Kelly's Directory of Coleford - 1902


Private Residents

ADAMS John Thomas, Perry grove

ANDREWS Armand E., High street

BUCHANAN Peter M. B., Bank house

CURRIE John M. D., Lords hill

CURWEN herbert, Venetian house

FRYER Robert Hoskins, Hillside

HARRIS Mrs., Boxbush road

HARRISON Mrs., Poolway villa

HOLMAN Henry, Bowen's Hill road

HORLICK Rev. Arthur H., (Baptist), High street

HULLET Mrs, Whitecliff villa

JAMES Rev. Herbert Richard M. A. (curate), Boxbush road

JARVIS Rev. Geo. (Cong.), The Manse

JONES Matthew, High street

JONES William, Rock house

LANGHAM Mrs., Highnash

LLEWELLYN Thomas A., Caregh house

NEWCOMEN Thomas, Sunny bank

PAYNE Rd. Townsend, Lambsquay

SEOBLE Thomas, High street

SKEGG George, Eastbourne house

TAYLOR Bertram Herbert, High street

TAYLOR George B., High street

TAYLOR Thomas Terrett J. P., Market pl

THOMAS George, Morlay villa

THOMAS Sydney J., Wynnis hill

TODHUNTER Misses, Poolway house

TOWNSEND Rev. William M. A. (vicar), Vicarage

TROTTER Charles, Whitecliff house

TROTTER Isaiah J. P., The Coombs

TROTTER Leslis Batten M. D., The Marshes

TROTTER Martin Henry, The Prospect

TROTTER Newton John, Baker's hill

TUCKEY Robert Leonard, Bank house



(The early closing day, on Thursday)

ADAMS & SONS, plumbers, glaziers & printers, High st

ADAMS Henry, china & glass dealer, Gloucester road

ADAMS John Thomas, corn merchant & brewers' agent, Coalway road

ADAMS Othniel James, Waverley Temperance Hotel

ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS (Charles Smith, sec: Caleb Adams, treas.)

ANDREWS & PROVIS, land agents, auctioneers & valuers, Gloucester rd

ANDREWS Armand Edward, auctioneer & estate agent (see Andrews & Provis), assistant overseer for Staunton, clerk to Staunton Parish Council & assistant clerk to Coleford Urban District Council, Gloucester road

ASTON George Henry, boot maker, Coalway Lane end

ASTON Jas. E., book maker, Coalway Lane end

BALDWIN Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Coalway Lane end

BENFIELD Charles, Nag's Head P. H., White cliff

BENNETT Benjamin, grocer & draper, Market place

BIRD Charles Edwin, printer & musical instrument warehouse, High street

BIRKETT Henry, inland revenue officer, Belle Vue house

BIRT Henry, grocer, Gloucester road

BLACK William Henry, tea dealer, grocer & provision dealer, Market place

BLAKE Nellie (Mrs.), King's Head P. H., Bank st

BLANCH Wm. J., surveyor & sanitary inspctr., Baker's hill

BOLTER Thomas, hairdresser, Market place

BRIGHT Arthur T, printer, stationer & publisher of the "Dean Forest Guardian", Newland street

BROWN Amos W., colliery proprietor, Lane end

BROWN Henry, monumental mason, Bank street

BROWN Thomas Forster, reputy gaveller of Dean Forest & Crown receiver & registrar, Crown offices

BROWN William, shopkeeper, Gloucester road

BUCHANAN Peter, surgeon M. B., C. M., Glas. med. officer & public vaccinator, Coleford district, Monmouth union, & medical officer of health to the Coleford Urban District Council & West Dean Rural District Council & certifying factory surgeon, Bank house

BULLOCK James, saddler, Sparrow hill

BULLOCK, Jarwarth, butcher, Market place

BURGE Thomas, Feather's Public House, Market place

BURGWYN William, beer retailer, Gloucester road

CAPITAL & COUNTIES BANK LIM. (branch) (Robert Leonard Tuckey, cashier), Bank street; draw on head office, 39 Threadneedle street, London E. C

CEMETERY (Robert Hoskins Fryer, clerk to the burial board; John Harris, secton)

COLE Albert, hair dresser, Boxbush road

COLEFORD CRICKET CLUB (C. Hammond, hon. sec)

COLEFORD GAS CO. (I. Trotter, chairman; Benj. Philpot, manager), Newland street

CONNOP Hannah (Mrs.), Forester coffee tav., St. John st

COOLE Lucy (Mrs.), blacksmith, wheelwright, Boxbush rd

CULLIMORE John M. D., L. R. C. P. Lond., M. R. C. S. Eng. Surgeon, Lord's hill

DEAN FOREST GUARDIAN (Arthur T. Bright, publisher; published Thursday for Friday), Newland st

DICKENSON William, farmer, Edenwall farm

DOBBS Benjamin, fishmonger, Coalway road

EASTMAN'S LIMITED, butchers, St. John street

ELLESMORE Charles, beer retailer, Sharrow Hill

EDWARDS Richard, Royal Forest Inn, Mitchelldean Lane end

FLETCHER W & B. Limited, butchers, Market place

FOREST HAEMATITE CO. LIMITED (B. Bonsor, sec), Firs iron mines

FORD Grantley, superintendent of police, Police station

FOREST OF DEAN STONE FIRMS LIM. proprietors of blue & grey forest stone (W. McGaul, managing director); office, 44 High street, Bristol

FOX Amos, shopkeeper, Broadwell Lane end

FOX Mary (Miss), Plough Inn, Coalway Lane end

FOX Richard, grocer, Mitchelldean Lane end

FRYER Robert Hoskins, solicitor & clerk to the magistrates for Coleford & to the burial board, Newland street

FRYER Wm. Henry, iron ore proprietor, Rose bank, Mill end

GODWIN Frederick, farmer, Pingry farm

GRIFFITHS Arthur, cycle maker & gasfitter, Newland street

GWILLIAM & SONS, painters & decorators, Newland street

GWYNN James, beer retailer, Lane end

HAILE Thomas, farmer, Scowles

HALE & KEAR, colliery proprietors, Lane end

HARPER James, plumber, painter & glazier, Market place

HARRIS James, surveyor & sanitary inspector to the Urban District Council, Boxbush road

HART Francis George, collector to the Urban District Council, Newland street

HASTIE William, woollen draper, Boxbush road

HATTON Arthur, cycle agent, Market place

HAWKINS Henry, baker, Market place

HAWKINS John, registrar of births & deaths & relieving officer for the Coleford sub-district, Monmouth union, Coalway Lane end

HEATH Alfred, builder, Bank street

HERBERT & YOUNG, brass & iron founders, engineers & general smiths; all kinds of brass & iron castings supplied, Cannop foundry

HERBERT Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, Broadwell Lane end

HERBERT Mary Rowe (Miss), ladies's school, Springfield house, Gloucester road

HICKS Arthur, boot maker, Gloucester road

HIGHLEY Edward James, ANGEL family & commercial hotel & posting house, Gloucester road

HIGHLEY Ernest, butcher, St. John street

HIGHLEY Sydney, butcher, Market place

HOCK Raimund, watchmaker, Market place

HORWOOD George, confectioner, Market place

HOWELL Walter, butcher, Bank street

HUGHES Edward, farmer, Beach's farm

HULLETT Thomas Henry, assistant overseer, & clerk to the Urban District Council & Parish Council, deputy registrar of births & deaths, & insurance agent; office, Gloucester road; res. Bowen's Hill road

HYETT John, tailor, Market place

JAMES William, fire brick maker, Staunton road

JENKINS John, boot & shoe maker, Newland street

JONES Ada (Miss), postmistress, Post office

JONES James, tailor, Gloucester road

JONES Percy Alexander, grocer & baker, Gloucester road

JOYNES Stephen, grocer, Coalway Lane end

KEAR Moses & Sons, builders & steam sawing mills, Lane ends

KEAR Milson, saddler, Boxbush road

KILBY Thomas, beer retailer, Berry hill

KILBY William, farmer, Mill end

KIMBERLEY COLLIERY CO. Limited (W. Morris. sec)

KIRBY Henry, pork butcher & greengrocer, St. John st

LEES James, stationer & news agent, St. John street

LEES Jane (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter, St. John st

LIBERAL BENEFIT SOCIETY (Wm. Salter, sec.), Boxbush rd

LLEWELLYN Thomas A., assistant to deputy gaveller, Crown offices

LYDBROOK IRON MINES CO. (The) (W. H. Fryer, manager)

McLOREN John Thomas, outfitter, Market place

MAISEY John, saddle & harness maker, Newland street

MARTIN Enoch, shopkeeper, Lane ends

MARTIN William, shopkeeper, Berry hill

MAYO Charlotte Augusta (Miss), teacher of music, Newland street

MILES William F., beer retailer, Boxbush road

MORGAN David, assistant clerk to the Crown receiver, & registrar, Crown offices

MORGAN George, blacksmith, Coalway Lane end

MORGAN Henry, blacksmith, Lane ends

MORRIS Thos. W. , Crown Keyser, Worcester lo., Lane end

MORRIS William, ironmonger, St. John street

NELMES, POOLE & ATKINS, auctioneers & estate agents; and at Monmouth

NELMES William (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Berry hill

NELMES William Geo., builder & undertaker, Berry hill

NIBLETT George, beer retailer, Broadwell Lane end

PAULING Sarah (Mrs.), fried fish shop, Gloucester road

PAYNE Richard Townsend, stone merchant, Lambs Quay house

PHELPS Leonard J., Ye Old Hart Hotel & posting house, St. John street

PHILPOT Benjamin, manager of gas works, Newland street

PONT & ADAMS, bakers & grocers, St. John street

PORTER William, shopkeeper, Broadwell Lane end

PORTER John Wm., photographer & druggist, Newland st

POWELL Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market place

POWELL George, shopkeeper, Berry Hill

PROVIS BROTHERS, grocers & drapers, Market place

PROVIS Richard Dyke, grocer &c. (see Provis Bros.)

PROVIS Walter W., land agent & valuer, (see Andrews & Provis), & agent for the Stroud Provident Benefit Building Society & Coleford Gas & Coke Co.

REECE Charles, coal merchant, Coalway road

REECE Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Coalway road

REECE Rosa (Mrs.), stationer & fancy repository, seed & general dealer, & agent for Lipton's teas, 5 Gloucester rd

REECE Thos. Hy., quarry propr. (blue & grey), 5 Gloucester rd

ROBERTS Thos., jobbing gardener, Coalway Lane end

ROBERTS William, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths & for taking acknowledgements of married women, & deputy coroner for the Forest district, High street

ROSEN Nathan, clothier, Market place

ROSS John, shopkeeper, St. John street

ROWLINS Martha (Mrs.), baker, Lane end

SAGE James, painter, Victoria road

ST. JOHN George, Speech House Hotel

SALTER Charles & Son, tailors, Market place

SALTER William, tailor, Boxbush road

SCOBLE Mrs., fancy repository, High street

SIMS Charles Partridge, farmer, Whitecliff

SLADE Jonah, draper, Boxbush road

SMITH BROTHERS, colliery proprietors, Broadwell

SMITH, Amos, grover, Broadwell

SMITH Annie (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, St. John street

SMITH Bertha (Miss), grocer, Coalway Lane end

SMITH Caleb, shopkeeper, Palmer's flat

SMITH Edward Aston, grocer, Post Office, Lane ends

SMITH Frank, farmer, Broadwell farm

SMITH Frank Ezra, china & glass dealer, Market place

SMITH Fred., glass & china dealer, St. John street

SMITH Howard E., grocer & draper, Broadwell Lane end

SMITH Joseph, grocer, Lane end

SMITH Joseph, watch maker & jeweller, Market place

SMITH Norman Sellers, chemist & druggist & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit mers., Market place

SMITH Timothy, grocer & ironmonger, St. John street

SPEECH HOUSE MAIN COLLIERS LIM. (William Jones, manager), Speech House

SPEECH HOUSE FAMILY & COMMERCIAL HOTEL; good posting & billiards (George St. John, proprietor). T A St. John, Speech House Road

TAPP Misses, milliners, Market place

TAYLOR Terrett & Sons, ironmongers & buildrs., Market st

TAYLOR George B., solicitor, Gloucester road

TAYLOR Thos., saddler & harness maker, Market place

TEAGUE Edward, farmer, Polway farm

TEAGUE William E., butcher, Broadwell

THOMAS James, shopkeeper, Palmer's flat

THOMPSON Henry, colliery proprietor, Gloucester road

TROTTER Edeard, farmer, Whitehall farm

TROTTER Leslie Batten M. D., C. M. Edin. surgn., The Marshes

TUCKEY Robert Leonard, cashier at the Capital & Counties Bank & treasurer to the Urban District Council, Bank st

VINES George A., insurance agent. Boxbush road

VOLUNTEER BATTALION (and) GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (G Co. Capt. P. Buchanan : Richd. Reeves, drill instructor)

VOYCE Edward, farmer, Whitehall farm

VOYCE Noah, beer retailer, Coalway Lane end

WATKINS James, shopkeeper, Gloucester road

WATKINS Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Gloucester road

WATTS Fanny & Ida (Misses), stationers, Newland street

WATTS Misses, ladies' school, Market place

WATTS John, marine store dealer

WATTS John William, wholesale wine & spirit merchant, St. John street & Unicorn P. H. , Market place

WEBB Alfred, beer retailer, St. John street

WHITECLIFF LIME CO. , lime burners (Aaron James, manager), Whitecliff

WHITTINGTON John, Red Lion P. H., Cinder hill

WHITTINGTON William, grocer, baker & provision dealer, Broadwell Lane end

WILCE L (Mrs.), hair dresser & tobacconist, Market place

WILDING Edward, builder, Newland street

WILKS BROTHERS, masons, Lane end

WILLIAMS Herbert, solicitor, High st

WILLIAMS Jesse (Mrs.), dress maker, Broadwell Lane end

WILLIAMS Thomas, beer retailer, Coalway Lane end

WILLIAMS Thomas, farmer, Owens & Crossways farms

WIMBERRY COLLIERY CO. LIMITED (Newton James Trotter, Sec.), offices, High street

WORGAN Thomas, farmer, Hawthorns farm

WORRALL HILL COLLIERY CO. (The) (W. H. Fryer, manager)

WYATT Annie (Mrs.), fruiterer & bill poster, Market place

YOUNG Benjamin, colliery proprietor, Berry hill