Bailey's Western & Midland Directory of

Ledbury 1784


Market Day, Tuesday.


BAYLIS Stephen, Tanner

BELLERS Wm., Corn Dealer and Cheese Factor

BINNER George, Corn Dealer and Cheese Factor

CHANDLER John, Grocer, Tallow Chandler, and Soap-boiler

CHURCH Antipas, Attorney at Law

COLDWELL Wm., Leather dresser

COOPER James, Ironmonger and Tanner

CRISP John, Corn-dealer and Cheese-factor

DENTON Benjamin, Grocer, Tallow-chandler, and Soap-boiler

DREW John, Cyder-merchant

EDY Thomas, Grocer and malster

FIFIELD Edward, Grocer, Cyder and Hop-merchant

GEARY Nathaniel, Surgeon

HANKINS Sarah and Richard, Drapers and Mercers

HARTLAND John, Tanner

HARTLAND Benjamin, Tallow Chandler and Soap-boiler

HILL John, Corn-dealer and Cheese-factor

HOPE Thomas, Grocer, Chandler, and Soap-boiler

HOLBROOKE Wm., Attorney at Law

HUNTER Thomas, Draper and Mercer

LUCY Charles, Timber Merchant

LUCY Edward, Grocer, Chandler, and Soap-boiler

MATTHEWS John, Ironmonger

MORRIS Luke, Innholder, Plume of Feathers

MUTLOW William, Cooper and Timber Merchant

MUTLOW William jun., Timber Merchant and Tanner

NOTT Thomas, Attorney at Law

PHILPOTTS John, Corn Dealer and Cheese-factor

PYNOCK Richard, Grocer and Haberdasher

RICKARDS Samuel, Attorney at Law

TULLY John, Brazier, Tinman and Hop Merchant

WELLINGS Edward, Draper and Mercer

WOODYATT William, Cooper and Cider Merchant

WOODYATT, Grocer and Malster