Directory of Brampton Abbots 1851

Publishers E. C. Lascelles Co.


BRAMPTON ABBOTS, a pleasant Village, distant about two miles from Ross. The Church is a small plain edifice, built of red sand stone. Rev. Edward B. Hawkshaw is the present Rector; Mr. Samuel Phillips, Clerk and Sexton. Service - 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.



BELLAMY Mr. Wm., Brampton Cottage

GARROLD Mr. Richard, The Lodge

HAWKSHAW Rev. Edward B., Rector, Rectory

DEW Daniel, farmer, New House Farm

DEW John, farmer, Netherton

HOWELL Stephen Thomas, farmer, Townsend, or Overend

HOWLES Thomas, farmer, White House

JONES John, blacksmith, Yew Tree Cottage

PHILLIPS Samuel, carpenter and wheelwright

PHILLIPS Samuel, Clerk and Sexton