Weston-Under-Penyard 1851

Publishers E. C. Lascelle's Co.


WESTON-UNDER-PENYARD is a Village in the Parish of the same name, and is situate two-and-a-half miles from Ross, on the Gloucester road. The church is a Rectory, and stands upon an eminence; it is built of red sandstone, has a tower, and from its rather commanding situation, has a pleasing effect. Rev. William Crawley Brant, Curate; Mr. William Edwards, sen., Clerk and Sexton. Service 11 a.m., 3 p.m.

Baptist Chapel, situated in Ryeford, in the Parish of Weston-Under-Penyard, is a small stucco building, capable of holding about 200 persons. Rev. Samuel Walker, Minister. Service 10.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. There is a small Sunday School attached.

POST OFFICE - Mr. William Edwards, sen., receiver; delivery 9 a.m., dispatch 6 p.m.



BENSON Rev. Christopher, Canon of Worcestor, h. Woodfield

BRENT Rev. William Crawley, Curate, Rectory House

BRIDGMAN Wm., Esq., Magistrate, Frogmore House

BURMISTER Charles, Esq., Magistrate, Weston Lodge


COCKS Mr. Wm. Cary, Hunsdon House

HARDY Rev. John, B. A., Rector of Lea Church, h. White Hall

HILL Mr. John Harris

JONES Mr., Belvidere Cottage

NICHOLS Joseph, Esq., Wharton Lodge, Ryeford

PALMER George, Esq., Bollitree Castle

RUDGE Mrs. Ann, Upper Weston House

THOMAS Mr. Wm., Lower Weston

TRUSTED Thomas, Esq., Parkfield

WALKER Rev. Samuel, Baptist Minister, Ryeford

WILLIAMS John, Porch House

WILLIAMS Rev. Wm., Baptist Minister, Ryeford



ABBOTT John, carpenter

BENNETT Wm., farmer, Hownall

BILLINGHAM Charles, tailor, Pontshill

BOWREY Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Weston Cottage

BRIGHT Thomas, miller and farmer, Billsmill

BURGAM Henry, farmer, Kingston

BUTLER Thomas, farmer, Lower Weston

CAMPBELLS Miss Julia, Street House

COLE John, victualler, shopkeeper, and coal dealer, New Inn, Pontshill

CRUMP Charles, blacksmith and shopkeeper, Ryeford

DAVIS Joseph, tailor and woollen draper

DAVIS Philip, tailor

DAYER Richard, victualler and farmer, Weston Cross Inn

DREW Ann, milliner and dress maker, Ryeford

DREW John, basket and sieve maker, Ryeford

EDWARDS Wm., jun., blacksmith

EDWARDS Wm.., sen., Clerk and Sexton, and Letter Receiver

GAMMON Thomas, farmer, Lower Foxall

HALL Charles, builder, carpenter and joiner, Lower Weston Cottage

HALL the Misses, Day and Boarding School

HARRIS John, wood bailiff, Penyard Lodge

HAVORD Amos, carpenter and wheelwright, Pontshill

HILL Thomas, cottager, Pontshill

HOWELL Wm., miller, Pontshill

IBELL James, coal dealer, Ryeford

JONES Edwin, shopkeeper and carpenter

MARFELL James, farmer, The Marsh Farm, Pontshill

MARFELL Jeriah, farmer, The Hill

MARFELL Wm., farm bailiff and tax collector, The Wallow

MARSHALL Abraham, farm bailiff, Harts Hill

MORGAN John, miller and farmer, Bridge House Farm, Rudhall Mill

PALMER George, farmer, Bollstree and Rudge Farm

PROBYN George, poulterer, Burntwood

ROBBINS Joshua, boot and shoemaker, Lawn Cottage

ROBBINS Thomas, cider retailer, Pontshill

ROBINS Thomas, stone mason, Pontshill

RUDGE Wm., farmer

SMITH Samuel, farmer, Lower Land End

STEWARD Thomas, butcher

TERRETT Thomas, farmer, Harts Hill

WIGMORE John, farmer, The Porch

WILKS George, farmer, coal dealer and shopkeeper, Knightenfields

WILKS Thomas, cottager, Upper Lane End