Directory of Much Birch 1851

E. C. Lascelles, Publishers.


MUCH BIRCH is a Parish seven-and-a-half miles from Ross, on the main road to Hereford, from which it is distant six-and-a-half miles, containing about 600 inhabitants.

The Church is a modern stone building, of a very neat design, with castellated tower, containing two bells. It is a Perpetual Curacy, belonging to the Rev. Thomas Bevan, Rector of Llandinabo. The Church is pewed for about 300. The Rev. Thomas Bevam, Rector and Curate; Mr. Daniel West, Clerk and Sexton. Service - 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Clergy, Gentry, etc.

BEVAN Rev. Thomas, Rectory

HOSKINS Kedgwin, Esq., Birch House

JONES Captain Thomas, King's Thorn

LOCKEY Mrs. Catherine, Strickstenning

LOCKEY Mr. Samuel, Strickstenning


Trades, Farmers, etc.

CHARLES John, farmer, Bigglestone

COOKE Helen, farmer, Minster Farm

COOKE Joseph, blacksmith and Constable, Yew Tree

COOKE Richard, farmer, Pool Spring

EMBREY James, farmer, Overseer and Churchwarden, The Ash

GRIMWOOD John, drillman and haullier, Axe and Cleaver

HALL Jane, The Quarry

HARPER John, victualler, White Hart

HARRIS James, shopkeeper, Spring Cottage

HOLDER Thomas, farmer, Red House

HOPKINS Wm., tailor, The Quarry

JONES John, beer and cider retailer, Axe and Cleaver

JONES John, farmer, Axe and Cleaver

JONES Walter, farmer, New Ditch

KINNERSLEY Thomas, shoemaker, Axe and Cleaver

LEWIS Joseph, shoemaker, Aconbury

MACKLIN Charles, Bailiff for the Governors of Guy's Hospital, King's Thorn

MATTHEWS John, timber dealer, Axe and Cleaver

MORRELL Edward, Auditor to Six Unions, Wallace Cottage

MORRIS Ann, shopkeeper, Axe and Cleaver

MORRIS Thomas, wheelwright, Holly Bush

OLIVER Wm., farmer, Aconbury Common

PYMBLE Susan, dress maker

SMITH Thomas, victualler, Wormelow Tump Inn

THOMAS Ann, dress maker

TOMKINS John, farmer, Aconbury Common

TREHEARNE James, shopkeeper, Aconbury Hill

TULLY Samuel, shopkeeper, Reform Cottage, Aconbury Common

WATKINS Wm., shoemaker, Aconbury Common

WEST John, farmer, Birch Court

WEST Mary, dress maker

WEST Thomas, farmer, Riddle Brook

WILKES Henry, veterinary surgeon, Upper Riddle Brook

Post Office, The Ash - Ann Bevan, Receiver. Arrivals, 9.30 a.m.; departures 7 p.m.