Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of

Westbury-on-Severn 1876


WESTBURY-on-SEVERN is an extensive village and parish in the union to which it gives its name, containing, by the census of 1861, 2501, and in 1871, 2495 inhabitants, and 8308 acres, including the tythings of ADSETT, BOLLOW, BOSELEY, CHAX HILL, CLEEVE, ELTON, LEY (Upper and Lower), NORTHWOOD, RODLEY, STANTWAY, and WESTBURY; in the northern portion of the deanery of the Forest, archdeaconry of Gloucester, diocese of Gloucester and Bristol; the manor of Rodley, which comprises the tythings of Adsett, Bollow, Chax Hill, Cleeve, Elton, and Rodley, being in the hundred of St. Briavels, West Gloucestershire; about 1 and a half mile south from the Grange Court Junction of the South Wales, and Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railways, 3 miles north-east from Newnham, 5 south-east from Mitcheldean, 9 south-west from Gloucester, and 116 from London, on the south-east bank of the river Severn, which forms the boundary of the parish from Denny Bridge to Broad Oak, a distance of 8 miles. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Christopher Jay Jones, M.A., is valued at 291 pounds per annum, with residence, and is in the patronage of the Custos and College of Vicars Charol in Hereford Cathedral. The church is an ancient edifice, in the Perpendicular style, having a tower and spire separated from it, which belonged to an edifice erected in the 13th century, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, but not being sufficiently extensive for the requirements of the parish, another site was chosen and the present edifice, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, erected parallet with the old one, and the tower and spire of the old one alone preserved. A stained glass window gives the date of the erection of this church as 1539. On the site of the old church a building called "the Vestry" and for many years used as a school room, was taken down. The present erection, which consists of nave, chancel, and north and south aisles, was partially restored in 1862, and in 1870 the churchyard was considerably enlarged and walled in. It is now intended to make a complete restoration of the church at an expense of £1,400. The Congregationalists have a place of worship at Adsett, which was erected in 1838, and the Wesleyans one at Rodley. There is a National School for children of both sexes, and a Wesleyan School at Chax Hill, which is also used as a place of worship on Sudnays. The poor have charitable bequests, producing about £23 per annum. Sir William Vernon Guise, Bart., D.L., J.P., is lord of the manor of Rodley, and Stephen Leslie, Esq., lord of the manor of Northwood. The rateable value of this parish is £19,426.

WESTBURY COURT, was a mansion erected early in the 18th century, by one of the Colchester family, but was pulled down in 1806. The gardens still remain intact, and are noted from the fact of their being laid out in the Dutch style, which was introducted by William III., and of which there are few specimens in England; they are intersected by two long canal shaped pieces of water, one straight and the other in the form of the letter T, bordered by neatly trimmed hedges of yew. They were laid out about the year 1700.

In the grounds of CHAX HILL HOUSE is a statue of Charles I., which formed part of the ancient cross at Gloucester.

BROAD OAK is a hamlet of this parish, in which the Wesleyans have a place of worship.


Clergy, Gentry and Private Residents

ALSTON John Anderton, Esq., Northwood house

BARNARD Miss Mary Ann, Oakfield cottage, Broad oak

BELLAMY Mrs. Eliza, Elton

BENNETT Joseph Richard, Esq., Chax Hill house

BENNETT Miss Margaret E., Stantway


BUTLER Mr. William, Spring cottage, Rodley

CANNOCK Mrs. Mary Ann, Broad Oak

DAVIES Mrs. Ellen, Elton

DAVIS Mrs. Mary, Adsett

FARMER Mr. Henry, Adsett cottage

GOUGH Mr. James, Dove house, Rodley

GRANT Henry Sanders, Esq., Ninnage lodge, Chax hill

HALL Mr. James

HARTLAND Mrs. Susannah, Brighton volla, Rodley

JONES Rev. Chritsopher Jay, M.A., vicar of Westbury-on-Severn, and rural dean of the Forest (Northern division), The Vicarage

JONES Mr. James Edward, Westeria cottage, Broad oak

LYLE Rev. Arthur John Olde (Wesleyan), Walmore house, Chax Hill

MAYO Mr. Joseph, Broad oak

MOTT Albert Julius, Esq., Adsett court

RYDER Mr. George S., Elton

SCOTT Rev. Wm. Augustus, A.K.C., curate

SMITH Mr. Richard

SMITHYMAN William K., Esq., Stantway house

STEPHENSON Rev. Charles, M.A., vicar of Flaxley, Broughton, Elton

SYMS Miss Elizabeth, Elton cottage

WILLDEY Mrs. Annie, Westbury house

WINTLE Mrs. Elizabeth, Vine Tree cottage, Rodley


Trades and Professions

BAILEY Mrs. Susannah and Son, millers, malsters, and farmers, Boseley mills

BAKER George, fruit dealer and potato salesman, Elton; and at Cinderford

BALDWIN Amos, miller, Severn mill

BALDWIN Matthew, shopkeeper, Upper Ley

BALDWIN William Henry, miller and baker, Westbury mill

BALLINGER George, farmer, Lower Ley

BALLINGER Thomas, shoemaker, Chax Hill

BARLING Frederick, carpenter, Jordan Hill

BARRETT Edwin, carpenter and haulier, Chax Hill

BARRETT Mrs. Elizth., shopkeeper, Chax Hill

BARRETT Richd., carpenter and wheelwright, Bollow

BELCHER Richard, mason

BENNETT James, farmer, Lower Ley

BENNETT Samuel, shopkeeper, Chax Hill

BERRY George, farmer, Hunt hill, Chax Hill

BOUGHTON Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, Chax Hill

BRICE Alexander Edward, farmer, Wincoll's farm, Elton

BRICE William, farmer, Wincoll's farm, Elton

BROWN Thomas, Inland Revenue officer, Broad oak

BUBB George, castrator and pig dealer, Lower Ley

BUBB Mrs. Mary, farmer, Lower Ley

BULLOCK Samuel, farmer, Elton

BURROWS William, fruit dealer, Bollow

BUTLER Edward, farmer, Rodley

BUTLER Henry William, farmer, Broken Cross farmer, Lower Ley

BUTLER John, master mariner and fruit merchant, Rodley

BUTLER Thomas A., carrier, "Blue Boy" inn, Rodley

BUTLER William, Jun., "Broad Oak" inn, Broad oak; and farmer, Rodley court

BUTLER Younger, farmer, Rodley

CADLE John C., yeoman, Morwent house, Adsett

CADLE John Cornelius, Jun., yeoman, The Brook, Adsett

CADLE Thomas, yeoman, Longcroft, Adsett

CARTER Noah, farmer, The Poplars, Broad oak

CLARKE Mrs. Charlotte, baker, Lower Ley

CLIFFORD John, thatcher and shopkeeper, Northwood green

CLUTTERBUCK Cartwright, haulier, Northwood green

CLUTTERBUCK William, blacksmith, Northwood green

COLEMAN BROTHERS, builders and timber merchants, and saw mill proprietors, Chax Hill

COLEMAN James, farmer, and timber and lime merchant, Chax Hill

COLEMAN John (firm of Coleman Brothers); h. Chax Hill lawn

COLEMAN William, farmer, Ley Fold farm, Upper Ley

COLEMAN William, Jun., (firm of Coleman and Brothers); h. Chax Hill lawn

COLWELL Samuel, cooper

COLWELL William, cooper, Adsett

COX Giles, carrier and fruit dealer, Adsett

CROW James, tailor, Broad oak

DANGERFIELD Joseph, "King's Head" inn, Chax Hill

DENT Walter, farmer, Constance farm, Bollow

DOBBS Samuel, farmer, and agent for agricultural implements, Ley Mill farm, Upper Ley

EDWARDS William, timber agent and farmer, Broad oak

ELLIS George, shoemaker, Chax Hill

EVANS Barnabas E., shoemaker, Broad oak

FERRIS William, shoemaker, Elton

FOWLER John, farmer, Frowen's farm, Lower Ley

GARDNER Hy., castrator and pig dealer, Elton

GARDNER Miles, pig dealer, Lower Ley

GARDNER William, pig dealer, Lower Ley

GARDNER William, sheep and pig dealer, Adsett

GIBLETT William, farmer, Rock farm, Stantway

GLEED Samuel, shoemaker

GOUGH James, Jun., farmer, Box Bush farm, Rodley

GOUGH William, farmer, Rodley

GRANT Henry Sanders, surgeon, Ninnage lodge, Chax Hill

GRASSING Thomas, fruit dealer, Elton

GREENING William, "Sloop" inn, Bollow

GRINDON Henry, shoemaker, assistant overseer, and collector of rates

GRINDON Joseph, shoemaker and parish clerk

HAILE Mrs. Ann, farmer, Ley court, Lower Ley

HARDING Daniel, farmer, Heald cottage, Rodley

HARDWICK James, farmer, Chapel Mere farm, Rodley

HARRIS Charles, farm bailiff, Stantway farm

HART Benjamin, fruit dealer, Bollow

HART Joseph, farmer, Cleeve farm, Cleeve

HART Theophilus, farmer, Pound Farm, Elton

HART William, farmer, Gravel farm, Cleeve

HARVEY John Mayo, saddler and harness maker; h. Broad Oak cottage

HARVEY Sidney, farmer and horse dealer, Lew court, Lower Ley

HOBBS John, builder and wheelwright, Rodley

HOOK James, carpenter, wheelwright, and blacksmith, Weigh bridge

HOOPER Joseph, farmer, Grange Court farm, Northwood

HUMPHREYS Charles, fruit dealer, Bollow

HUNT John, mason, Stantway

HYETT Mrs. Emma, shopkeeper, Rodley

HYETT Joseph, shoemaker, Rodley

JACKSON Joseph, farmer, Broad Oak

JACKSON Richard, carpenter, Broad Oak

JACKSON Thomas Edward, basket maker, Strant

JAMES John, master of the Union Work house

JAMES Joseph, cooper, Broad Oak

JAQUS Albert, clerk, Chax Hill

JENKINS George, farmer, Ardins farm

JENNINGS Thomas, shopkeeper, Gatwick, Bollow

KNIGHT William "White Hart" inn, Broad oak

LAND John, grocer and draper

LIMBRICK John, stonemason, Adsett

LONG James, butcher, Chax Hill

LONG Miss Sarah Ann, farmer, Chax Hill

MANN Mrs. Amy, coal dealer

MATTHEWS Stephen Lewis, coal and potato merchant, Chax Hill

MAYO Benjamin Harrison, farmer, Bayse court, Bollow

MEREDITH John Price, farmer, Elton court

MITCHELL Charles, beer retailer, Elton

MOORE George, shopkeeper, Chax Hill

NOBLE Charles W., stationmaster, Grange Court station, Northwood

PACKER Charles Cornwall, "Red Lion" inn

PARRY James, farmer, Charlotte's farm, Upper Ley

PARRY John, farmer, Unior farm, Lower Ley

PAYNE Alfred, grocer and draper, Elton

PITT Richard, farmer, Hayden farm, Rodley

PRIDAY Albert James, farmer, Pinnock's place, Northwood

RICKETTS James, farmer and landowner, Stantway court; and Cape hall, Frocester

ROAN Mrs. Georgina, grocer, Bollow

ROBERTS Edmund Thomas, draper, grocer, bookseller and general dealer

ROBERTS James, gardener, Crowgate house, Bollow

RYDER Reuban, farmer, Grove farm, Elton

RYDER Thomas, farmer, Grove Farm, Elton

SAN-GARDE William E., clerk, Broad Oak

SARGEANT William, farmer, Chax Hill

SELWYN Selwyn, farmer and cattle dealer, Walmoor common, Lower Ley

SELWYN William, cattle dealer, Chax Hill

SIMKINS Mrs. Sarah, laundress

SMITH George S., blacksmith, Bollow

SMITH Thomas, farmer, Boseley farm, Boseley

SPECK Mrs. Ellen, laundress, Bollow

STEPHENS Mrs. Annie, farmer, Hook's farm, Lower Ley

STEPHENS Richard, baker and shopkeeper, Lower Ley

STEVENS Thomas, thatcher, Elton

STRATFORD George, farm bailiff, Elton Hall farm, Elton

STRATFORD Samuel, shoemaker, Elton

TAYLOR William George, Wesleyan schoolmaster, Chax Hill

THOMAS Isaac, brick and tile maker, Chax Hill

TRIGG William, farmer and butcher, Adsett farm

TRIGG William, tailor, Chax Hill

TURNER William Alfred, National schoolmaster

VAILE Cornelius, "Bird-in-Hand" inn, Chax Hill

WATKINS James, farmer, Northwood

WHERRETT Frederick, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for the Huntley district, Broad Oak

WHITING George, thrashing machine owner and implement agent, Bollow

WILCE Jas., blacksmith and sub-postmaster

WILKINS Henry, farmer, Court farm

WILLIAMS John, cattle dealer, Broadway house, Chax Hill

WINTLE Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer, Hayes farm, Rodley

WINTLE John, farmer, Yew Tree farm, Rodley

WINTLE Mrs. Maria, farmer, Hill farm, Rodley

WINTLE William, farmer, Cowley's elm, Rodley

WOOD Thomas, fruit and cider merchant, limestone dealer, and barge owner

WOODHOUSE Thomas, wood turner, Northwood green

WOODMAN Philip, fruit dealer, "Junction" inn, Northwood

WYMAN Joseph Jun., fruit dealer, Rodley

WYMAN William, fruit dealer, Rodley


Post Office - James Wilce, Sub-Postmaster. Letters from Gloucester delivered at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 4.50 p.m. Box closes on Sunday at 12.20 p.m. Money orders granted and paid, and savings bank and annuity business transacted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wall Letter Box, Broad Oak - Cleared at 7.45 p.m. on week-days, and 9 a.m. on Sudnays.

Letters for Broad Oak, Rodley, and Elton should be addressed near Newnham, not Westbury-on-Severn.

Wall Letter Box, Chax Hill - Cleared at 5 p.m. on week-days only.

Wall Letter Box, Rodley - Cleared at 3.45 p.m. on week-days only.


Local Board:-

Thomas Cadle, Chairman

James Ricketts

Joseph R. Bennett

Henry S. Grant

Benjamin H. Mayo

James Gough, Sen.

John Wintle

Wm. Butler, Jun.

Thomas Ryder

Thomas Smith

Albert J. Priday

James Coleman

Clerk to the Board - Maurice F. Carter

Medical Officer - Francis T. Bond

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances - John C. Cadle, Sen.

Collector - Henry Gordon

The Board meets at the Union Board Room on the first Wednesday in each month.

Union Workhouse - John James, governor; Mrs. Jane Goyen, matron; Miss Harriet Morris, schoolmistress; Rev. Christopher Jay Jones, chaplain; Henry Saunders Grant, medical officer; Maurice Frederick Carter, clerk to the Guardians.

Assistant Overseer and Parish Clerk - Henry Grindon

Relieving Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths for Huntley District - Frederick Wherrett

National School - Wm. A. Turner, master

Wesleyan School - Walmore hill, Chax Hill; William George Taylor, master; Miss Charlotte Ann Hervey, sewing mistress.


Great Western Railway Station (South Wales Section, Junction for Ross and Hereford), Grange court, Northwood - Charles W. Noble, stationmaster and goods manager.


Gloucester - Thomas A. Butler, Mon, Wed, and Sat; James Clarke, Sat; William Morgan passes through every Mon, Wed, and Sat; and Giles Cox, from Adsett, Sat.