Slater's Directory of Newent 1868

Part 2


Milliners and Straw Hat Makers:-

CUE Elizabeth, Broad st

JAMES Ann, Bury Bar lane

SUMMERS Caroline, Broad st


Nail Makers:-

DUFFIELD Joseph, Church st

SADDLER John, Dymock


Painters, Plumbers &c.

DAVIES Samuel, Newent

HARTLAND Miles J., Newent

SPENCER John, Broad st

TURNBULL Thomas, Huntley


Saddlers & Harness Makers:-

BALLEY(?) Thomas, Broad st

DANCE William, Huntley


Stone Masons:-

BALDWIN William, Culvert st

EVANS Thomas, Dymock

LOWE John, Dymock

MORGAN William, Dymock

PAYNE John, Culvert st



CATTLE? William Druce, Newent

COOKE John, Newent

SMITH Bass, M. D., Newent



GRUBB Robt. (road), Common Field

LEE John, (street), Newent

MATHEWS John (road), Church st



BIRT Henry, Newent

BRADLEY Thomas, Dymock

PREADY James, Newent

PRICE William, Newent

TUCKER Robert, Church st, Newent

WEBLEY Aaron, Dymock

WEBLEY Thomas, Newent

WILKS James, Culvert st, Newent

WILLIAMS John, Huntley


Timber Merchants:-

DOBBS Thomas, Broad st

HARPER John, Malswick

JONES Charles, Church st

READ Richard, Glasshouse


Veterinary Surgeons:-

WEST Henry, Newent

WEST Thomas, Newent


Watch & Clock Makers:-

MORGAN John, Broad st

REEVES William, Newent



BISCO William, Newent

FISHPOOL Stephen, Taynton

HANCOX Thomas, Dymock

JONES James, Dymock

JONES Jeremiah, Dymock

JONES Thomas, Upleadon

JORDAN Thomas, Huntley

MANSELL Robert, Malswick

MERRETT Richard, Upleadon

NOTT John, Kempley

TEAGUE Charles & William, Tibberton

TRANTER John, Three Ashes

WOOD Leonard, Culvert st, Newent



The names without address are in NEWENT.

BISCO Wm., house agent

BOWKETT Sidney, clerk to Canal Co.

BURGUM Robert, cattle dealer, Kilcot

BYARD Thomas, contractor

CANNOCK Eliza, Malster

DAWE John, gardener

DODD John, machinist, Dymock

FARMER John, coach builder

FLUCK Emanuel, bricklayer, Tibberton

HANKINS Thomas D., confectioner

HATTON John, tanner

JENKINS Alfred, horse dealer, Kilcot

JONES Alfred, wine merchant

LEECH Thomas, cattle dealer, Tibberton

LITTLE Wm., gilder

MANSELL Mary, leather seller, Broad st

MARFELL Richard, general dealer

MATTHEWS John, auctioneer & land agent

PENSOME Thomas, constractor, Huntley

PHILLIPS Wm., clerk

POOLE Henry, steam thrashing machine proprietor, Huntley

POPE Richard, rope maker, Kilcot

PRINTING CO - Jas. Norman, manager

ROPER Elizabeth, Berlin and fancy repository

RUDFORD Wm., professor of music

SHECKELL F., master mariner, Huntley

SMITH Caleb, hair dresser

STRANGE Henry, decorator, Dymock

SURL John D., tin-plate worker

TUDOR Thomas, steward, Manor House, Huntley

WILCOX John C., excise officer


Places of Worship:-

St. MARY'S CHURCH, Newent - Rev. Frederick Wood, M. A., vicar; Rev. Morris B. H. Burland, M. A. and Rev _ Fryer, curates.

ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, Oxenhall - REv. Thomas P. Little, imcumbent

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH, Huntley, Rec. Henry Miles incumbent, Rev. W. Sewell, curate

ST. JOHN'S, Pauntley, Rev. Thomas P. Little, rectof

ST. LAWRENCE'S CHURCH, Taynton, Rev. Chas Young Crawley, Incumbent

ST. MARY'S CHURCH, Dymock, Rev. Wm. Baird, M. A., incumbent; Rev. James White, curate

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, Tibberton, Rev. H. D. Y. Scott, M. A., rector

PARISH CHURCH, Upleadon, Rev. Andrew Sayers, M. A., incumbent

CHAPEL OF EASE, Dymock, same ministers as St. Mary's


INDEPENDENT, Newent, Rev. J. H. Hughes

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, Highleadon, Newent, & Tibberton, Ministers various


Poor Law Union:-

Workhouse, Newent

Comprising the parishes of Aston Ingham, Bromsbrow, Corse, Dymock, Hartpury, Highleadon, Kempley, Linton, Newent, Oxenhall, Pauntley, Preston, Redmarley, Rudford, Staunton, Taynton, Tibberton, and Upleadon.

Governor - Richard Bagley

Matron - Elizabeth Jennings

Schoolmistress - Susan Bagley

Chaplain - Rev. Fredk. Wood

Surgeon - John Charles Cook

Clerk to the Board of Guardians - Chas. Tunnicliff

Relieving Officers - John Jauncey and James Jauncey



Of Birth, Deaths and Marriages

Superintendent - Chas. Tunnicliff

Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Newent District - Richard Lovett Broton

Registrar for Redmarley District - Thomas Wellington



Attending Petty Sessions at the Town Hall, Monday.

John B. H. Burland, Esq., New Court, Newent

Gen. Drummond, Boyce Court, Dymock

Richard V. Onslow, Esq., Furnace, Oxenhall

Major Raikes, Hillash House, Dymock

Osman Ricardo, Esq., Bromsberrow place, Newent

Rev. Andrew Sayers, M. A., Upleadon

John Camm Thackwell, Esq., Milton Place, Dymock

Richard Webb, Esq., Donnington

Reginald Wynniatt, Esq., Grange, Dymock

Henry Evans, Esq., Kent's green, Taynton

Clerk to the Magistrates - Chas. James


Assistant Overseers:-

for the Parishes of Newent, Pauntley, and Upleadon - Wm. H. Wigley

Dymock - Geo. Averill

Huntley - John Taylor

Kempley - Edward Jones

Oxenhall - John Lee

Rudford - Wm. Roberts

Tibberton - Thomas Leech


County Court:-

Held in the Town Hall, monthly

Judge - Charles Sumner, Esq.

Registrar - Chas. James Cooke

High Bailiff - Robert Merrett

Canal Office, Newent - Sidney Bowkett, clerk

Gas Works, Newent - Charles John Tyler, secretary

Police Office, Dymock - Richd. Bowen

Police Office, Newent - Matthew Roach, sergeant

Stamp Office, Leewall st - John C. Cannock, distributor


Coaches & Omnibus:-

To Gloucester - the Royal Mail (from Ledbury) calls at the George Inn, every morning at nine; passing also through Dymock and Rudford, calling at the Plough Inn (Dymock), each time, and Griffith's Omnibus (from Dymock), Saturday morning at eight, passes through Newent and Rudford.

To Ledbury - the Royal Mail (from Gloucester) calls at the George Inn every evening at five; and Griffith's Omnibus from Dymock, Tuesday morning at ten.



The nearest Station is at Mitchell Dean road, 4 1/2 miles from Newent, on the Gloucester, Ross and Hereford Line, of the Great Western Railway Co. There is a Conveyance by the Mail, daily, as above stated, and by Carriers daily.



To Gloucester, Samuel Wood and Charles Farmer, from Newent, passing through Rudford daily; Hooper and Griffiths from Dymock. Saturday; Charles Dobbing and Geo. Gardiner, from Huntley, and Job Ballingham, from Taynton, Wednesday and Saturday; and Leighton & Watkins, from Upleadon, on Saturday.

To Gloucester from Newent, To Newent & Gloucester, Mary Howell (from Kempley) on Saturday.

To Ross, Chas. Farmer, from Newent, and Mary Howell, from Kempley, on Thursday.

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