Bristol Toy Dealers, Tripe Dressers,

Umbrella & Parasol Makers,

Upholsterers - Slater's 1868


Toy Dealers:-

ANCRUM Harry, Richmond terrace, Barton hill


BABER Jane, 2 Colston parade, Stepleton road

COOK W. J., 5 Queen's road

CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth, 1 Portland place, Clifton down

GIBBONS Edwin J, 11 North St. James'

GLASS David, 21 Old Market st

GRIFFITHS Geo, Kingsdown parade

LAWSON George, Temple st

NICHOLLS Albert, 33 Castle st

PIPER William., 3 Regent's place, C

POWELL Sarah, 3 Southampton parade, White Ladies' road

PULLEN Charles (cricketing), Grove cottage, Redland road

RANKIN George H., 1 Cumberland st

RIDINGBERRY James E., Lawrence hill

ROUCH Charles, 8 High st

SOUTHCOTT Susan, 35 Old Market st

STEPHENS George Wm., 17 West st

THOMAS Sarah, 6 Berkeley place, C

VAUGHAN Sarah, 6 Wellesley place, Durdham down


Tripe Dressers:-

MARSH George, 4 St. James' back

NEAL & Co., 16 Redcliff st

PEARSON E., St. James' back

TOVEY William, St. James' back


Umbrella & Parasol Makers:-

BEASER James, 20 Now Wine st

BENDALL Andrew, 30 Berkeley place, Queen's road

BISHOP Charles, 1 Bristol bridge and 60 Park st

BUTLER Ephraim, 68 West st

CRUMP Henry, 1 Highbury terrace, St. Michael's hill

FISHER Thomas, 16 Union st

HODGSON William, 9 Kingsland road, St. Philip's

LLEWELLIN Edward, 51 Thomas st

<unreadable> Abraham, 36 West st

HANDLEN & Co., (& fishing tackle), 12 Temple st

PEARCE Sarah, Lewin's mead

RAWLES S. M., 5 Dolphin st

ROBINS Sarah, Steep st, St. Michael's

SWEET Mary A., 56 Hotwell road, C

TILLY Thomas W., 67 Wine st, and 1 & 2 High st



BUCKNELL Jane, St. John's bridge, and Christmas st

BURROWES Jas., 60 St. Michael's hill

COMER James, 2 Seymour place, Stapleton road

GRANT Mary, 6 Prince's place, C

HOLLANISH Lavinia, 6 Gloucester st

HOOPER Hannah, 7 Gloucester st

JEWELL Thomas, 17 Pritchard st

JONES & CO., 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 & 63 Wine st

LELEAN Elizth., 55 St. Michael's hill

THUM Valentine, 19 Cumberland st

TREEVE Elizabeth, 3 Granby hill, C

TURNER William Henry, 17 Upper Maudlin st, St. Michael's

WILKINS Ephraim, 1 Horfield road

WILLIAMS Ruth, 18 St. Augustine's pl

WINTER John, 11 Milk st

YEATES Samuel, 2 Broadmead