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My PALMER Family - Introduction

      July 2001 -
   I have grown up with the story of how my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather, Stephen PALMER was a soldier in 
   Spain during the Peninsular Wars fighting against Napoleon; and how he brought back a Portuguese bride, 
   Maria DeSilva, to Burwell, in Cambridgeshire, home of the PALMERs. I've always loved her name and often 
   wondered what it would have been like for a young girl to leave her home and country for another; albeit with 
   a husband and baby son, another Stephen.

   And also with the story of one of Stephen & Maria's grandsons, Ryfealyer DeSilva PALMER who perished with his 
   wife, Martha and their 3 younger children [the youngest only 17 days old] during the Diptheria epidemic of 
   November 1894 at Hilgay, West Norfolk, leaving their 4 elder children orphaned. Apparently, it was so cold that 
   the cart carrying their coffins was able to cross the frozen River Wissey to All Saints Church, Hilgay for 
   the funeral. 
   [Source - letter from Unather DeSilva PALMER to Jean Matthews, one of my PALMER cousins and fellow PALMER researcher.]

   And how Stephen & Maria's son, Emmanuel, my Gt Gt Grandfather, made a Velocipede in 1876 [an early type of bicycle!] 
   which can still be seen at the Fenland Museum in Wisbech, Cambs.  [But you may have to ask to see it].

   And why did my mother have Great Uncles called "Angelo", and "U.D.", "Frisco" and  "Manny"?

Meaning of the name PALMER
Taken from "A Dictionary of Surnames" by Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges published by O.U.P. 1990 [1st published 1988] ISBN 0 19 211592 8 Eng. nickname for someone who had been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ME, OF, palmer, paumer (from palme, paume - palm tree, L. palma) Such pilgrims brought back a palm branch as proof that they had actually made the journey; but there was a vigorous trade in false souvenirs and the term also came to be applied to a cleric who sold indulgences. Some of the European cogns. may also be topograhical names referring to dwellers near a palm tree or grove. Vars: Palmar, Paumier, Palmes, Parmer These pages are my attempt to sort out the jigsaw of research notes that I have been given by my mother, who in turn had been given notes by her cousin who'd decided he done enough! Add to this information from 2 other PALMER cousins + what I have found over the last few years and the jigsaw becomes more of a spider's web! I have very quickly discovered that that the name PALMER is as bad as SMITH if you happen to be researching on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk/Suffolk borders! Burwell Burwell Puppet Show Fire 1727 Burwell - List of Residents in 1839 & 1883 Early PALMERs - Richard & Margaret Robert & Mary Stephen & Anne Mary PALMER & James MILLER Stephen & Sarah The Peninsular War - 1808-14 Stephen and Maria Stephen & Maria's marriage in 1814 at St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, London. Stephen and Elizabeth Herrington Elizabeth and Andrew WEATHERSTON Henry Mary Emmanuel & Susannah Susannah Teed's Sampler Marear DeSilva Walter William KETTERINGHAM Louis Charles KETTERINGHAM's Inquest - July 1896, Emmanuel Marer - including photos from Umtali, Rhodesia 1914-1933 Emmanuel Susannah Sophia Emma Maud Louis Henry Henry O'Connor Ernest William** Grandad's Obituary - May 1954 Eveline Louis Henry Catherine Susannah Wisbech PALMERs This is a boiler........ Catherine WATSON's family Lapauldro Annie D. Lapauldro Leigh Alonzo Stephen Alonzo Palmer's Inquest - March 1910 Alonzo's Funeral report - March 1910 Horace Barjonah Madeleine Bertram Alice Sidney Daisy Ryfealyer DeSilva Ryfealyer DeSilva Angelo Steven Martha Mabel Velenia Clarence Emmanuel Martha Palmer's Inquest - 3rd December 1894 Francisco DaSilva Francisco Charles Parker Reginald Elijah Parker Muriel Frances Parker Hilda DaSilva Parker Douglas Emmanuel Parker Zoe Mildred Alphonso Ronald [Ronnie] Robert Algy DaSilva Teed Parker Queenie Kate DaSilva Queenie Kate's Story in Her Own Words Freda Lilian Alexandra Vera Constance DeSilva Francisco's Funeral report - September 1931 Can you help identify these PALMER photographs belonging to Carolyn's mother?? Don Thursalht Angelo Stephen Younather DeSilva "A Cycle Wedding at Wisbech"- April 1897 Dorothy Hilda Mabel Kathleen Grace Florence Unather [Arthur] Edward DeSilva Phyllis Christobel "Bicycle Bride dies at 80"- February 1954 Delphfenia Honor Archie Albert William Arundel Stanley Eric Cyril Delphfenia Irene Vera Angelo Leonard McLeod Honor PALMER & John DAWSON Burwell-born PALMERs in Lancashire William & Maria Louis Phylldelfina DeSilva or DaSilva that is the question. PALMER Photo Gallery - and more to come! "R. PALMER - Cyclist" June 2003 -Stormin' Norman Does It! - Norman PALMER's "Wing Walk" at the age of 77 to raise funds for The Anthony Nolan Trust & Cancer Research U.K. on Sunday 15th June 2003 at the Old Buckenham Airfield, Attleborough, Norfolk, U.K. 1st PALMER Reunion, 21 September 2002 in Downham Market. 2nd PALMER Reunion, 27th September 2003 at the Rose & Crown, Wisbech. 3rd PALMER Reunion, 9 October 2004 at the Rose & Crown Hotel, Wisbech - - with special guest, "Vivien" the Fire Engine!. 4th PALMER Reunion, 30 September 2006 the The Olde Mill, Upwell. Feb. 2005 - Sadly, we have lost one of our original researchers, Roy PALMER, of Shaw, nr Oldham, Lancs. Roy carried out very valuable foundation work on the PALMER family history in the 1980's and 1990's and was a familiar face at the Reunions. Roy helped me considerably when I began my research and he will be sadly missed. January 2007 - A Tribute to Carole PALMER
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