Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of

Coleford 1876


COLEFORD is a market town and a tything of Newland parish, in the same jurisdictions, containing, by the census of 1861, 2718 inhabitants, and 2822 acres; 5 miles south-east from Monmouth, 7 and a half north-west from Lydney, and 9 west from Newnham, occupying several valleys winding through the hills on the west side of the Forest of Dean, and is a polling place for West Gloucestershire. The name was anciently called "Cover", or more frequently "Covert", the Metropolis of the Forest of Dean, and in the reign of Elizabeth it was occupied by the miners working the Charcoal Bloomaries, then employed for melting the iron ore, with which the neighbourhood abounds. It was then thickly wooded, and some rude machinery for wire drawing was established on the stream traversing the main street. As the use of charcoal ceased, and the value of coal became known and appreciated, the inhabitants turned their attention to the mining of the coal seam, which comes nearly to the surface in some places, and the quarrying of stone, which is found in connexion with it, and which now form the staple source of employment here. It was the scene of a conflict during the Civil War, when the Marquis of Worcester marched a body of troops to attempt a siege of Gloucester in aid of the King, which in the "Bibleotheca Gloucestrensis," is thus mentioned:- "Lord Herbert, who had been made Lieut. General, had raised a little army of above 1500 foot and nearly 500 horse, which about the middle of February, 1648, marched towards Gloucester. On their way through the Forest of Dean; they were opposed at Coleford by a party of Parliamentarians, under the command of Colonel Berrowe, who with some of the country people had barricaded the town, where from a window they shot Major General Lawdey, and two other officers." During the engagement the old chapel was burnt down. By Letters Patent, King Charles II, in the 13th year of his reign, created a weekly market and two annual fairs, and made a grant of timber for building a market house, towards which he also contributed £40, the old one having been destroyed during the Civil Wars; it was built in 1662, and formed part of the Highmeadow Estate until the commencement of the present century, when it was sold to a private individual, but it is now in the hands of the Market Hall Company, who restored and enlarged it in 1866, and it was reopened on the 12th February, 1867, and it now forms a handsome establishment to the town, with the convenience of a large room for public purposes. A branch of the Severn and Wye Railway, from Park End (a station on the main line between Lydney and Lydbrook) to this town, was opened on the 9th December, 1875, and will, no doubt, prove a great benefit to the town and the Forest generally, as it brings this richly laden mineral district into speedy and easy communication with Bristol, Gloucester, and South Wales. The Commissioners of Woods and Forests have an office here, for the purpose of granting the Crown Mines and collecting the rents, under an officer called the Gaveller. The manorial rights are the property of the Crown. This place was formed into a separate Ecclesiastical district or parish in 1872. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Holbrow, B.A., is valued at £300 per annum, with residence, and is in the patronage of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. The church is an octagonal edifice, dedicated to St. John the Evangelist, consisting of chancel, north, south, and centre aisles, with tower and one bell, and was erected on the site of an old Episcopal Chapel, in 1820. The Baptist Chapel is a plain substantial building, with an imposing front elevation, and is very commodious and comfortable in the interior, being capable of seating 800 people. The organ, by Nicholson, of London, is a fine toned instrument, and is placed in the gallery opposite the pulpit. The Congregational Chapel was erected in 1842, at the sole expense of the late Rev. Thomas Loader, of Monmouth, and will accommodate 500 persons; it was greatly improved and reseated in 1871. There are two commodious schoolrooms at the back. A manse for the minister was erected in 1872. The Wesleyans have a small place of worship here, which was erected in 1851. Mr. Edward Bell founded a Grammar School in 1627, whereby 12 boys belonging to this are elected on the foundation by the trustees as vacancies occur, at their half-yearly meetings. The school is at present in the village of Newland, but a more commodious building has just been erected on Lord's Hill for the purpose. It is a plain Gothic structure, of Forest Stone with brick dressings, and has residence for the master attached. Mr. George Pearson, of Ross, was architect, and Messrs. Heath and Simmonds and Roberts and Son, the builders. There is a School of Art in connection with the one at South Kensington, which was established in 1872. There are National and British Schools for children of both sexes. The Cemetery is situate in the Victoria Road, and extends over 4 acres of land tastefully laid out, and having two mortuary chapels; it was consecrated on the 18th January, 1868. The poor have £40 per annum from a foundation called Hall's Charity, which is distributed half-yearly. The market day is on Friday, with a great maket on the last Friday in each month, and annual fairs for cattle, wool, and cheese, are held on the 20th June and the last Friday in August.

BERRY HILL, 1 mile north, and COALWAY LANE END are hamlets, partly in this tything and partly in the tything of West Dean.

Clergy, Gentry, and Private Residents

BATTEN Thomas, Esq., J.P., The Marshes

BREMNER Mrs. Louisa Lavinia, Gloucester rd

BURTON Mrs. Harriet, Poolway villa

CURRIE John, Esq., M.D., Newland street

DEW Croft Worgan, Esq., Poolway house

EVANS Mrs. Esther, Coalway lane

FRYER Robert Hoskins, Esq., Whitecliff house

HARRIS Mr. George, Albert cottage, Victoria road

HATTON John, Esq., Bank house

HINTON William Henry, Esq., The Bank

HOLBROW Rev. Thomas, B.A., vicar, The Vicarage

HOLT Mrs. Mary, Dombey lodge, High Nash

HULLETT John, Esq., Venetian house

JENNINGS John Elmes, Esq., High street

NICHOLSON Miss Sarah, Lord's hill

NICHOLSON Mr. William, Lord's hill

ROBERTS William, Esq., Launceston house

STEVENS Rev Robert, M.A. (Congregational), The Manse

TETLEY Rev. William Henry (Baptist), Belle Vue house

THOMAS Mr. George, Morley villa

THOMAS Mrs. Sarah, High street

TROTTER Isaiah, Esq., The Coombe

TROTTER Leslie B., Esq., Newland street

VOYCE Mr. Edward, Fair View cottage

WARDER Mr. Joseph, Mont View villa, Baker's hill

WHITE Miss Mary, High street


Trades and Professions

ABBOTT Edward, chimneysweeper, Gloucester road

ADAMS & SONS, painters, plumbers, and glaziers, High street

ADAMS Caleb (firm of Adams and Sons), agent for the Railway Passengers' Accident and for the Manchester Fire Assurance Companies, High street

ADAMS John (firm of Adams and Sons); h. High street

ADAMS John T., corn merchant, High st

ALLFORD Mrs. Elizth., dressmaker, Crossways

ALLFORD henry, wood recorder for the Forest of Dean, Staunton road

ANTHONY Esaias, builder, Cinder hill

ASTON William, farmer, Staunton road

ATKINSON AND VAUGHAN, civil and mining engineers, Town Hall

AYTON William John, cabinet maker, Cinder hill

BANKS Josiah, cashier, Lord's hill

BARRY George, grocer and provision dealer, Gloucester rd

BAYTON Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, and shopkeeper, Staunton road

BAYTON Thomas, shoemaker, Newland st

BEACH James, builder, Huntingdon house, Newland street

BIRD Charles Edwin, printer and publisher of the Foresters' Free Press, St. John st

BIRD Job, farmer, Whitecliff

BIRD Josiah, farmer, Crossways farm

BIRD Joseph, farmer, Edenwall farm

BISHOP James, boot and shoe dealer, general house furnisher, and licensed to let post horses, High st

BOYCE John W., "Speech House" commercial and family hotel and posting house, Gloucester rd

BRIGHT Thos. (firm of Hough and Bright); h. Market place

BROWN Henry, colliery proprietor, hay dealer, and farmer, Poolway farm

BROWN Joseph, Jun., blacksmith, Fiveacres

BROWN Thos., colliery manager, Baker's hill

BROWN Thomas, haulier and farmer, Littledean Lane end

BROWN William, haulier, Albert road

BROWN William, stone proprietor and shopkeeper, Gloucester rd

BULL Matthew, tailor, woollen draper, hosier, hatter and glover, Market place

BULLOCK James, saddler, St. John street

BULLOCK George, butcher, St. John street

BURTON Hy., "Nag's Head" inn, Whitecliff

BUTLER William, Inland Revenue officer, Sparrow hill

CHEESE Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, and agent for W. and A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, Market place

CHIPP Edward, superintendent of police, Gloucester road


CLARK Mrs. Mary, boot and shoemaker, Gloucester road

CLEMINSON James, National schoolmaster, Sparrow hill

COLE George, haulier, Staunton road

COLEFORD CORN COMPANY, corn and agricultural seed merchants, Coalway road

COLEMAN John, auctioneer, valuer, estate and insurance agent, Market place; and at 79 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury

CONSTANCE Samuel, boot and shoe manufacturer, St. John street; and at Mitcheldean

COOPER John, shopkeeper, Joyford

COX Wm., baker and shopkeeper, Scowles

CULLIMORE John, bootmaker, St. John st

CULLIMORE Thomas, bootmaker and leather seller, Gloucester rd

CULLIS Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer and greengrocer, Coalway road

CURRIE John, M.D., and surgeon, Newland street

DAY John, farmer, Owen farm

DENNIS James, wine, spirit, ale, and porter merchant, St. John street

DEVONPORT James, assistant surgeon, Boxbush road

DEW Croft Worgan, barrister-at-law, Poolway house

DICKSON Peter, travelling draper, Newland street

DOBBS Charles, sub-agent for the Great Western Railway Company, High street

DUNNING BROTHERS, coal merchants, Railway Coal Wharf; and at Lydney

FIDO John Thomas, eatinghouse-keeper and beer retailer, Newland street

FITZGERALD George, National schoolmaster, Scowles

FOWLER James, British schoolmaster, Boxbush rd

FOX James, shoemaker, Berry Hill tollgate

FRANCIS George Edward, crown receiver, registrar of Dean Forest, and steward of Crown Manors, Bank street

FREEMAN Charles, tailor, Sparrow Hill

FROWEN John, carpenter, Staunton road

FROWEN William, shoemaker, Gloucester rd

FRY David, chemical manufacturer, Forest house

FRYER AND OXLEY, solicitors, and joint clerks to the magistrates for the Coleford division, Newland street

FRYER Robert Hoskins (firm of Fryer and Oxley), solicitor, and clerk to the Burial Board, Newland street

FRYER William Henry, iron ore and coal proprietor, Rock house

GILLO Edwin, tiler and plasterer, Newland street

GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANKING COMPANY (branch of) - William Henry Hinton, manager

GOULTON AND FOWLER, coal merchants, Railway Coal Wharf - George Preece, agent

GRIFFITHS James, farmer, "Angel" family and commercial hotel and posting house, Market place

GUNTER John, farmer, Perry Grove farm

GWILLIAM Hubert, plasterer, tiler, and shopkeeper, Gloucester road

HALL William, beer retailer, St. John street

HARPER James, butcher, St. John street

HARPER William, machinist, Gloucester rd

HARRIS James, beer retailer, The Spout

HARRIS Milson, butcher, "Red Lion" inn, High st

HATTON Miss Elizabeth, Berlin wool and fancy repository, High street

HATTON John, physician and surgeon, Bank house

HAWKINS William, coal proprietor, Incline Colliery, Gloucester road

HEATH AND SIMMONDS, builders and undertakers, Bank street

HEATH Alfred (firm of Heath and Simmonds); h. Bank street

HENDERSON James Alexander, surveyor to the Dean Forest Turnpike Trust, town surveyor and inspector of nuisances for the Local Board, Gloucester road

HERBERT James, grocer and draper, Newland street

HERBERT William, grocer and draper, Market place; h. Gloucester rd

HIGHLEY Edward James, butcher, "Old White Hart" inn, St. John street

HINTON William Henry, manager of Gloucestershire Banking Company, The Bank

HOCK Raimund, watchmaker and jeweller, Market place

HODGES John, shoemaker, Staunton road

HOUGH & BRIGHT, Crown printers and stationers, and proprietors and publishers of the Dean Forest Guardian, Market place

HOWELL Walter, butcher, Coalway road

HOWELLS Phoene, lodginghouse-keeper, Victoria rd

HULLETT John, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery and Common Law, and clerk to the Local Board of Health, Gloucester road

JACQUES Joseph, beer retailer, Boxbush rd

JAMES Thomas, stone merchant, Mitcheldean Lane end

JENNINGS John Elmes, surgeon, High street

JONES Albert, eatinghouse-keeper, Newland street

JONES Alfred, haulier and poulterer, The Spout

JONES John, plasterer and tiler, Victoria road

JONES Matthew, watchmaker and jeweller, Newland street

KEAR Moses, carpenter, builder, and shopkeeper, Broadwell Lane end

KEEN Silvester, malster and beer agent, High street

KELLY James, drill instructor, Cinder hill

KEYSE Charles, "Royal Oak" inn, Gloucester road

KINGSTON Miss Elizabeth Ashwell, ladies' boarding and day school, Lord's Hill house

LANGHAM Goodrich, civil and mining engineer, and colliery and iron ore proprietor, High Nash house

LLOYD Lewis, brazier and tinplate-worker, Berry hill

LOCKE William John, manager of Chemical Works, The Gorse

LOCKLEY Abraham, "Plume of Feathers" commercial inn and posting house, Market place

LUCKES, NASH, AND CO., color and paint manufacturers, and coal merchants, Premier Color Works, and Railway Coal Wharf; offices, High street; and at Lydney

MAISEY John, saddler, Market place

MAISEY Thomas, clerk, Newland street

MARTIN William, shopkeeper, Berry hill

MAYO Miss Charlotte Augusta, teacher of music and music seller, Newland street

MILES Miss Phoebe, farmer, Whitecliff

MILES Thomas, coal merchant, Railway Coal wharf

MILLER Henry, baker and confectioner, Market place

MILLS Reuben, mason, Staunton road

MORGAN Francis, shoemaker, Gloucester road

MORGAN Henry, farmer, Breckness court

MORGAN Richard, butcher and fellmonger, Market place

MORGAN William, farmer and haulier, Broadwell farm

MORGAN William, shoemaker, Staunton rd

MORRIS John, colliery manager, Baker's hill

MORRIS Joseph and James, blacksmiths, Newland street

MORRIS William, stationmaster, Cinder hill

MUIR William, travelling draper, Sparrow hill

NELMES Wm., blacksmith and shopkeeper, Berry Hill

NICHOLAS Thomas, chemical manufacturer, Endell cottage

NORMAN Richard, photographer, St. John street

OXLEY Robert Clark (firm of Fryer and Oxley), solicitor, Newland street

PAINTING Augustus, shoemaker, Sparrow hill

PHELPS Samuel, painter, plumber, and glazier, and china, glass, and earthenware dealer, High st

PHILPOT John, manager of Gas Works, Newland street

PITTWAY Charles, hairdresser and professor of music, St. John street

PORTER Milson Charles, clerk, Boxbush rd

PORTER Thomas, stone merchant, Gloucester road

POWELL George, stone merchant, Berry Hill

POWELL James, shopkeeper, Berry Hill

POWELL Thomas, shopkeeper, Gloucester road

POWELL William, relieving officer for Coleford district, Sparrow Hill

PREECE Benjamin, iron and brass founder, Coleford Foundry.

PREECE Miss Caroline, stationer and newsagent, Gloucester road

PRENTICE John, assistant registrar and collector of poor rates for the parish of Newland, Cliff cottage, Whitecliff

PRICE Charles, fishmonger and fruiterer, St. John's street

PRICE William, tailor, Sparrow hill

PRITCHARD Mrs. Lucy, ironmonger and blacksmith, Boxbush road

PROBERT John, beer retailer, Berry Hill

PROVIS BROTHERS, linen and woollen drapers, and family grocers, Market place and Bank street

PROVIS Benjamin (firm of Provis Brothers), agent for the British Land Company Limited, the Stroud Provident Building Society, and the London Assurance Corporation; h. Baker's hill

PROVIS Richard D., (firm of Provis Brothers); h. Market place

PULLING William, butcher, Coalway Lane end

REES John, gardener and sexton, Cemetery lodge, Victoria road

RHODES Caleb, Henry, mason, Staunton rd

RHODES Henry, mason, Berry Hill lane

ROBERTS Charles, auctioneer, appraiser, estate, house, and general commission agent, and agent for the Scottish Provincial Fire and Life Assurance Company, Newland street; and coal merchant, Railway Coal wharf

ROBERTS George, stone merchant, Baker's hill

ROBERTS John, nailmaker, Newland street

ROBERTS Richard, beer retailer, The Spout

ROBERTS AND SON, builders and stone merchants, Newland street

ROBERTS Samuel (firm of Roberts and Son); h. Newland street

ROBERTS Samuel, Jun. (firm of Roberts and Son); h. Newland street

ROBERTS Mrs. Samuel, milliner, Newland st

ROBERTS William, solicitor and registrar of Chepstow County Court, Launceston house

ROBERTS William, Jun., solicitor, commissioner in the Stannaries Courts of Cornwall and Devon, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, and deputy coroner for the western division of the county, High street

ROBINS William, mason, Bowen's Hill road

ROSSER Hubert, shopkeeper, Staunton road

RUDGE John, mason, Staunton road

RUDGE Thomas, butcher, Market place

SAGE Edwin, painter, plumber, glazier, and shopkeeper, Newland street

SALMON George, brewer, "Plough" inn, Coalway Lane end

SALMON Henry, brewer, Coleford brewery; h. Albert cottage

SALTER Charles, tailor and draper, St. John street

SALTER Richard T., tailor, Gloucester road

SALTER William, tailor, Boxbush road

SAVORY Alfred, clerk, Poolway villas

SMITH Benjamin, "King's Head" hotel and posting house, Market place

SMITH Edward Aston, "Unicorn" inn, Market place

SMITH John Sackville, solicitor's clerk, Newland street

SMITH Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, Market place

SMITH Timothy, grocer, Coalway road

STEED Edward, corn and flour factor, baker and grocer, Market place

STEEL Thomas, baker and shopkeeper, Gloucester road

STEPHENS Albert, registrar of births and deaths and vaccination officer for the Coleford district, and assistant overseer and collector of poor rates for the township of West Dean and the parish of Staunton, Baker's hill

STEPHENS George, omnibus proprietor, Mitcheldean Lane end

TAYLOR Charles, commercial traveller, Boxbush road

TAYLOR Mrs. Hannah, hardware and toy dealer, Gloucester road

TAYLOR Mrs. Jane, farmer, Beeches farm

TAYLOR John, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Whitecliff

TERRETT Mrs. Hannah, ironmonger, builder, brick and tilemaker, and timber and slate merchants, High street

THOMAS Charles, shoemaker, High street

THOMAS James, builder, Victoria cottage, Bowen's Hill road

THOMAS James, farmer, Whitecliff farm

THOMAS John Trotter (firm of Trotter, Thomas, and Co.); h. Winnalls hill

THORNTON Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Sparrow hill

TILLING Miss Frances, grocer, Coalway road

TILLING Maurice, coachbuilder, Coalway road

TIPPINS Charles P., hop, wine, and spirit merchant, Market place

TROTTER Edwin Austin, draper, milliner, and grocer, Market place

TROTTER Leslie B., M.B. and C.M., surgeon, Newland street

TROTTER T. B., linen and woollen draper, family grocer, provision merchant, and corn and flour factor, market place

TROTTER Thomas Birt, agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Assurance Company, and for the Accident Assurance Company (Limited), Market place

TROTTER, THOMAS, AND CO., coal masters and stone merchants, Winnalls hill; and iron and brassfounders, Camp foundry; and at Lydney

TYLER Thomas, stone merchant, Coalway Lane end

TYLER William, carpenter and wheelwright, Boxbush rd

VAUGHAN Edwin, farmer, Fiveacres farm

VOYCE Edwd., Jun., farmer, Whitehall farm

VOYCE Noah, farmer, Folly farm, Broadwell

WARD James, assistant deputy surveyor of Dean Forest, Sunny bank

WATKINS George, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Gloucester road

WATKINS Henry, shoemaker, High street

WATKINS William and James, farmers, Joyford farm

WATTS Absalom, haulier, Newland street

WATTS Henry, bookseller, stationer, and postmaster, Newland street

WATTS John, earthenware maker, Whitecliff

WATTS William Henry, painter, plumber, and glazier, Newland street

WELLARD Frances, farmer, Rose cottage, Coalway road

WHITE Mrs. Ann, malster and dealer in hops, St. John street

WHITE Charles, greengrocer, Gloucester rd

WHITE Edwin, butcher, St. John street

WHITE William, beer retailer, St. John st

WHITE William, clerk, Staunton road

WIGNELL Richard, grocer and baker, Boxbush road

WILDING Mrs. Elizabeth, lodginghouse-keeper, 5 Boxbush road

WILLIAMS Josiah Thomas, chemist and druggist, Market place; h. Boxbush road

WILLIAMS Richard, furniture dealer, Gloucester road; and at Cinderford

WILLIAMS Thomas, coal agent, Bowen's Hill road

WILLIAMS Thos. Joseph Addams, solicitor, Newland street; and at Monmouth

WORGAN Thomas, farmer, Hoarthorns

WYATT Mrs. Susannah, greengrocer, St. John street

YARWORTH George, farmer and stone merchant, Ebenwall house

YARWORTH Miss Mary, shopkeeper, Newland street

YOUNG Mrs. Ann Jemima, greengrocer, St. John street

Post Office & Postal Telegraph Office, Newland St :- Henry Watts, Postmaster

Money Orders granted and paid, and Savings Bank, and Annuity, and Insurance business transacted, and Inland Revenue Licenses issued from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays until 7 p.m.

Postal Telegraph Office - Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Sundays from 7 to 10 a.m.

N.B. - Care should be taken to address letters Coleford, Gloucestershire, as there is another Coleford in Somersetshire.

Magistrates usually attending Petty Sessions:-

Sir James Campbell, Bart.

Capt. John Henry Dighton

Major James Davies

Charles T. Palmer, Esq.

Isaiah Trotter, Esq.

Thomas Batten, Esq.

Frederic Blandy, Esq.

Clerk to the Magistrates - Fryer and Oxley.

The Magistrates meet at the Petty Sessional Court every Tuesday.

Local Board: -

Osaiah Trotter, chairman

William H. Hinton

John T. Thomas

George Barry

Thomas Porter

James Dennis

Edward Voyce, Jun.

Saml. Roberts, Sen.

William Nelmes

Clerk to the Board - John Hullett

Town Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances - James Alexander Henderson

Collector of Rates - Thomas Hullett

The Board meets at the Police Station the first Friday in each month.


Gloucestershire Banking Company, branch of, (draw on Union Bank of London); open from 10 to 8, on Fridays until 4, and on Saturdays until 1 p.m. - Wm. Henry Hutton, manager.


Dean Forest Guardian, published on Thursday evening - Hough and Bright, proprietors and publishers.

Foresters' Free Press, published on Friday - Charles Edward Bird, printer and publisher.

Public Establishments:-

Cemetery, Victoria road - Robert Hoskins Fryer, clerk to the Burial Board; John Rees, sexton and lodge-keeper.

County Police Station, Gloucester road - Edward Chipp, superintendent

Crown Receiver's and Registrar's Office, Bank street - George Edward Francis, receiver and registrar.

Gas Works, Newland street - Isaiah Trotter, secretary; John Philpot, manager.

Gavellers' Office - Bank street - Hon. J. K. Howard, gaveller; Thomas Forster Brown, deputy gaveller.

Inland Revenue Office, Angel Hotel, Market place - William Butler, officer.

Stamp Office, Newland street - Hy. Watts, sub-distributor.

Town Hall, Market place - William John Locke, secretary; Charles White, hallkeeper

Public Officers not Enumerated with Public Establishments:-

Assistant Overseer and Collector of Poor Rates for the Parish of Newland - John Prentice

Assistant Overseer and Collector of Poor Rates for the Township of West Dean and the Parish of Staunton - Albert Stephens

Registrar of Births and Deaths for Coleford District - Albert Stephens

Registrar of Marriages for Coleford District - James Herbert

Relieving Officer for Coleford District - William Powell

Secretary to the Board of Examination for Coal Mine Managers' Certificates of Competency - John Trotter Thomas

Steward of Crown Manors - George Edward Francis

Surveyor to the Dean Forest Turnpike Trustees - James Alexander Henderson

Town Crier - Thomas Sharpless

Vaccination Officer for Coleford District - Albert Stephens

Places of Worship:- St. John the Evangelist Parish Church - Rev. Thomas Holbrow, B.A., vicar.

Dissenting Places of Worship:-

Baptist Chapel, Newland street - Rev. Wm. Henry Tetley, minister

Congregational Chapel, Bank street - Rev. Robert Stevens, M.A., minister

Wesleyan Chapel, High street

Public Schools:-

School of Art, Newland street - William Henry Hinton, secretary; Thomas Lyons, master

British School, Newland street - James Fowler, master; Mrs. Ellen Fowler, mistress; John T. Adams, hon. sec.

National School, Coalway road - James Cleminson, master; Miss Harriet Hoare, assistant mistress

National School, Whitecliff - Miss Alice Tremlett, mistress


Severn and Wye Railway Station, High street - William Morris, stationmaster and goods manager.

Severn and Wye Railway Station, Milkwall - James Morris, stationmaster