Kelly's Directory of Cinderford 1894

Includes Ruspidge & Soudley


NOTE: Entries with __________ unreadable due to poor quality of microfiche.

BARTON Rev. John Henry Noel M. A. (curate of St. Johns)

BRIGHT Alfred Charles J. P. Rheola

BRIGHT A. W., Mostyn

BURDESS John, Bowson house

BURDESS Thos. Harrison., St. Annals ldg

GEORGE Rev. John (Baptist), The Shamrocks

HALE Joseph, Bilson house

HEANE William Crawshay

JAMES George Hinton

JARREDD Mrs., Yorke villa

JOPE Rev. Edward (Wesleyan)

LETCHER E. Marcus, High view

LONGSTAFF Rev. Thomas M. A. (incumbent of St. Stephen's Woodside)

LYNES Rev. William M. D. (vicar of St. John the Evangelist), Vicarage

MACARTNEY Richard, St. Annals


TAYLOR Rev. Alfred (Wesleyan)



ALCOCK Lewis, hair dresser

BAGGETT Joseph A., watch maker

BAKER Annie (Mrs.), greengrocer & fruit dealer

BALDWIN Eliza Jane (Mrs.), baker, shopkeeper & apartments, Steam mills

BARNARD Michael, butcher

BEARDMORE William, carpenter

BENNETT Georgina Elizabeth (Mrs.) Day school

BENNETT James, shopkeeper

BIDDIS Thomas, shopkeeper, Commercial road

BILSON GAS LIGHT & COKE CO. LIMITED (James Robb, engineer & manager)

BINGLE William, beer retailer

BOUD John Day, confectioner & ironmonger

BOUGHTON John, tinplate worker

BOWKETT Alfred, shopkeeper

BRADSTOCK John Samuel, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & clerk to Forest of Dean united district, & Walford School boards, Town Hall

BRAIN Ambrose, auctioneer & builder

BRAIN Simeon, cab proprietor

BRAIN William, butcher

BRIGHT Alfred Charles & Co. Limited, tinplate manufacturers & colliery proprietors, Hawkwell works

BRISCOE John, beer retailer

BROAD MOOR CHEMICAL CO. (William Spence, manager)

BROWN Frederick, Swan hotel

BROWN Joseph, carrier

BRYANT John, boot maker

BURFORD Thomas, shopkeeper & beer retailer

CAPITAL & COUNTIES BANK LIMITED (F. G. Washbourn, manager); draw on head office, London E. C.

CHURCH George Frederick, butcher


CINDERFORD FOOTBALL CLUB (William Cooper & Joseph Priday, joint secs.)


CLARK David, shopkeeper & beer retailer)

CLARKE James, draper

CLEMENTS George, Victoria P. H.

CLUTTERBUCK Eleanor (Mrs.), baker & shopkeeper

COLE Mark, Royal Union inn

COLEMAN Gertrude (Miss), dressmaker

CONSTANCE Samuel, boot maker

COOK John, shopkeeper

COOK John Blythe, shopkeeper, Steam mills

COOK Tom, grocer

COOKSEY John, printer & publisher of the 'Forest of Dean Mercury'

COOKSEY Sarah Jane (Miss), stationer

COOMBS Solomon, shopkeeper

COOPER Ernest, hairdresser

COOPER Joseph George, school attendance officer

COOPER William, coffee tavern

COOPER William, shopkeeper

CORDWIN William, chemist & stationer & wine dealer

COWMEADOW Tim., fish & fruit dealer, Steam mills

CRAWSHAW Henry & Co, colliery & iron ore mine proprietors (William Crawshaw, managing director) Light moor

CRISP Jane (Mrs.), apartments, Bellevue road

DAVIES Dan., tailor

DAVIS John James, grocer

DAVIS William, shopkeeper

DEE George, grocer

DYKINS Alfred Enoch, tailor & hatter

DYKINS Emma (Mrs.) refreshment rms


EVANS Charles, monumental mason

FLETCHER W. & R., butchers

FORD John & Co., wine & spirit merchants & mineral water makers

FOREST OF DEAN MERCURY (John Cooksey, proprietor & publisher; published fri)


FOX William, shopkeeper

FOX William Henry, carpenter & joiner, Upper Bilson

FOX William Henry, musical instrument & furniture dealer


FREEMAN Samuel, builder

FROST Edwin, butcher

GABB George, blacksmith

GABB Hezekiah John, painter & paperhanger

GARDINER William, stationer

GARDNER Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper

GOUGH John, confectioner

GOYMOUR Herbert, baker & confectnr

GREEN William, photographer

GREENING Nathaniel, watch maker

GRIFFITHS Agnes Mary (Miss), boot & shoe dealer

GRINDLE David, butcher

HODINGHAM Stephen Wallace, manager of Lloyds Bank

HALE Arthur, shopkeeper

HALE William, butcher

HALL Francis Edward, confectioner

HALL Robert, Seven Stars P. H.

HANNEY Henry, assistant superintendent Prudential agent, Commercial road

HANNEY James, Prudential agent

HARRIS Joseph Geo., Forge Hammer P. H.

HARTLAND Abraham, shopkeeper & beer retailer

HARVEY Charles, hair dresser

HARVEY William, saddler &c

HAWKINS George, inland revenue officer

HAYWARD Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper

HAYWARD John Colman, painter & paperhanger

HEAD William George, baker & grocer

HEANE William Crawshay, surgeon & medical officer for No. 4 district of Westbury-in-Severn union, & certifying factory surgeon

HEAVENS George, mason

HEWLETT John Samuel, clothier

HIRST Newton, watch maker

HOBBS James, boot & shoe maker

HOBBS Richard, shopkeeper

HOOK Timothy, tailor

HORWOOD John, grocer

HUGHES & CO., boot & shoe dealers

HUGHES Levi, watch jobber

HUZZEY Milson, Fleece hotel

JACOBS & CO, clothiers

JAMES Edward, boot & shoe maker

JAMES William, shopkeeper

JAMES George Hinton & Henry, grocers & drapers, & agents for W. & A. Gilbey Limited, wine & spirit merchants

JENKINS Alice (Mrs.), beer retailer

JENKINS William, shopkeeper

JONES Alfred Wm., grocer & beer retailer

JONES Caleb George, fish & fruit dealer

JONES Fredk. Edward, photographer

JONES George, grocer

JONES Leonard, _______ & beer retailer

JONES William, grocer

JORDAN Thomas, shopkeeper

JORDAN William, greengrocer

KEAR ______, bakers & grocers

KEAR Florence (Miss.), haberdasher

KEEL Sophia (Mrs.), Shopkeeper, Steam mills

KITCHEN Hannah, (Miss.), shopkeeper

LANE Edmund William, butcher

LANE Joseph, shopkeeper

LANE William, butcher

LETCHER E. Marcus, coal factor, High view

LLOYDS BANK LIM. (Branch) (Stephen Wallace Hadingham, manager); draw on London office, 72 Lombard street &c

LONG Edwin Henry, relieving officer for No. 2 district & registrar of births & deaths for Easr Dean dist.

LUCAS Wm. Wallace, tailor & outfitter


MACARTNEY Richard L. R. C. P. Edin., surgeon, St. Annals

MAJOR Wesley, watch mkr. & jeweller

MARFELL John, Upper Bilson

MARSHALL John, _______

MARSHALL Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper

MARTIN Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper

MARTIN Ed., Prudential Assurance agt

MEREDITH Reuben, grocer & beer retailer

MILLARD James Francis, _________

MILLS Sarah (Mrs.), ironmonger

MILLS Thomas, shopkeeper

MILLWATERS Jeannette (Mrs.), beer ret

MORGAN John, butcher

MORGAN Leonard, mason

MORGAN Wm., painter & plumber &c

MOORE John, tailor

MUDWAY Thomas, shopkeeper

NASH Edwin, coffee house

NEWMAN Job, lodging ho. (registered)

NEWMAN Luke, beer retailer

NICHOLAS Thomas. Alfd., boot & shoe dlr

ORPIN Lucy (Mrs.), shopkeeper

PALMER Robert, shopkeeper

PARADISE George, district superintendent London, Edinburgh, & Glasgow Assurance Co. Lim.

PARRY Charles, mason

PARSONS John James, grocer 7 agent for Kennaway & Co. Lim. wine & spirit merchants

POPE Joseph, ladies' & gentlemen's tailor, woollen draper & boot maker

POWELL Arthur Jn., beer ret. & shopkpr

POWELL Milson, Globe P. H.

PREDDY Elizabeth (Miss.), shopkeeper

PREECE & HIRST, clothiers

PROBERT Thomas, draper

RABEOUWITZ Myer, clothier

RANDALL Jn. Prudential Assurance agt

REECE Edward James, grocer &c

REEVES William, beer retailer

RHODES & Son, grocers & drapers

RIDDLE Isabella (Mrs.), day school

RIDLER Alfred, assistant overseer & rate collector

RILSTONE William John, hair dresser

ROBB James, engineer & manager to Bilson Gas Light & Coke Co. Bilson

ROBERTS Edwin, beer retailer

ROBINSON Isaac, shopkeeper

ROE Edwin Fredk. & Co., bill posters

ROWLINSON George Henry, miners agent for Forest of Dean Labour Association, Commercial road

ROWLINSON Samuel John Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Commercial road

RUSSELL John, beer retailer, Haywood la

RUSSELL William, shopkeeper

SIER John, mason

SIMMONS Samuel, town hall keeper

SIMMONS William, grocer

SIMPSON ________, colliery proprietor

SIMS Benjamin Thomas, furniture dealer

SINGER Manufacturing Co. (Henry James Humphries, manager)

SMITH Dinah (Mrs.), Lion inn

SMITH Edmund, boot maker

SMITH Edwin, builder

SMITH Enoch, Old Engine House P. H.

SMITH Harriett (Mrs.), beer retailer

SPENCE Willam, surveyor to Westbury-on-Severn rural sanitary authority

STEPHENS Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer

TAYLOR Mary Ann (Mrs.) greengrocer

TEAGUE & CHEW, engineers & millwrights, Steam mills

TEAGUE Annie (Mrs.), dress maker

TEAGUE Sophia (Mrs.), deputy registrar of births & deaths for East Dean district

TEAGUE Thomas, quarry owner

THOMAS William Henry, brewery agent

TINGLE BROS., iron founders

TINGLE Caroline (Mrs.), greengrocer

TOWN HALL (Samuel Simmons, keeper)

TROTTER Frederick, butcher

TRUMP George, shopkeeper

TUCKER Alfred, boot maker

TURNER Frederick, butcher

TURNER Thomas, shopkeeper

TYNDALL Priscilla (Miss.), shopkeeper

TYNDALL Samuel, baker & corn dealer

UNDERHILL Henry, shoe maker

VINES George, superintendent Gloucester & Midland Counties Friendly Society, Commercial road

WASHBOURN F. G., manager Capital & Counties Bank Limited

WESTAWAY Richard Ernest, grocer

WESTAWAY Wm., beer retailer, The George

WHITEHOUSE Edward, shopkeeper

WHITEHOUSE Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper

WHITSON Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

WILCE & JENKINS, timber merchants & ironmongers

WILCE Levi, beer retailer, farmer & butcher

WILCE Timothy, grocer & draper, & colliery proprietor

WILLIAMS Richard & Son, steam sawing & planing mills, dealers in foreign & english timber; oak timber cut to order, & oak railway waggon framing supplied.

WILLIAMS Richard & Son, furniture manufacturers & fancy goods dealers

WILLIAMS Richard, auctioneer

WILLIAMS William, tobacconist

WILLSTAD Thomas, shopkeeper

WINTLE Albert, agent for Gloucester & Midland Counties Friendly Society, Commercial road

WINTLE Francis, miller, Steam mills

WOOD William, ironmonger & smith

WOODCOCK John, grocer



BRADSTOCK John Samuel, Woodlands


FOXALL Edward, Rock house


MORGAN Geo. Frederick, Forest lodge

MORGAN Edwin William

SMITH Thomas



ANSLEY Robt. Alsopp, White Hart inn

BALDWIN Henry, New inn

BAXTER Richard, beer retailer

BEARD Thomas Probin, baker & shopkeeper

BRIGHT Samuel, miller (water)

BUTT Thomas, Rising Sun P. H.

CHIVERS Thomas, grocer & post office

DAWSON Jane (Mrs.), apartments

DEAN FOREST COAL CO., coal factors

EVANS Decima (Miss.), shopkeeper

EVANS George, beer retailer

GANDERN James, shopkeeper & beer retailer

GREENWOOD William, shopkeeper

GRIFFITHS Thomas, grocer

HALL Thomas, beer retailer

HAWKER James, Bridge inn

HEAD Henry, shopkeeper

HUDSON John Owen, grocer

MERRICK Frederick Charles, saddler

MORSE Wiliam, shopkeeper & beer retailer

MOUNTJOY Elijah, Mount Pleasant inn


SMITH Hartley, shopkeeper

SMITH Thomas Frederick, district road surveyor to Gloucestershire County Council

STEVENS John Henry, coal agent

UNDERWOOD James, greengrocer

WALKLEY Daniel, haulier



(Marked thus * receive letters via Blakeney)

*SZCZEPANSKA Mrs., Bradley house

*ADAMS Elizabeth, (Mrs.), beer retailer

*ADAMS Henry, Tump inn

*ADAMS Joseph, lime burner

BEDNAY Francis, insurance agent & shopkeeper

*BLOXON Daniel, farmer, Aylesford

*CRIBBER Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper

DUFFEY George, grocer

GODFREY George, haulier

HERBERT John, haulier & shopkeeper

*HOULDAY John, beer retailer, The Victoria

*JONES Edward, farmer, Alyesford

MASON Jane (Miss.), millboard maker

THOMAS William, White Horse P. H.

*WARREN Naomi, artist, Viney hill

WELLINGTON William, farmer

YOUNG Daniel, carpenter, Viney hill