Upwell and Outwell

Upwell and Outwell, Norfolk

           From Pigot's 1839 Directory of Cambridgeshire:

About Upwell and Outwell from the 1839 Pigot's Directory of Cambridgeshire Beaupre Hall, Outwell
(From another cutting found in my mother's "box".) Beaupre Hall was the pride of Outwell before it fell into disrepair and was finally demolished in 1966. The Jacobean Hall, which stood at the bottom of what is now Beaupre Avenue, had historical links with Welle Manor Hall. As was the custom years ago many of the youngest sons of local respected families went into the Church. When a younger son of the Beaupre's became Rector of St Peter's Church, he took over the Manor adjacent to the Church, and afterwards it became known as "The Rectory". There are many myths and legends surrounding Beaupre Hall, which was used for the troops during WW2. One of the most popular concerns a red stain. The blood stain was supposed to be in the hall, and although no-one knows how it got there, it would not wash away. Another tale concerns an unused bedroom - every morning the bed inside would be found to have been slept in! The maids were instructed to re-make the bed every morning; but regular as clockwork, the bed was slept in at night!
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