Baughn Families

Baughn Families

This is, so far, a 30 year, on-going project. 

Thanks to the following people:
Lorene Frances Barker - Adobe Portable Document File Baughn Family - August 2, 1954
Estelle Baughn Marsh - Adobe Portable Document File The Baughn and Ward Family Histories - 1962
Joseph Herbert Baughn - Adobe Portable Document File History of the Baughn Generation in America - September 20, 1969
Rawlins - Adobe Portable Document File Baughn Family History (BOUGHAN / BAUGHAN) - 2004
Mary Baughn Greene Has copies of her updated Baughn Family History. Contact her via email
Tom Moore - Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site  (New Web Window)
Cliff Baughen - Baughan One Name Study (New Web Window)
Ed Robson, Jesse Howard Barker, Al Sharpe
And to the hundreds of Baughn/Boughn/Baughan/Baughan families with which I have corresponded over the years.

Please visit B(a)(o)ugh(a)n Family DNA Study Project (New Web Window)

Chris Baughn
June 12, 2010

@ 1980 - 2011 Chris Baughn

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