"This is a Boiler ................"

"This is a Boiler ..............."

        Amongst the many PALMER postcard photos that my mother has is one of her Grandfather, Louis Henry PALMER
        transporting a boiler along the Lynn Road in Wisbech. 
        Louis' engineering workshop was in Chase Street, near the docks.

                 Here is a boiler.....
                 [To see a larger version of this picture, click on the small one above.]  

        The first lead I had about this particular picture was from Jean Matthews 
        who also has a copy - but hers has an inscription on the back!  It was sent 
        by Kit, daughter of Louis & Kate PALMER, to her Aunt Maria, Louis' elder
        sister [and Jean's Gt Gt Gt Grandmother].  Unfortunately, there is no date.

        Kit writes: 
           "This is a Boiler Dad has been setting Louis, Harry, Ernest [mostly?] & Manny are there also 
           please note little Louis behind in the motor car.   Yours as Ever KP      Taken on the Lynn Road"
        But now another cousin, Jim Amos, has come across a copy of this picture AND with an inscription! - but still no date:     
           ""First boiler for Smedley Jam factory on Lynn road Wisbech.
           Most of the people on here are Palmers. See the motor car at the back, the first car in Wisbech belonging to U D Palmer"
         Palmer & Sons Wisbech
             Thanks to Jim  - "Palmer & Sons Wisbech" painted on side of boiler. 
             [The man on the right, -almost cut in half-, is, I think, my Grandfather, Ernest PALMER.]

         But I have still to find out the date. But at least I know it's pre WW1 as Louis PALMER died 18 September 1915.
         Louis Henry & Kate
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