Directory of Humber 1851

Publishers E. C. Lascelles Co.


HUMBER, a small Parish, about thirteen miles from Hereford, is a thinly populated district. The Church, a very old stone building, is small, with square tower and low spire. The Rev. R. Cowburne, M. A., Rector; Mr. Wm. Lambert, Churchwarden; Mr. James Phillips, Clerk. Service 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.



COWBURNE Rev. R., M. A., Rector, Rectory

ADAMS Wm., builder and carpenter

BADGER Wm., shopkeeper

CRUMP John, farmer, The Court

FRASER Thomas, miller, Risbury Mill

GATEHOUSE Wm., farmer, Wood

GATEHOUSE Wm., farmer, New House

JENKS John, boot and shoemaker

LAMBERT Wm., farmer, Risbury Court

LANE John, farmer, Prittelton

LEE Elizabeth, farmer, Lower Prittelton

LLOYD Thomas, farmer, Upper Prittelton

LIPPETT Sarah, farmer

LIPPETT Wm., boot and shoemaker

MAUND James, boot and shoemaker

MORGAN Wm., farmer, Risbury

SAWL Francis, boot and shoemaker