Bristol Physicians, Piano-forte Tuners,

& Picture Dealers - Slater's 1868




BEDDOE John, 2 Lansdown place, Clifton

BLACK Francis, Worcester lodge, Clifton park

BRITTAN Fredk., 2 Victoria square, West Clifton

BUDD Wm., Manor house, York pl. Clifton

BURDER George, 7 South Parade, C

CARTER Wm G., 14 Richmond hill, C

CHALLACOMBE John, 25 King's square

COOPER Wm., 3 Portland square

CROCKER Thomas, 21 King's square

DAVIES David, 2 Queen's square

DAY Wm., 2 Granby hill, Clifton

DAY Wm. Edward, Barrow House, Barton hill

EDGEWORTH Thos. F., 18 St. Paul's sq

FALTBROTHER Alex., 30 Berkeley sq

FOX Chas. J. & Francis K., 17 Park st. and Brislington

FOX Edward L., Church house, Clifton hill

FRIPP Henry E., 4 Arlington place, Pembroke road

GIBBS John H., Placerville, Knowle

GREEN Thomas, 17 Berkeley square

GRIFFIN Frederick W., 66 Kingsdown parade

HAWKINS Thomas, 16 Portland sq

HERAPATH William, Mansion House, Old Park

HERAPATH William Bird, M. D., F. R. S., 32 Old Market st

HIGHETT Charles, M. D., Field House, Montpelier

LANSDOWN F. P., 11 Park st

LANSDOWN J. G., 10 Portland square

LOWTON Robert, 14 Dighton st

LYON Gilbert, 1 Lansdown place, C

MARSHALL Henry, 20 the Mall, C

MARTYN Samuel, 1 Park House, Richmond Hill, Clifton

SMART Thomas T., South Villa, B

STEELE Charles, 12 Meridian place, C

SWAYNE Joseph G., 12 York place, C

SYMONDS John H., Clifton hill House

TEBBITT Robert, 19 Stoke's croft


Piano-forte Tuners:-

Marked * are also Manufacturers

BARRETT George, 18 Queen's parade, Brandon hill

BAWDEN Joseph, 3 Fairlee villas, West Park, Clifton

*BRUNT G. L., 47 Queen's square

*DIMOLINE Abraham (and maker), 34 College green

ENGLAND James, 5 Alfred place, K

GOULSTONE Nuriah, 8 Lower Church lane, St. Michael's

HILL John A., 28 Redcross st

*MABY William, Prospect House, Horfield road

*STENNER Robt., 5 St. Augustine's pl

TAYLOR William, 6 Somerset square, Redcliff hill

TURNER Thos., 10 Cheltenham bldgs. Montpelier


Picture Dealers:-

BEEKS Edward, Atheneum

BOWDEN Frederick, 27 Upper arcade

BRAYLEY John, 28 Upper arcade

BYERLEY J. & E., 11 Nicholas st

DEMPSEY John (restorer), 30 Upper arcade

MANN John, 40 Upper arcade

POWELL John, Upper Maudlin st

ROBERTS John, 18 Lower arcade