2003 PALMER Gathering - REPORT

PALMER Gathering - September 2003 - Report

        On Saturday, 27th September 2003, the 2nd gathering of the Descendants of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER
        took place at the Rose & Crown Hotel, in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.     
Rose & Crown Hotel, Wisbech .. Family Tree Charts .. Checking PALMER details
We also welcomed descendants of Emmanuel's brother, William, who took his family to Lancashire in about 1868. In all, there were about 47 PALMER cousins and spouses - and the "chat" level was deafening! [I went home with hardly any voice and a very sore throat!] Maria - Jean & Roy MATTHEWS; Derek KETTERINGHAM. Emmanuel - Jim AMOS. Louis Henry - Roy & Mary PALMER; Pat GOODENOUGH + me. Lapauldro - Susan & Melvin WEBB; Pam & Michael HARTLEY; Lola & Ronald BURGESS; David PALMER; Gilian KIRMAN; Marian STOCKWELL; Jane & Carl HINCHLIFFE; Paul PALMER; Sally CALVER; Alexander PALMER. Ryfealyer - David & Philip PALMER; Rosemary & Graham SEYMOUR; Roy & Barbara PALMER; Norman & Joyce PALMER; Michael PALMER Francisco - Terry & Maura ROWAN [from Ireland]; Hazel & Jack BOLTON; Younather - Neville & Gill PALMER; Jennifer DRAY [from Canada]; Sue OLIVER. Delphfenia - Linda & Bernard BECKETT; Mary SOUTHGATE; Chris ADAMSON. And not forgetting the Lancashire connection: Renee & Harry PENNINGTON, Carole PALMER & Mike BRIGGS. Many of us had taken along notes and old photos; we also had on display the medals awarded to Vera BECKERTON and her son, Peter, for their part in saving lives during the East Coast Floods of 1953.
Peter BECKERTON's Carnegie Medal .. Peter BECKERTON's Albert Medal- For Gallantry in Saving Life on Land .. Vera BECKERTON's British Empire Medal
The Carnegie Medal.........The Albert Medal..........The British Empire Medal
We even had 2 vintage copies of the 5 March 1910 edition of the "Daily Mirror" brought along, reporting the fatal car crash that killed Alonzo Stephen PALMER. I had updated the large-scale family tree charts that I made for last year -and still managed to leave a few people off - but a few pencils soon remedied that. The local papers -the "Wisbech Standard", "Cambridgeshire Times" and the "Eastern Daily Press" all helped to publicise the event - our picture should be in this weekend's paper!
Exchanging PALMER details .. Emmanuel PALMER's bike, of 1876 .. THE PALMER cake, made by Sue
The Fenland Museum which has custody of a "velocipede" [a type of early bicycle] made by Emmanuel PALMER in 1876, brought it up from the basement depths to put on display for the day, along with other PALMER memorabilia e.g. pictures of my grandfather's garage "The Cannon Garage" which used to be on the Horsefair; Wisbech Fire Brigade featuring a few more PALMERs, and minutes of the Borough Council Finance & General Works Commitee [1903] regarding the manning of the Pumping Station [sewage] where Lapauldro PALMER was the Chief Engineer, assisted by his son, Alonzo. And to end a lovely day, Sue had made and iced a "PALMER" cake [see above right] for us - it was delicious. SO, if you're a descendant of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER of Burwell, Methwold & Wisbech and I don't know about you yet, just use the e-mail link below to get in touch as there are quite a few of you out there! And the rest of us would love to meet you - perhaps next year! To read about our 1st very successful get-together in 2002, click here. PALMER Home Page Site Home Page & Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages.
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