Slater's Directory of Lydney 1868

With the Parishes and Villages of Ailburton, Alvington, Bream,

Parkend and Woolaston


Part 2 - Parish & Village Description

Post Office, Lydney, William Imm, Post Master - Letters from London and all parts arrive (from Lydney) at a quarter before two morning, and are despatched thereto at twenty minutes before ten night. From Gloucester and the North and West at half-past seven morning, and are despatched at twenty minutes before ten night. From Coleford at a quarter past eleven morning, quarter past four afternoon, and a minute before ten night; and are despatched at a quarter past twelve noon, half-past four afternoon, and a quarter before two morning. Letters are despatched to Bristol and th East and West of England at twenty minutes past ten night.

Post Receiving House, Alvington, Caroline Harris, Sub-Post Mistress - Letters arrive (from Lydney) at a quarter past seven morning and one afternoon, and are despatched thereto at half-past three afternoon, and a quarter-past six evening.

Post Receiving House, Bream, Richard T. Heighway, Sub-Post Master - Letters arrive (from Lydney) at a quarter past seven morning and one afternoon, and are despatched thereto at half-past three afternoon, and a quarter-past six evening. 

Post Receiving House, Parkend, Philip Jones, Sub-Post Master - Letters arrive (from Lydney) at half-past eight morning, and are despatched at five evening.

Post Receiving House, Woolaston, George L. Shillman, Sub-Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive at half-past eight morning, and are despatched at six evening.

Letters from Ailburton should be addressed near Lydney.

Money Order Offices and Savings Banks at LYDNEY and PARKEND.

Gentry and Clergy:-

ADDISON William S, Esq., Rockwood, Bream

ALLAWAY Capt. Thomas, J. P., Highbury House

BATHURST Charles, Esq., J. P., Red Hill

BATHURST Rev. Wm. H., Manor House

BRECHY Mrs. Maria, Alvington

BELCHER Mr. George, Parkend

BENNETT Rev. Alfred, M. A., Ailburton

CAMPBELL Sir James, Bart, J. P., Whitemead Park

COURTEEN Mr. George, Lydney

CROOME Mr. Daniel, jun., Lydney

EBEWORTH Rev John J., M. A., Parkend

GALLARD Rev. Basil A., B. A., Bream

GALLOP Mr. James, Lydney

GILLMAN Mr. Edward, Lydney

GREENHAM Henry J. Esq., Highfield House

HANKIN Miss Christina, Ailburton

HENDERSON Mr. Matthew, Lydney

HILL Mr. Wm. Y, Moorland House

HOULDER Mr. Samuel, Lydney

HOOK Mr. Richard W., Lydney

HOUGHTON Mr. Frederick, Ailburton

JAMES Mr. William, Woodbine Cottage, Bream

KEELING Mr. George B., Lydney

KEELING Mr. Geo. W., Tuthill House

NOEL Capt. E. A., D. L. & J. P., Clannafalls

PHILPOT Rev. Benjamin, M. A., the Vicarage

RIDLEY Rev. Morris S, Ragland House

ST. JOHN Major Henry J., Priors Manse, Bream

SULLY Mr. Thomas, Highfield Cottage

TROTTER Mr. Theoph., Ailburton

VAUGHAN Capt. Edward, Oldstreet House

WALWYN Mr. Henry, Parkend

WINTLE Mrs. Sarah, Parkend

WHITE Mr. Daniel, Nibley House

WILLIAMS Mrs. Mary, Bank Cottage, Alvington

WITHERBY Rev. Cornelius, B. A., Bream


Academies & Schools:-

AIRY Jane, Saunders' Green House, Bream

CHALK Mary (ladies'), Althorpe House

CLARK Caroline (boarding), Ailburton

LAWRENCE Miss' _ (ladies'), Bream


BREAM - Albert CAREY, master; Mrs. CAREY, mistress

LYDNEY - Charles CASTELL, master; Ann SAUNDERS mistress

PARKEND - Charles BEAVAN, master, Mary A. BEAVEN, mistress

PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Alvington - Jane BOWEN, mistress

RIDLEY Rev. Morris S., Lydney



COLLINS Thomas (shipping, to the Forest of Dean Iron Co.), Lydney

HATHWAY Charles (to the Lydney Sheet Iron and Tinplate Manufactory), Lydney

HATHWAY F. H. (for the Stroud Benefit Building Society, and to the Lancashire Insurance Co.), Lydney



CROOME Daniel, jun., Lydney

EVANS J. & T., Lydney & at Chepstow

GEM George, Bream



COTTON Richard (and confectioner), Lydney

POWELL James, Lydney

SLADE Jonah, Lydney



GLOUCESTER BANKING COMPANY, Lydney (draws on the Union Bank, London) - H. R. Luckes, manager.



AMES James, Bream

BAILEY William, Lydney

HOLFORD James, Lydney

JONES Charles, Bream

POWELL Joseph, Lydney

POWELL William, Ailburton

THORN William, Alvington

WOOD William, Whitecroft

VOICE Joseph, Parkend


Booksellers & Stationers:-

GARDINER Jane, Ailburton

HATHWAY Frederick H., Lydney

SMITH John, Lydney


Boot & Shoe Makers:-

ASTON William, (dealer), Lydney

BATTEN(?) Thomas, Bream

JORDAN Charles, Lydney

MORGAN Richard, Lydney

PAYNE William, Bream

SMALE John R. (dealer), Lydney

SMITH James, Lydney



HOWELL Henry, Ailburton

MORGAN Richard, Lydney

POWELL John, Lydney

SANDERS William, Lydney

SMITH William, Bream

SMITH William J., Lydney

WINTOUR John, Lydney


Chemists & Druggists:-

HATHWAY Frederick H., Lydney

KEAR Henry, Parkend

SMITH John, Lydney


China & Earthenware Dealers:-

CASTLE James, Lydney

SMITH William, Lydney


Civil and Mining Engineers:-

HENDERSON Ridley (mining), South Prospect House

KEELING George W., (civil), Tuthill House


Coal Proprietors:-


CORBETT J. F. & Co., Parkend

FLOUR MILL COLLIERY, Bream - George SKIPP, manager


JENKINS Samuel, Bream

MORRELL James (Executors of the late), Lydney

MUSHETT William and Robert, Lydney - Matthew ANDERSON, agent

PARKEND COAL CO. Lydney - Thomas SULLEY, agent

TROTTER & DAVIS (& slate and tile), Lydney

TROTTER Thomas & Co. (& stone), Lydney



ALLAWAY Thomas, Hill

AUSTEN William, Hurst, Lydney

BAILEY Thomas P., Dairy

BALL Edward, Attwood's grange, Woolaston

BRETTELL Josiah, Madgett, Woolaston

BULL Daniel, Barindge, Alvington

CLIFF John, Purton

GARLAND Samuel, the Lodge, Ailburton

GARLAND Thomas, Ailburton

GARLAND William, the Cross, Ailburton

GARLAND Wm. Jun., Tump, Ailburton

HEWLETT Thomas, Nursehill

HIGGINS Henry, Woolaston grange

JACKSON John, Bream

LONG George, Allaston

PHILLIPS Richard, Bream

PLAISTED Daniel, Woodside, Woolaston

PROCTOR Geo., Cainsham, Woolaston

PROCTOR John, High Woolaston

READ John, Severn Lodge, Alvington

RIDLER James, Soilwell

RYMER Charles, High Woolaston

SAINSBURY Thomas, Nass

SAUNDERS Thomas, Black Rock

SPERRIS Wm., Plusterwine, Woolaston

TAYLOR Joseph, Holmes

TAYLOR Thos., Courtend, Alvington

WADE Thomas, Ashwell grange, Woolaston

WILLIAMS James, Burnt House, Woolaston

WILLESS William, High Woolaston

WINTOUR Richard, Lydney

WOODRUFFE Hny., Netherend, Woolaston

WOODRUFFE John, Court, Alvington


Fire, &c. Office Agents:-

ACCIDENTAL (life), Thomas SMITH, Lydney


GLOBE J. & T. EVANS, Lydney



LONDON & PROVINCIAL (life), Daniel CROOME, Lydney





Grocers and Dealers in Sundries:-

AMES Thomas, Bream

BATH Edwin, Lydney

BETTINGTON William (and furniture dealer), Lydney

COTTON Richard, Lydney

DAVIES Cornelius, Lydney

EDWARDS Henry, Lydney

HARRIS John, Alvington

HARRIS John, Lydney basin

HEIGHWAY Richard T., Bream

HEWLETT George, Bream

HILL William, Lydney

HOWELL Henry, Ailburton

JONES Philip, Parkend

JONES Richard, Lydney

KNOWLES Thomas, Lydney

LEWIS Sarah, Ailburton

LIGG James, Ailburton

PINNEGAR Richard, Lydney

POWELL James, Lydney

POWELL William J., Lydney

SLADE Jonah, Lydney

SMALE John R., Lydney

SMITH William, Lydney

STEPHENS Jane, Lydney

WATKINS William, Ailburton

WATTS Elizabeth, Lydney

WEST DEAN Industrial Society Limited, Parkend - John WILLIAMS, manager

WORKMAN Charles, Alvington


Inns & Public Houses:-

British Lion, William Birks, Parkend

Cross Keys, George Wintour, Bream

Feathers, (commercial), John F. Barnard, Lydney

Fountain, James Griffiths, Parkend

Globe, Richard Elborn, Alvington

Hare & Hounds, Andrew Young, Ailburton

New Inn, Richard Jones, Parkend

New Inn, Henry Hewlett, Bream

Railway, Geo. Challenger, Alvington

Rising Sun, Phoebe Kear, Bream

Royal Albert , James Howell, Lydney

Royal Oak, Wm. Thomas, Parkend

Swan, John James, Alvington

Swan, Richard Smith, Lydney

Travellers' Rest, John Elsmore

True Heard, William Birks, Lydney


Retailers of Beer:-

ASTON William, Lydney

BILLY Thomas, Bream

EDWARDS Charles, Lydney

HADFIELD John, Lydney

HILL Charles, Lydney

JONES William, Lydney

KNOWLES Thomas, Lydney

LIGG James, Ailburton

MORGAN Thomas, Lydney

NICHOLS Charles, Lydney

POWELL John, Ailburton

PROTHEROE Richard, Lydney

ROBERTS Thomas, Lydney

SANDERS Thomas, Lydney

SANDERS William, Lydney

SHINGLE John, Bream

THOMAS George, Bream

THOMAS William, Bream

WOOLES William, Lydney


Tin and Tin-Plate Manufacturers:-

ALLAWAY Thomas & Wm., Parkend

ALLAWAY Wm. & Sons, Lydney Works


Iron Masters:-




COLLINS John, Lydney

BELFORD James, Lydney

JAMES John, Lydney

WILSON Mary, Lydney


Joiners & Builders:-

DOBBS J. & Son, Bream

HUGHES William, Bream

POWELL James (carpenter), Lydney

WILLIAMS James, Lydney


Linen & Woollen Drapers:-

COTTON Richard, Lydney

DAVIES Cornelius, Lydney

HEIGHWAY Richard T., Bream

HEWLETT George, Bream

HILL William, Lydney

HOWELL Henry, Ailburton

JONES Philip, Parkend

WATTS Elizabeth, Lydney



COURTEEN George, Lydney

HOLDER Samuel, Lydney



JAMES William, Bream

MORSE Thomas, Whitecroft

WHITE Daniel A., Alvington


Milliners & Dress Makers:-

CARTER Charlotte (& straw bonnet), Lydney

HOPKINS Zipporah, Lydney

SMITH Janet, Bream


Plumbers, Painters, &C.-

DEAN Pauline, Lydney

HOWELL James, Lydney

ROBERTS Thomas, Lydney



KERRICK Samuel, Lydney

STEPHENS John, Lydney


Steam Saw Mills:-

HUGHES James, Parkend

PAYNE & TOWNSEND (stone) Parkend


Stone Masons:-

CLARKE Henry, Lydney

HOWELL James, Lydney

WALTER Chas. (& builder), Lydney



GIMBLETT John, M. D., Lydney

PROUDFOOT Thomas, M. S., Lydney

TACKWELL William, J. S., Ailburton

TURNER William, Parkend



BRYAN Frederick, Ailburton

POPE Alfred, Lydney

THOMAS Rees, Ailburton



BAILEY William, Lydney

WOOD William, Whitecroft

YOUNG Andrew, Ailburton



DAVIES Joseph & Wm., boat builders, Lydney lock

GARLAND Charles, assistant overseer, Lydney

HATHWAY Frederick H., stamp distributor, Lydney

MARLAND Wm., greengrocer, Lydney

MORSE James, coke merchant and brick maker, Bream

PEARCE & ROBINSON, engineers, iron-founders, and boiler makers, Lydney

POWELL Wm., tin-plate worker, Lydney

SMITH George, quarry master, Bream

SMITH Thomas, accountant, Lydney

STEPHENS James W., rope manufacturer, Lydney basin

THOMAS John, market gardener, Bream

THORNTON John, watch & clock maker, Lydney

TRANTER Josiah, manufacturing chemist, Oakwood works, Bream

WATKINS Wm., hair dresser, Lydney

WILDIN & HATHWAY, lime burners, Bream

WILLIAMS Henry, paper manufacturer, Alvington

WILLIAMS Mary R., cooper, Lydney


Places of Worship and their Ministers:-

St. Andrew's Church, Alvington. Rev. Wm. Somerset, vicar.

St. James' Church, Bream. Rev. Cornelius Witherby, B. A.

St. Mary's Church, Lydney. Rev. Benj. Philpot, M. A., vicar

St. Paul's Church, Park end, Rev. John J. Ebsworth, M. A., incumbent

Baptist Chapel, Lydney, Rev. Morris S. Ridley

Baptist Chapel, Park end

Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Bream and Lydney

Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Bream and Lydney


Petty Sessions:-

For Lydney District, Held at the Feathers Inn, every 4 weeks.

Magistrates attending:

Colonel Edward A. Noel, Alvington

W. E. Leys, Esq., Chepstow

Captain Jenkins, Beachley

Charles Bathurst, Esq., Lydney

Captain T. Allaway, Lydney

George Ormerod, Esq., Sudbury Park

Clerk to the Magistrates: W. H. Fryer

Customs House, Wm. Reed, Principal coast officer

Excise Officer, Feathers Hotel, William Hurst, officer

Gas Works, Lydney, Geoff Howard, manager

Harbour Office, Lydney docks, James Calway, harbour master

Police Station, Lydney, Chas. Tanner, sergeant

Severn and Wye Rail and Canal Office, Lydney, Geo. B. Keeling, sec

Stamp Office, Lydney, F. H. Hathway, distributor


Coach:- To Coleford, a Coach, from the Railway Station, at twelve noon, and afternoon at five.

Conveyance by Railway on the South Wales Line:- Station, half a mile east of the town. Thomas M Bardy, station master.

Conveyance by Water - Trades:- Bristol & Forest of Dean Carrying Co., to Bristol every Tuesday. William D. Orr, agent.

Lydney Carrying Co., to Bristol, twice a week, John Davis, agent.

Part 2 Parish & Village Description

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