2006 PALMER Family Gathering - REPORT

PALMER Family Gathering - September 2006 - Report

        On Saturday, 30 September 2006, the 4th gathering of the Descendants & Cousins of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER
        took place at the The Olde Mill, Upwell, nr. Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.                          
        In all, there were about 57 PALMER cousins and spouses - and as always, the "chat" level was deafening!  

        Maria              - Jean & Roy MATTHEWS; Derek KETTERINGHAM; Christine CUNNINGHAM; 
        Emmanuel        - Len & Neville WARBY; Jim AMOS.
        Louis Henry     - Roy & Mary PALMER; my parents, Frank & Joyce CAWTHORN + myself; Molly & Pat GOODENOUGH;
        Lapauldro       - Glenn & Lorraine IVETT; Gordon & Mary IVETT; Jeff PALMER; Brenda QUINN & family; 
        Ryfealyer       - David & Debbie PALMER; Philip PALMER; Rosemary & Graham SEYMOUR; Norman & Joyce PALMER +
                               Michael & Jordan PALMER;         
        Francisco       - Marion & Brian INGRAM; Charlie PALMER; Mike, Merle & Sue CHAPMAN; Gill McKINNON; 
                                Peggy & Lorraine GANUSKO;
        Younather       - Neville & Gill PALMER; 
        Delphfenia      - Mary SOUTHGATE; Chris ADAMSON; 

        We again also welcomed descendants of Emmanuel's brother, William, who took his family to Lancashire in about 1868:
        Renee & Harry PENNINGTON; Carole PALMER & Mike BRIGGS.

        And this year we also welcomed Sue CAMPBELL, descended from Emmanuel's sister, Honor + Sue & Brian SMITH descended 
        from the PALMER-MILLER line - a link two generations back from Emmanuel & Susannah. 

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We welcomed many new PALMER cousins this year, all very eager to find out about their PALMER history and to pass on new information about PALMER connections - much new information came to light as a result. These meetings originally began in 2002 for "the descendants of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER of Burwell, Methwold & Wisbech", but such is the interest in researching our PALMER heritage, we are now "the descendants and cousins of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER" as many other branches of the PALMER family now also attend. PALMER family researchers travelled from Kent, Berkshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales, Peterborough, Norwich & Lowestoft, as well as from Wisbech, Downham Market and Hilgay to be with us for the day, where many of us had taken along notes and many old photographs in the of hope being able to identify them, as well as Family Tree charts to show where we all fitted in and how we were all related to each other!
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ALL photos © Ann McClean 2006 **Please click on the middle "Sampler" picture above to see larger version of Susannah's memorial to her 10 year son, Don Turshathr, who was found drowned in the River Wissey in 1873. One of the highlights of our get-to-gether was that two PALMER family members who attended - Len WARBY of Wisbech and Molly GOODENOUGH of March - are both aged 95 years. They were both able to name people in some of the old photographs that had been brought along, as well as reminiscence about the old days! The local paper - the "Wisbech Standard", helped to publicise the event and our group picture - should be in this weekend's paper! And we all agreed that we should meet up again next year, back at The Olde Mill - so watch this space!
SO, if you're a descendant of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER of Burwell, Methwold & Wisbech and I don't know about you yet, just use the e-mail link below to get in touch as there are quite a few of you out there!
~~~ And the rest of us would love to meet you - perhaps next year! ~~~
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