Kelly's Directory - Cinderford



CINDERFORD is a small town forming part of the Forest of Dean, and including Ruspidge and Soudley, in the township of East Dean; it is 3 and a half miles north-west from Newnham, with a terminal station on the Severn and Wye Joint Great Western and Midland railway, 1 mile north-west and one (for goods only) on the Great Western Company's Forest of Dean goods and mineral railway. The place is lighted by gas by the Bilson Gas Co. Limited, and supplied with water by the East Dean Rural District Council from a reservoir near Little Dean Hill. The district comprises two ecclesiastical parishes, and is in the rural deanery of South Forest and archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester.

St. John the Evangelist's is an ecclesiastical parish formed in 1844, and comprises Ruspidge, Soudley and a portion of Cinderford; the church, erected in 1843, from designs by Mr. Edward Blore, architect of London, is a cruciform building of stone in the Early English style, consisting of apsidal chancel, nave, transepts, and a tower with spire containing one bell. There are sittings for 500 persons. The registrar dates from the year 1844. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £250, with residence, in the gift of the Crown, and held since 1878 by the Rev. William Lynes, M.D., of the University of St. Andrew's, N.B. The population in 1891 was 3,002.

There are Baptist, Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and Bible Christian chapels. The Town Hall, the property of the Cinderford Co0operative Society Lim. is a substantial building of stone, and has a large room for public meetings.

ST. STEPHEN'S WOODSIDE, is an ecclesiastical parish, formed Aug. 13, 1880, out of the parishes of Holy Trinity, St. John the Evangelist and Flaxley. The church, erected in 1889-90, at a cost of £4,700, from designs by Mr. Longen Barker, architect of Hereford, is a building of stone, consisting of chancel clerestoried nave of four bays and aisles: the chancel and stained east window were the gift of Lady Crawley-Boevey, of Flaxley Abbey; there are 500 sittings. The registrar of baptisms dates from 1880, and of marriages from 1890. The living is a perpetual curacy, net yearly value £260, in the gift of the Church Patronage Society held since 1894 by the Rev. Thomas Longstaff, M.A., of Oxford University. The population in 1891 was 4,454.

St. Stephen's Church room, erected in 1874 for Divine Service, is now used as a Sunday school.

There is an iron mission room at Bilson, seating 60 persons.

Soudley mission room, a building of iron, was erected in 1880, and will seat 150 persons.

The Public Hall, in Commercial street, built in 1897, is a structure of iron, used for entertainments, and is capable of holding over 800 persons.

A fever hospital, containing four wards, was opened at Soudley early in 1894.

Parish Clerk, St. John's, Thomas Meredith.

Post, M. O. & T. O., T. M. O., Express Delivery, Parcel Post, S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office. - Thomas Rhodes, sub-postmaster. (Railway Sub-Office. Letters hould have R. S. O. Glos. added). Letters arrive at 6.45 a.m. & 3.45 & 5.45 p.m.; dispatched 9.15 a.m.; North mail, 5.45 p.m. & London mail, 7.45 p.m.; no delivery or dispatch on Sudnay.

Post & M. O. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, Ruspidge - thomas Chivers, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Cinderford R. S. O. at 7.30 a.m. & 3.50 p.m.; dispatched at 9 a.m.; North mail, 5.30 p.m.; London and general, 7.30 p.m. Cinderford is the nearest telegraph office, 1 mile distant.

Post Office, Soudley - Francis Bedney, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Newnham 8.30 a.m.; box cleared 9.20 a.m. & 5.45 p.m. week days only. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. Ruspidge is the nearest money order office, & Blakeney the nearest telegraph office, 3 miles distant.

Wall Letter Boxes - Commercial road, cleared at 9 a.m. & 5.30 & 7.30 p.m. Bell Vue road, cleared at 9.15 a.m. & 5.50 & 7.50 p.m. Bilson cleared at 8.30 a.m. & 4 and 7.15 p.m. Upper Bilson, cleared at 8.50 a.m. & 4 & 7.30 p.m. Ruspidge, cleared at 7 p.m. Steam mills, cleared at 6.45 p.m. Little Deanshill, cleared 6.35 p.m.

RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF EAST DEAN AND UNITED PARISHES:- Meets at the School Board offices, Cinderford, the first wed. in each month, at 2 p.m.


Fever Hospital, Soudley, Jn. Shaw Carleton, medical officer

Town Hall, Charles Wilcox, keeper


Certifying Factory Surgeon, Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, No. 4 District, Westbury-on-Severn Union. Richard Macartney L.R.C.P. & S.Edin.

Clerk to the Forest of Dean United District & Walford School Board, John Sml. Bradstock, Post Office bldgs.

Registrar of Births & Deaths, East Dean sub-District, Westbury-on-Severn Union, Edwin Henry Long, Cinderford; deputy, Mrs Sophia Teague, Cinderford.

PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of services.

St. John the Evangelist, Rev. William Lynes M.D.; 12 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed 7 p.m.

St. Stephen's church, Rev. T. Longstaff M.A. incumbent; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs 7 p.m.

Iron Mission Room, Soudley, by the clergy of St. John's; on sundays only, times various

Iron Mission Room, Bilson, by the clergy of St. Stephen's; 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7 p.m.

Mission Room, Little Dan Hill, by the clergy of St. Stephen's; 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7 p.m.

Baptist, Rev. William Willis Wilks; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; mon & wed 7 p.m.

Primitive Methodist; 2.30 p.m. & 6 p.m.; mon. 7 pm. Rev. James Henri Marquand

Wesleyan Methodist; 10.45 a.m. & 6 p.m.; thurs. 7 p.m. Rev. James Henri Marquand

Wesleyan Methodist Ruspidge; 2.30 & 6 p.m.; wed 7 p.m. Rev. James Henri Marquand

Bible Christian; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; mon 7 p.m.

Bible Christian, Ruspidge; 2.30 & 6 p.m.; wed 7 p.m.

Bible Christian, Soudley; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; thurs 7 p.m.

Plymouth Brethren; 2.30 & 6 p.m.

SCHOOLS under the Forest of Dean United District School Board:-

Board, Bilson Woodside (junior boys, girls & infants) built with master's residence, in 1877, & since enlarged for 775 children; average attendance, 217 boys, 216 dirls & 215 infants; John Hale, master; Miss Bailey, mistress; Mrs. Hale, infant's mistress.

Board, Steam Mills (boys, girls & infant), built in 1882, for 416 children; average attendance 103 boys, 98 girls & 96 infant's; Harry Darlington, master; Miss Elizabeth Clara Williams, mistress; Miss Mary Garner, infant's mistress.

Board, St. White's (junior, mixed & infant's), built in 1887, for 440 children; average attendance, 110 boys, 100 girls & 178 infant's; George Daniel Woodman, master; Mrs. Annie Marfell, infant's mistress.

Board, Soudley (Mixed and infant's), built with master's residence, in 1885. & enlarged in 1893, for 231 children; average attendance, 125 boys & girls & 32 infant's; Frederick Hull, master.

Board, Double View (senior boys & girls), built in 1895, for 600 children; average attendance, 205 boys & 210 girls; John Alfred Emery, master & 9 assistant masters & mistresses.


Forest of Dean Mercury, John Cooksey, proprietor & publisher; published friday.

Railway Stations:-

Cinderford (G. W. & M. R. Companies) (Severn & Wye Joint Railway), James Morris, station master.

Cinderford (G. W. R.), for goods only; Arthur Edward Thomas, collector.

Ruspidge (G. W. R.), for goods only; Geo. Fagent, collectr.

Bilson (G. W. R.), for goods only; Arthur Edward Thomas, collector.

Carrier to Gloucester:-

Joseph Brown, Cinderford, mon. wed. & sat.



Private Residents

BAKER Mrs. Maria Haines, High view

BAKER Stanley Parks, High view

BRADSTOCK John Samuel, Deneside

BRAIN Mrs. Ambrose, Manchester villa

BUNLESS John, Bowson house

BUNLESS Thos. Harrison, St. Annals ldg

CRESWELL Alfred Henry, York villa

EMERY John Alfred, Ty Hyfryd

HALE Charles, Lynwood

HALE Joseph, Bilson house

HUGO William, Temple

JACOB Aliz, St. Annals

JAMES George, Hinton


KEAR James, J.P.

LONGSTAFF Rev. Thomas M.A. (incumbent of St. Stephen's, Woodside)

LYNES Rev. William M.D. (vicar of St. John the Evangelist), Vicarage

MACARTNEY Richard, Lisinore

MARKQUAND Rev. James Henri (Wesleyan Methodist), Wesley villa

NASH Mrs. 2 Manchester villas

SPENCE Mrs., The Shrubbery

TEAGUE Moses Edward, Steam Mills

TYNDALL John, Suffolk cottage

WHITEHOUSE William, Somerset place

WILKS Rev. William Willis (Baptist), Oakdean



ADAMS Francis Hamp, solicitors

BAGGETT John A., watch maker

BALDWIN Eli, beer retailer

BALDWIN Eliza Jane (Mrs.) baker, shopkeeper & apartments, Steam mills

BALDWIN Henry, Upper Bilson inn

BALL Frederick, insurance agent

BARNARD Michael, butcher

BARTER & SON, greengrocers & fish dlrs

BARTON Geo., beer retlr., King's head

BATEMAN Wm., news agt. & stationer

BURT Henry, butcher

BEARDMORE William, carpenter

BENJAMIN George, M.P.S., chemist

BEDDIS Thomas, shopkeeper, Commercial road

BILSON GAS LIGHT & COKE Co. Limited (James Robb, manager & sec)

BINGLE William, beer retailer

BEADLE D., Gore & Co. Lim., dentists

BOND Mary (Mrs.) confectioner & tobacconist

BOUGHTON John, tinplate worker

BOWER Frederick Riseley, chemist & druggist & news agent

BOWKETT Alfred, haulier

BRADSTOCK John Samuel, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & clerk to Forest of Dean united district. & Walford school boards, Post Office buildings

BRAIN James, beer retailer

BRAIN Oliver, Severn Stars

BRAIN Simeon, cab proprietor

BRAIN William, butcher

BROWN Joseph, carrier

BUCK Edward, insurance

BUCKLEY George, greengrocer

BURDESS Thomas H., agent to Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. Limited

CAPITAL & COUNTIES BANK LIMITED (branch) (Francis G. Washbourn, manager); draw on head office, 39 Threadneedle street, London E. C

CASH & CO., boot and shoe dealers

CHURCH George Frederick, butcher


CINDERFORD FOOTBALL CLUB (Samuel Jn. Thomas Rowlinson, sec.)


CLARKE James, draper

COLE Susan (Mrs.), Royal Union inn

COLEMAN Gertrude (Miss), dress maker

COOK Sarah Ann (Mrs.), grocer

COOKSEY John, printer & publisher of the "Forest of Dean Mercury"

COOKSEY Sarah Jane (Mrs.), grocer

COOPER Ernest, hair dresser

COOPER Joseph George, school attendance officer

COOPER Rudge, hair dresser

CORDY Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

COWMEADOW Tom, fish & fruit dealer, Steam mills

COX Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker

CRAWSHAW Henry & Co. Lim., colliery & iron ore mine proprietors (William Crawshaw, managing dir.), Light moor

CRESWELL Alfred Henry L.S.A., surgeon, York villa

CRITCHLEY William, butcher

CRITCHLEY William, jun., butcher

DAVIES Dan., tailor

DAVIS William, shopkeeper

DAWSON John Mathew, horse breaker

DEE George, grocer

DREW John, insurance agent & refreshment rooms

DYKINS BROS., beer ret. Pembroke st

DYKINS Alfred Enoch, auctioneer, valuer, house, estate & commission agent & agent for the Imperial Life Assurance Co. Lim. Victoria street

DYKINS Emma (Mrs.), temperance htl

EASTMANS LIMITED (Stephens Nichols, manager), butchers

EDMUNDS William H., sewing machine agent & musical instrument dealer

EDWARDS James, carpenter

ENDY Jacob, draper & outfitter

EVANS Charles, monumental mason

FERLEY Thomas Eli, insurance agent


FOREST OF DEAN MERCURY (John Cooksey, proprietor & publisher; published Friday)

FOREST OF DEAN MINER'S ASSOCIATION (George Hy. Rowlinson, miner's agt.)

FOREST OF DEAN MUTUAL ACCIDENT FUND (George Henry Rowlinson, sec.)


FOX Henrietta (Mrs.), shopkeeper

FOX William Henry, carpenter & joiner, Upper Bilson

FOX William Henry, musical instrument & furniture dealer

FOXES BRIDGE COLLIERY CO. LIMITED (Arnold Thomas, managing director)

FREEMAN Samuel, builder

GABB George, blacksmith

GADD Hezekiah Jn., paintr & paperhanger

GARDINER Julia Mary (Miss), stationer

GARDINER Wm. Hy., commercial trvllr

GARDNER Albert, shopkeeper

GARDNER Henry George, district supt. Pearl Life Insucance Co. Limited

GAY Frederick Jn., shoppkeeper & beer retlr.

GAY Kate (Mrs.), dress maker and servant's registry office

GAZZARD George, beer retailer

GAZZARD Wm., shopkeeper & insurance agent

GREEN William, photographer

GREENING Nathaniel Augustus, watch maker

GRINDLE David, butcher

GUEST Thomas, shopkeeper

HADINGHAM Stephen Wallce, manager of Lloyds Bank

HALE Herbert James, beer retailer, The George

HALE Robert James, beer retailer, The George

HALE Sidney, butcher

HALE William, confectioner

HALE William, butcher

HALL Francis Edward, confectioner

HANNEY George, assistant superintendent Prudential agent. Woodside rd

HANNEY George Henry, hair dresser

HARDING Joseph, shopkeeper

HARRIS Arthur R., cycle factor & repairer

HARRIS Moses, Globe P.H.

HARVEY William, saddler &c

HAWKER James, Lion inn

HAYWARD Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper

HAYWARD Jn. Colman, painter & paprhngr.

HEAD William George, baker & grocer

HEAVENS Rhoda (Mrs.), mason

HEWLETT Alfred, carpenter

HEWLETT John Samuel, clothier

HIGH MEADOWS IRON CO. LIM. (Edwin Morgan, sec.; Edwin Crawshay, managing director), mine owners

HILL George, shopkeeper

HITT Geo. Wm., boot & shoe repairer

HOBBS Richards, shopkeeper

HOLDER George, coffee tavern

HOLDER Joseph William, shopkeeper

HOOPER Maurice Wm., mineral water maf.

HORWOOD John, grocer

HUGHES John & Son, carpenters

HUGHES Levi, watch jobber

HUGO William Temple, solicitor

HUZZEY Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper

JACOBS & CO., clothiers and drapers

JAMES Thos., beer retlr. Steam mills

JAMES George Hinton & Henry, grocers

JAMES Thomas Maldwyn, druggist

JAMES William Henry, coal merchant

JENKINS Alice (Mrs.), beer retailer

JENKINS Henry, timber merchant & ironmonger

JENKINS Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

JONES Albert, lime burner & quarry owner

JONES Caleb George, fish & fruit dealer

JONES Alice S. (Miss), grocer & beer retailer & wine & spirit merchant

JONES Edwin, grocer

JONES Fredk Edward, photographer

JONES Georgina P. (Mrs.) dress maker

JONES William, grocer

JORDAN Thomas, shopkeeper

JORDAN William, greengrocer

KEAR Alfred & Co., sewing machine & cycle agents

KEAR Jas. & Sons, bakers & grocers

KEAR Florence (Miss), haberdasher

KEEL Sophia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Steam mills

KITCHEN Hannah (Miss), shopkeeper

KNIGHT Edwin, Swan hotel

LANE Edmund William, butcher

LANE Walter, shopkeeper

LANE William, butcher

LANE Wm. Jn. Thos., insurance agent

LEADBEATER, Frederick, butcher

LEIGHTON William, Forge Hammer P.H.

LLOYDS BANK LIM. (branch) (Stephen Wallace Hadingham, manager); fraw on London Office, 72 Lombard st EC

LONG Edwin Henry, relieving officer for No. 2 district & registrar of births & deaths for East Dean sub-district, Westbury-on-Severn union


MACARTNEY Richd. L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., surgeon & medical officer for No. 4 district of Westbury-on-Severn union & certifying factory surgn., St. Annals

MAJOR Wesley, watch ma. & jeweller

MAJOR Wm., watch & clock repairer

MARSHALL John, haulier

MARSHALL Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper

MARTIN Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper

MARTIN Rd., Prudential Assutance agt.

MASON Tom, butcher

MEREDITH Reuben, grocer & beet retlr.

MEREDITH Samuel, Railway Hotel P.H.

MERRIMAN Ellen (Miss), dress maker

MILLARD James Francis, outfitter

MOBBERLEY Samuel, brick maker & shopkeeper

MOORE George William, insurance agt.

MOORE John, tailor

MORGAN Amos, mason

MORGAN Leonard, mason

MORGAN Wm., painter & plumber &c

MUNN Frederick H., ironmonger

NASH Edwin, coffee house

NELMES Thomas, shopkeeper

NEW PUBLIC HALL (Alfred E. Dykins, lessee), Commercial street

NEWCOMBE William Geo., hair dresser

NEWMAN Job, lodging ho. (registered)

NICHOLAS Thomas Alfd., boot & shoe dlr.

NICHOLLS Thomas, hair dresser

PARRY Charles, mason

PHILIPS John William, Fleece hotel

POPE Joseph, ladies' * gentlemen's tailor, woollen draper & boot maker

POWELL Martha (Mrs.), beer ret. & shpkpr.

PREECE Frank J, clothier

PROBERT thomas, draper & milliner

PROSSER Daniel, beer retailer

RABENOWITZ Myer, clothier

REECE Edward James, grocer &c

RHODES & Son, grocers, drapers & confectionrs

RIDDLE Isabella (Mrs.), day school

RIDLER Alfred, assistant overseer & rate collector

ROBB James, engineer & manager to Bilson Gas Light & Coke Co. Bilson

ROBERTS Andrew, shopkeeper

ROBINS Thomas, cycle agents

ROBINSON Isaac, shopkeeper

ROBINSON Isaac, butcher

ROSSER William, agent to the Provident Association

ROWLINSON George Henry, miner's agent for Forest of Dean Miner's Association

ROWLINSON Samuel John Thomas, boot & shoe maker

RUSSELL John, beer retailer Haywood la

RUSSELL William, shopkeeper

SELWYN Edward S., boot & shoe repairer

SIER John, mason

SIMMONS Samuel, beer retailer

SIMMONS William, grocer

SIMS Benjamin Thomas, furniture dlr.

SINGER MANUFACTURERS CO. (Arthur Pearce, manager)

SMITH Frank, boot & shoe maker

SMITH Edwin, builder

SMITH Harriett (Mrs.) beer retailer

SMITH Joseph, draper & milliner

SPENCE Catherine (Miss), private schl.

SPERBER Simon, furniture dealer

STANLEY Daniel, tin worker

STEPHENS Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer

TAYLOR Mary Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer

TAYLOR Peter M., hair dresser

TEAGUE, CHEW & FLEMING, engineers & millwrights

TEAGUE Sophia (Mrs.), deputy registrar of births & deaths for East Dean district

TEAGUE Thomas, quarry owner

THOMAS Idris, Old Engine inn

THOMAS Joseph, boot & shoe dealer

THOMAS Tom, musical instrument dealer & shopkeeper

THOMAS Wm., Prudential Assurance agt.

THOMAS William Henry, brewery agent & outfitter

TINGLE BROS., iron founders & engineers

TINGLE Caroline (Mrs.), greengrocer

TOWN HALL (Charles Willcox, keeper)

TROTTER Frederick, draper

TRUMP George, shopkeeper

TUCKER Annie (Mrs.), boot maker

TURNER Frederick, butcher

TURNER Thomas, shopkeeper

TYNDALL Priscilla (Miss), shopkeeper

TYNDALL Samuel, baker & corn dealer

VAUGHAN William Henry, butcher

WALL James, sen., painter & decorator

WASHBOURN Francis G., manager Capital & Counties Bank Limited

WEAVER Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper

WESTAWAY & CO., grocers

WHITE Alfred, boot & shoe repairer

WHITEHOUSE Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper

WHITEHOUSE William, surveyor to the rural district council, East Dean & united parishes, & water rate collector

WHITMORE Arth., water works inspector

WHITSON Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

WILCE & JENKINS, timber merchants & ironmongers

WILCE Levi, beer retailer, farmer & timber merchant

WILCE Timothy, grocer & draper

WILLIAMS Frederick, steam sawing & planing mills, dealer in foreign & english timber; all kinds of sawing and planing done.

WILLIAMS BROTHERS, furniture manufacturers & fancy goods dealers

WILLIAMS Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobaccnst.

WILLIAMS James, outfitter

WILLIAMS Thomas, umbrella maker

WILLSTAD Thomas, shopkeeper

WINTLE Francis, miller, Steam mills

WOLF Harris, watch & clock maker

WOOD William, ironmonger & smith

WOODCOCK Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper





DENMAN Rev. Arthur Coleby (curate of St. John's), St. White's house

FLEMMING Arthur, Rock house


JENKINS Henry, St. White's villa

MORGAN Edwin William

MORGAN Geo. Frederick, Forest lodge

SMITH Thomas, Ruspidge villa

WOODMAN George Daniel, Woodlands


ANSLEY Robt. Alsopp, White Hart inn

BALDWIN Henry, New inn

BANKS Christopher, beer retailer

BANKS Christopher, jun., heer retailer

BEARD Thos. Probin, baker & shopkeeper

BEDDIS Thomas, grocer

BRIGHT Samuel, miller (water)

BUTT Ann (Mrs.), Rising Sun P.H.

CHIVERS Thomas, grocer & post office

DEAN FOREST COAL CO., coal factors

FRENCH Alfred, Bridge inn

GAUDERN James, shopkeeper & beer retailer

GRIFFITHS Thomas, grocer

HALL Thomas, beer retailer

HARTLAND Annie (Mrs.), apartments

HOLDER George, shopkeeper

HUDSON Elizabeth, (Mrs.), grocer

JONES John, beer retailer

MERRICK Frederick Charles, saddler

MORGAN Edwin W., accountant & insurance agent, The Villa

MORSE Wm., shopkeeper & beer retailer

MOUNTJOY Joych (Mrs.), Mount Pleasant inn


RUSSELL William, shopkeeper

SMITH Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper

STEVENS John Henry, coal agent

UNDERWOOD James, greengrocer

WALKLEY Daniel, haulier



Marked thus * receive letters via Blakeney.

*ADAMS Miss, Viney hill

*ADAMS Joseph, lime burner & quarry owner

*ADAMS Thomas, carpenter, Viney hill

*BARNARD Michel, farmer

BEDNEY Francis, Post office

BRISCOE Walter, rent & debt collector

*COLLINS Thomas, beer retailer

HUFFEY George, grocer

FEVER HOSPITAL (Mrs. Elizabeth Alden, matron)

GODFREY George, haulier

HERBERT John, haulier & shopkeeper

HUNTER Henry, agent to the Wesleyan & General Assurance Society

JEFFRIES Ellen (Mrs.), quarry owner

JOINER & STAPLE, millboard manufrs.

*MORSE Samuel, beer retailer

POWELL William, mason

PRICE William Henry, carpenter, wheelwright, undertaker & carriage & waggon builder

PROSSER Charles, Trump inn

*SURR William, shopkeeper

*TAYLOR Charles, beer ret. The Victoria

THOMAS William, White Horse P.H..

TURLEY James, shopkeeper

WELLINGTON William, farmer