

	Jesse Scott**
	Walter Scott** (my Great Grandfather)
	George Cawthorn** (my Great-Great-Grandfather)
	William Linfar
	John Atkin Turner
	Mark Turner
	George Scott**
	Reuben Scott**
	Alfred Turner
	*Edward Cobb
	*Berry Shaw
* Reappointed to next trust.

	John Cawthorn** (my Great-Grandfather)
	Arthur Chapman
	William Boyce
	Reuben Russell**
	William Lambert
	*Charles W. Chamberlain
	*Walter R. Russell** 
	*Joseph Lister**
	#Wm. R. Cawthorn** (my Great Uncle)
	#Herbert Scott**
	#John F. Scott**
* Reappointed to next trust.
# Reappointed 1937 & 1958.

	Hugh Cawthorn** (my Uncle)
	John Wm. Russell**
	Kate Lister**
	Martha Russell**
	Grace Cawthorn** (my Grandmother)
	Ethel Clarke
	Walter Cawthorn** (my Grandfather)
	*Arthur G. Scott**
	*Fred Morley
	*Kate Scott**
	*Evelyn M. Scott**
	*Annie Morley
	*Kate F. Russell**
	*George H. Morris
	*Gladys J. Morris
* Reappointed to next trust.

	Audrey Frost
	Albert Frost
	Francis L. King
	Arthur P. King
	Joan L. Scott**
	Gerald Scott**
	Frank Cawthorn** (my Father)
	A. Stanley Poole
	Ethel M. Poole

        All names marked ** are members of my Family Tree.       Transcription © Ann McClean, 2000

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