Slater's 1868 Directory of Newent

With the Parishes & Villages of Dymock, Huntley, Kempley, Oxenhall, Pauntley, Taynton, Rudford, Tibberton, & Upleadon

 (Part 1) - Description to Millers

( Part 2 Milliners & Straw Hat Makers to Carriers)

NEWENT a market town and liberty, in the parish of Newent, 9 miles n.w. from Gloucester, its post town and nearest railway station, hundred of Botloe, is 111 miles n.n.w. from London, and about the same distance from Ledbury and Ross (in Herefordshire); situated near the confines of the counties of Worcester and Hereford. There are several springs in the vicinity of Newent possessing properties similar to the Cheltenham waters, and were formerly in great repute, and resorted to by many. The principal spring is situated a short distance from Newent, surrounded by some charming scenery. The trade of the town in very inconsiderable - there is one malting, one tannery, and several flour mills in the neighbourhood. Newent is included in the fifty-fifth circuit of towns under the County Court Acts passed for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50. This court sits at the town hall monthly. The parish church of St. Mary, is a handsome and venerable pile, and contains many singular monuments - especially one of great antiquity (supposed to have been erected to the memory of Baron Grandison), and others to the Foley family; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Onslow family. There are alms-houses for six poor men, and the like number of females, and a national school. The market, now but indifferently attended - is held on Friday; and the fairs (likewise but of little note) are on the Wednesdays before Easter and Whit-Sunday, and August 12th; also statute meetings on the succeeding Friday to the 12th September, and the two following Fridays. The parish of Newent contained in 1851, 3,306 inhabitants, in 1861, 3,122.


Post Office, NEWENT - Charlotte Bisco, Post Mistress - Letters from all parts arrive (from Gloucester) and are delivered at seven in the morning and half-past five evening; and are despatched thereto at nine morning, and nine evening.

Post Office, DYMOCK - John White, Sub-Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Gloucester via Newent) and are delivered at seven morning and half-past five evening; and are despatched thereto at half-past eight morning, and twenty-minutes past eight evening.

Post Office, HUNTLEY - Joseph White, Sub-Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Gloucester, via Newent) at a quarter before eight morning, and are despatched thereto at a quarter before six evening.

NEWENT is the nearest Money Order Office and Savings Bank to the above places.

Letters from Rudford, Taynton, Kempley, and Tibberton should be addressed near Gloucester. For Kempley, Letters are received via Dymock.

Gloucester is the nearest Money Order Office and Savings Bank to Rudford.

Newent is the neares Money Order Office and Savings Bank to Taynton, Tibberton and Kempley. Letters to Oxenhall, Pauntley, and Upleadon, should be addressed near Gloucester (received via Newent) which is the nearest Money Order Office and Savings Bank.


Nobility, Gentry and Clergy:

ALLEN Mr John, Newent

ATHERTON Charles B., Esq., Taynton

BAIRD Rev. William, M. A., Dymock

BISON Mr James, Newent

BURCHER Mrs. Hannah, Huntley

BURLAND John Burland Harris, Esq., J. P., Newent

BURLAND Rev. Morris, B. H. M. A., Newent

CADLE Mr. Samuel, Taynton

CANNOCK John Careless, Esq., Newent

COOKE Mr. Charles J., Newent

COTHER Miss Ann, Newent

CRAWLEY Rev. Charles Young, Taynton

DOWELL Miss Mary, Newent

DRUMMOND General John, J. P., Boyce Court, Dymock

EDMUNDS Edmund Esq., Pigeon House

ELTON Mr. Richard, Huntley

EVANS Henry, Esq., J. P., Keats green, Taynton

EVANS Rev. Joseph G., M. A., Rudford

GREEN Mr. Joseph, Newent

HANKINS Mr. Edward, Newent

HANKINS Miss Jane, Newent

HANKINS John, Esq., Stone Berrow House, Dymock

HANKINS Mr. Wm., Compton House

HARTLAND Mr. Thomas, Newent

HUGHES Rev. John H., Newent

JONES Mrs. Ann, Culvert St House, Newent

LITTLE Rev. Thomas Palling, M. A., Oxenhall

LOVERIDGE Mr. William, Newent

MATHEWS Miss Mary, Pigeon House

MATTHEWS Mrs. Elizabeth, Newent

MILES Rev. H., New Rectory, Huntley

ONSLOW Richard Foley, Esq., D. L. & J. P., Furnace, Oxenhall

OWEN Arthur, Esq., Boulsdon

OWEN Lady -, Boulsdon croft

PRICE Mrs. -, the Grove, Taynton

PRICE William Phillips, Esq., D. L. & J. P., Tibberton court

PROBYN Edward, Esq., D. L. & J. P., Huntley

RAIKES Major Stanley Napier, J. P., Hill Ash House, Dymock

RICARDO Osman, Esq., M. P., & J. P., Bromsberrow place

SAYERS Rev. Andrew, M. A., & J. P., Upleadon

SCOTT Rev. H. D. Y., M. A., Tibberton

SEWELL Rev. W., Huntley

SHERRETT Mr. Charles, Rylands, Taynton

SMITH Bass, Esq, the Villa

STOKES Charles, Esq., Murrel's ground

STORRY Captain -, Upham House, Dymock

STREET Rev. A. J., Kempley

SWIDENBANK Rev. George, Newent

THACKWELL John Caram Esq., D. L., & J. P., Wilton place, Dymock

THURSTON Mr. Henry, Newent

WALDUCK Miss Hannah, Newent

WEBB Richard, Esq., J. P., Donnington

WEDDERBURN Lady -, Tibberton

WHITE Rev. James, Dymock

WHITE Mr. Richard, Huntley

WOOD Rev. Frederick, M. A., Newent

WOOD Mr. John, Ford House

WYNNIATT Reginald, Esq., J. P., Grange, Dymock

WYNNIATT Capt., James John, Dymock


Academies & Schools

Marked thus* are also Boarding Schools

*AMBURY Elizabeth (& day), Huntley

BRITISH SCHOOL, Tibberton - Enos WEBB, master

*EAST James, Dymock

ENDOWED, Dymock - William DEAN, master; Ann DEAS, mistress

INFANT'S SCHOOL - Eleanor SUMNER, mistress

LANDER Mary, Culvert st

National Schools:-

HUNTLEY - George HOLMES, master

NEWENT - Joseph WILKES, master; Eleanor SUMNER, mistress


UPLEADON - Mary JOBBING, mistress

*PITT Sarah, Newent

*TURNER Henry (&day), Newent

*WHITE Rev. James, Dymock

*WILLIAMS Caroline, Newent



CANNOCK John Careless, Newent

COOKE Charles J. (and registrar to county court, and clerk to the magistrates, burial board, highway board, and to the commissioners of property and taxes), Newent.

EDMONDS Edmond (perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women and oaths in chancery), Newent

HANKINS Edward, Newent


Bakers & Flour Dealers:-

COOK Jas. (& confectioner), Newent

GREENAWAY James, Broad st

HANKINS Thomas D. (confectioner)

KITCHEN William (& confectioner)

RUDGE Charles, Newent

RUDGE William, Church st

WATKINS John, Church st



GLOCESTER BANKING CO., Newent (draws on Union Bank, London) H. R. Luckess, Manager; Charles Nash, Cashier.


Basket Makers:-

STEPHENS Henry, Chuhrch st

WOOD William, Upleadon



COWMEADOW William (& gasfitter)

DALLOW William, Dymock

HANCOX Henry, Dymock

HARPER Charles, Huntley

HICKS Thomas, Dymock

HOBBS Wm. & Charles, Keats green

HODGES Frederick, Woodgate

JONES Charles, Oxenhall

JONES John, Dymock

KENDRICK William, Dymock

LLEWELLIN Samuel, Dymock

MERRETT Richard, Upleadon

MERRETT William, Upleadon

PHILLIPS Richard, Huntley

POOL James, Rudford

SMITH James, junr., Taynton

TAYLOR Samuel, Tibberton

TOWNSEND Mathew, Pauntley

TRANTER John, Three Ashes, Newent


Boot & Shoe Makers:-

BISCO Charlotte, Newent

CROMWELL Edward, Newent

DAVIS Charles, Upleadon

GOODE James, Newent

HAYES Henry, Dymock

HYETT Edwin, Huntley

JENNINGS Edward, Taynton

JONES Thomas, Strawberry Hill

JONES William, Kempley

MARSHALL Robert, Huntley

MAYO James, Leawall st

NICHOLS John, Dymock

STONE John, Newent

TEAGUE John, Tibberton

WINTLE Robert, Broad st, Newent


Brick and Tile Makers:-

EDWARDS Solomon, Newent

PHILLIPS Edwin, Taynton

TEAGUE Charles William, Tibberton



DOBBS Samuel, Huntley

JAMES Philip, Bury Bas lane

NICHOLL William, Broad st

PRICE Jeremiah, Broad st

TEAGUE Charles William, Tibberton



BALDWIN Hester, Tibberton

CHIDLEY Frank, Leewall st

JONES Samuel, Dymock

MOODY Mary Ann, Broad st

PAYNE John, Dymock

RUDGE Charles, Broad st

SHEWELL Samuel, Huntley



BAILEY William, Dymock

BISCO William, Newent

FISHPOOL Stephen, Taynton

GAZE Isaac, Newent

HAYES Joseph, Dymock

JAMES Philip, Bury Bar lane

JONES Jeremiah, Dymock

JONES Thomas, Upleadon

NICHOLL William, Newent

NOTT John, Kempley

PREDITH George, Huntley

SIMMONDS Ira, Kempley

TURNER William, Dymock

TRANTER John, Oxenhall

UNDERWOOD James, Dymock

WEBLEY John, Gursley

WEST John, Glasshouse

WOOD Leonard, Culvert st, Newent


Chemists and Druggists:-

CROMWELL Richard, Market Place, Newent

JONES Alfred, Newent


China and Earthenware:-

CROMWELL Edward, Broad st

HART William, Huntley

MARFELL Richard, Broad st

SMITH Robert, Broad st


Coal Merchants:-

ALLEN John, Newent

DOBBS Thomas, Newent

JONES Charles, Church st

PETERSON Thomas, Malswick

SADDLER Edward, Newent



LITTLE George, Broad st

LITTLE James, Leewall st

MORRIS William, Taynton


Dress & Mantle Makers:-

HAYES -, Glocester st

RICHARDS Mary, Culvert st

SMITH Mary, Leewall st

SMITH Rosa, Broad st

THURSTON Mary, Culvert st



ALLAWAY Robert, Upleadon

BATSFORD John, Dymock

BEARD John F., Oxenhall

BROWN James, Taynton

BROOKS John, Kempley

BULLOCK James, Dymock

BURGUM Arthur, Kempley

BUTLER John, Pauntley

CADLY Cornelius, Kempley

CANNOCK John, Huntley

CLARK Charles, Bouldson

CLARK George, Boulsdon

CLARK James W., Dymock

COWMEADOW Mrs., Pauntley

CUMMINS John, Malswick

DOBBS James, Tibberton & Huntley

DOBBS Samuel, Huntley

DUMPIDG Thomas, Malswick

FARMER William, Pauntley

FAULKE William & Thomas, Dymock

FORD Ann, Taynton

FORD Charles, Upleadon

FORD John, Dymock

GILES Sarah, Boulsdon

GUNNEY, _, Boulsdon

HOLLOWAY Thomas, Compton

HALSEY Thomas, Compton

HANKINS William, Compton

HARDWICK John, Highleadon

HARTLAND Henry, Compton

HARTLAND Thomas, Compton

HARTLAND W. A., Boulsdon

HAYNE John, Dymock

HEWLETT William, Taynton

HILL Guy, Dymock

HILL James, Kempley

HILL John, junr., Pauntley

HILL Joseph, Dymock

HODGES William, Dymock

KNIGHT Edward, Highleadon

LANE Joseph, Malswick

LOVERIDGE John, Tibberton

LOVERIDGE Robert, Taynton

MOODY Richard, Oxenhall

MOODY Thomas, Malswick

MORGAN John, Dymock

MORRIS James, Taynton

NEED George, Tibberton

NIBBERT Richard, Oxenhall

PALMER Allan, Kempley

PALMER Benjamin, Tibberton

PALMER John, Kempley

PARDINGTON Thomas, Newent

PARRY John, Dymock

PHELPS Daniel, Tibberton

PHELPS Henry, Rudford

PHELPS John, Tibberton

PHILLPS John, Upleadon

PONTING Sarah, Taynton

POPE William, Dymock

PRICE William & Charles, Dymock

PRIDAY William, Highleadon

PROBYN C & F., Newent

RANDALL _, Great Boulsdon

SMITH Mrs. _, Tibberton

SMITH Ann, Taynton

SMITH James, Kempley

SMITH James, Taynton

SMITH John, Pauntley

SMITH John, Dymock

SYMONDS Henry, Pauntley

TAYLOR John, Huntley

TEAGUE Thomas, Taynton

THOMSON Frederick, Taynton

THURSTON Elizabeth, Oxenhall

THURSTON Henry, Dymock

TIBBATTS Sarah, Dymock

TOOLEY Thomas, Highleadon

WEST Henry, Oxenhall

WILKS Job, Huntley

WINTLE Thomas, Taynton

WOOD Miles A., Oxenhall


Fellmongers & Woolstaplers:-

GOODYER Samuel, Church st

SUMMERS James, Broad st


Fire &c. Office Agents:-

ALLIANCE, Edmund Edmunds, Newent

BRITON, William Bisco, Newent

CALEDONIAN, Alfred Jones, Newent

CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL (life), John Mathews, Newent

FARMERS, Benjamin Green, Newent

LAW, Edmund Edmunds, Newent

LAW UNION, John C. Cannock, Newent

LONDON AND LIVERPOOL, Arthur Wellington, Newent

LONDON PROVINCIAL (law), John C. Cannock, Newent

MANCHESTER, Alfred Jones, Newent


NORTH BRITISH, Charles J. Cooke


NORWICH AND LONDON (accident), William Bisco, Newent

NORWICH UNION, Edward Pocock

PHOENIX, H. R. Luckess, Newent

PROVINCIAL, John Morgan, Newent



Grocers and Dealers in Sundries:-


BUTT John, Newent

COOK Charlotte, Leewall st

CUE James, Newent

DEBBINS Edwin, Broad st

DICKS James, Huntley

ELLIS John, Broad st

FLUCK Emanuel, Tibberton

GRIFFITHS Richard, Dymock

HARTLAND William, Broad st, Newent

HIGDON Thomas, Dymock

HILL Thomas, Church st

HOOPER Younger, Dymock

JONES Alfred, Newent

JONES Thomas, Dymock

LEWIS Thomas, Dymock

MARFELL Richard, Leewall st

MILLA Henry, Dymock

PHILLIPS John, Kempley

POCOCK Edward, Newent

SMITH John F., Leewall st

STEPHENS Thomas, Tibberton

WARD George, Taynton

WELLINGTON Arthur, Newent

WATSON Elizabeth, Broad st

WHITE Joseph, Huntley

WINTLE William, Kempley

WITTLE Willam, Upleadon


Inns & Public Houses:-

Bull, Frederick Bisco, Newent

Crown, William Pready, Newent

George (commercial), (vacant), Newent

George, James Cummins, Dymock

Kilcot, Mary Ward, Kilcot

King's Arms, Samuel Wood, Newent

Lord Nelsons, Wm. Roberts, Rudford

Mount Pleasant, Sarah Phelps

Plough, Sarah Thurston, Dymock

Red Lion (commercial & posting), Thomas Tipton, Newent

Red Lion, James Dobbs, Huntley

Royal Oak, Thomas Webley, Newent

Travellers' Rest, John Harper, Malswick


Retailers of Beer:-

BURGUM Charles, Taynton

BYARD George, Culvert st, Newent

DALLIMORE Thomas, Clifford's Mesne

DAVIS Albert, Lee Wall st, Newent

FENCOTT John, Dymock

GREENAWAY Charles, Leewall st, Newent

HILL James, Church st, Newent

HODGETTS Samuel, Dymock

LITTLE George, Newent

MORTIMER William, Leewall st

PREDETH Elizabeth, Upleadon

SOLLIS(?) Richard, Dymock

STEPHENS Mary, Huntley

STONE John, Glocester st

TYLER William, Broad st

WARD George, Taynton

WELSH John W. W., Dymock


Ironmongers & Braziers:-

COWMEADOW William, Leewall st

SURL John Dyer, Broad st


Linen Drapers:-

BRUTON Edward, Newent

DICKS James, Huntley

FERRIS Timothy J., Newent

GREEN Benjamin (& general dealer), Newent

MILLS Henry, Dymock

WELLINGTON Arthur, Newent



ALLAWAY Anthony F., Upleadon

COURT John, Durbridge Mill

EVANS Charles, Paunton

FARMER John, Dymock

FAWKES James, Cleves Mill

HARPER John, Brass Mill, Newent

HILL James, Oxenhall

HOOPER William, Tibberton

NEWMAN Charles W., Dymock

PHILLIPS Richard, Oklepitcher Mill

RUSSELL James, Pauntley

SMITH James, Malswick

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