Slater's Directory of Bristol Pawnbrokers, Picture Dealers,

Pin Makers, Plane Makers, Plasterers & Tilers,




ASHLEY & BOARD, 20 Phippen st

BEAR Robt., 9 & 10 Newfoundland st

BLANDFORD Edward & Son, Bedminster causeway, Bedminster

BROOKING J. R., 13 College green

BUTLER Maurice & W., 15 Bridewell st

CHILCOTT Alfred (& bullion dealer), 9 St. Augustine's place

CHURCHILL Samuel, Broad plain, St. Philip's

COLE & POTTEW, 16 Lower Maudlin st

COOK Samuel, 89 Hotwell road

COOKE Ann, Pithay

CUMMINS John C., 82 Redcliff st

DREW James, 4 Old King st

DREW Thomas, 14 Lower Castle st

GEE Richard Fox, 54 Castle st

GRAHAM Fredk. Thos., 35 Broadmead

HALLETT James, 33 College st, College green

HAMMONDS James, 10 St. James', Barton

HARRIS Josiah, 17 Redcliff hill

HARRIS Oliver, Barton road

HARRIS Sidney, 51 Temple st

HEALEY Mary, 5 College st, College green

HICKS Henry, Broad weir

HICKS William, 18 Horsefair

JACOBS James, 43 Broadmead

JARRITT Wm. J., Hotwell rd, Clifton

JESSEL Michael A., 26 St. Augustine's parade

JONES & CO., 29 East st, Bedminster

LAWRENCE Wm. F., 13 & 14 Woodwell crescent, St. George's road

LEA William, 3 Old Market st

LOVE George, 85 Old Market st

LYDDON Emily, 46 Old Market st

McGUINESS Wm. H., 76 Redcliff st

MICHAEL Joseph, 61 Castle st

MICHAEL Maurice, 2 Bath st

MONK Mary Ann, 4 Whipping cat hill

MORGAN Thomas, 1 & 2 Victoria rd

OLIVE Sarah, 51 Redcliff hill

SOOKER William, 78 Portwall lane

WEBSTER & ASHLEY, 14 St. James' parade

WOOD Richard, 57 Old Market st



BEEKS Edward, Athenaeum

BOWDEN Frederick, 27 Upper arcade

BRAYLEY John, 28 Upper arcade

BYERLEY J. & E., 11 Nicholas st

DEMPSEY John (restorer), 30 Upper arcade

MANN John, 40 Upper arcade

POWELL John, Upper Maudlin st

ROBERTS John, 18 Lower arcade



LAMBERT Charles & Son, FILLWOOD WORKS, Saint George, near Bristol



BARTON Martha Lucy, 8 & 9 All Saluts' st

GARDNER George & Son, Pithay

HOLBROOK M. L., All Saints' st, Pithay

STADDEN John, 73 St. George's rd



BAKER Thomas, Wilder st

BELL James, Pennywell road

CASTLE John Grifflu, 1 Alma place, Stapelton road

CHARLEY Henry, 76 Old Market st

COTTLE Wm., Highland vale, Durdham down

COWLIN William & Son, 12 Milk st

DAVIS James, Seal st, Upper Easton

DAVIS Henry T., 8 St. Augustine's pl

DREW John, 12 Orange st

EDKINS & SONS, Charlotte st, Queen's square

EDWARDS & SONS, 32 Temple st

FLOOK Aaron, Newchurch, St. George

FORD William, 17 Beaulors pl, Bishopton

HANCOCK John, 4 Bread st, St. Philip's

HEMMING Steven H., Philip st, Bedminster

HUGHES Henry & Co., 1 North st, Stoke's croft

LEWIS John, Treefield rd, Baptist mills

MORSE Samuel , Paradise pl

NORRIS Joseph, Canon st, B

PARSONS John, 44 Triangle, Queen's road

PORTCH Thomas G., 34 Milk st, and at Brislington

RICE & BRYANT, 58 West st

RICHMOND Henry, Penn st

ROBINS William, 34 Stoke's croft

SLADE Richard, 22 Stoke's croft

SMITH Wm. & Sons, 71 Old Market st

WARD Samuel, Hofton st

WATTS G. & T., 12 Lower Ashley pl

WATTS William, Long Ashton


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