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I12151: Frances Ellen BENNETT (____ - ____)

Frances Ellen BENNETT

____ - ____

Father: Zephaniah BENNETT
Mother: Polly Reed WOODWARD

                        _Nathan BENNETT __+
 _Zephaniah BENNETT ___|
|                      |_Mary HARRINGTON _+
|--Frances Ellen BENNETT 
|                       __________________
|_Polly Reed WOODWARD _|


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Nehemiah BENNETT


10 Nov 1695 - 15 Aug 1769

Father: John BENNETT
Mother: Patience COBB

Family 1 : Mercy THOMPSON
  1.  Abigail BENNETT
  2. +Jacob BENNETT
  3. +William BENNETT
  4.  Patience BENNETT
  5.  Martha BENNETT
  6.  Hannah BENNETT

                  _John BENNETT ___+
 _John BENNETT __|
|                |_Deborah GROVER _+
|--Nehemiah BENNETT 
|                 _John COBB ______+
|_Patience COBB _|
                 |_Martha NELSON __+


[2899] DEATH: Mayflower Descendant, fhl 974.4D25md, 12:70

[9749] [S154] Boston Transcript Notes

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Peleg Remington BENNETT

____ - ____

Father: Abel BENNETT
Mother: Rosanna REMINGTON

Family 1 : Margaret BENNETT
  1.  David W. R. BENNETT
  2. +Peleg Remington BENNETT
  3.  William BENNETT

                      _Samuel BENNETT __
 _Abel BENNETT ______|
|                    |__________________
|--Peleg Remington BENNETT 
|                     _Peleg REMINGTON _
|_Rosanna REMINGTON _|


[10342] [S6] Vital Records of Rhode Island

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Henry COBB


3 Sep 1665 - 4 Sep 1725

Father: Henry COBB
Mother: Sarah HINCKLEY

Family 1 : Lois HALLET

                   _Henry COBB ______
 _Henry COBB _____|
|                 |__________________
|--Henry COBB 
|                  _Samuel HINCKLEY _
|_Sarah HINCKLEY _|


[1358] His children were born in Barnstable, but he later removed to thechurch in Stonington, CT.

[1359] [S761]

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____ - 22 Jul 1615

Father: Robert CRACKBONE
Mother: Avice BRETT

Family 1 : Robert PLUMB

 _Robert CRACKBONE _|
|                   |__
|                    __
|_Avice BRETT ______|


[4747] [S124] John Plumb of Connecticut ...

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14 Oct 1642 - 17 Sep 1704

Father: John CURTIS
Mother: Elizabeth

Family 1 : Hannah ( ) KIMBERLY

                _John CURTIS ________+
 _John CURTIS _|
|              |_Elizabeth HUTCHINS _+
|--John CURTIS 
|               _____________________
|_Elizabeth ___|


STATE OF CONNECTICUT;; New York, Lewin Historical Publishing Co.,
1911; pp 1226; Yavapai College Library, Prescott AZ.
In 1667 he became a proprietor of Newark, NJ, and held a
prominent position, not only in that town, but also in the county
until his death in 1704. He represented Newark at the General Court
from 1683-8. A commissioner to lay out the highways and assessor of
Essex County, 1683-8, Justice of the court etc. He also appears on
the Newark records with the rank of Captain. They ahd no children as
far as the records of Newark show. He d. in Newark NJ Sept 17, 1704

[1268] [S190] [email protected]

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Thomas FOSTER (Dr. *)


18 Aug 1640 - 28 Oct 1679

Father: Thomas FOSTER
Mother: Elizabeth

Family 1 : Sarah PARKER
  1.  Thomas FOSTER
  2. +Thomas FOSTER
  3.  Sarah FOSTER
  4.  Hannah FOSTER
  5.  Jonathan FOSTER
  6.  Elizabeth FOSTER

                  _Thomas FOSTER _+
 _Thomas FOSTER _|
|                |_Abigail WIMES _+
|--Thomas FOSTER 
|                 ________________
|_Elizabeth _____|


[1888] Files of Gary Lee Cobb. ERROR: Check dates He was a butcher in
Boston and Roxbury. He was in Roxbury Oct 15, 1662.

[1889] This is the date on his tombstone.

[1892] According to town records.

[1894] [S551] Foster Genealogy

[1895] [S551] Foster Genealogy

[1890] [S426] Cape Cod Library

[1891] [S551] Foster Genealogy

[1893] [S551] Foster Genealogy

[9539] [S123] Vital Records of Roxbury Massachusetts

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Levi LORING (Rev.)

____ - ____

Father: Bezaleel LORING

Family 1 : Sophia BOSWORTH

                    _Nicholas LORING _+
 _Bezaleel LORING _|
|                  |__________________
|--Levi LORING 
|                   __________________


[10718] [S48] Bosworth Genealogy

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____ - ____

Father: Zachariah WHITMAN
Mother: Elinor BENNETT

                      _Ebenezer WHITMAN _+
 _Zachariah WHITMAN _|
|                    |___________________
|--Samuel WHITMAN 
|                     _Samuel BENNETT ___+
|_Elinor BENNETT ____|
                     |_Ruth PERRY _______


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Roger WILLIAMS ((Immigrant))

[7910] [7911]

ABT 1606 - ABT Mar 1682

Father: James WILLIAMS
Mother: Alice PEMBERTON

Family 1 : Mary BARNARD
  1. +Mary WILLIAMS
  2.  Freeborn WILLIAMS
  3.  Providence WILLIAMS
  4. +Mercy WILLIAMS
  5. +Daniel WILLIAMS
  6.  Joseph WILLIAMS

 _James WILLIAMS __|
|                  |__
|--Roger WILLIAMS 
|                   __
|_Alice PEMBERTON _|


[7910] Roger Williams ... A Brief Biography

ROGER WILLIAMS was born in London, circa 1604, the son of James andAlice (Pemberton) Williams. James, the son of Mark and Agnes (Audley)Williams was a "merchant Tailor" (an importer and trader) and probablya man of some importance. His will, proved 19 November 1621, left, inaddition to bequests to his "loving wife, Alice," to his sons,Sydrach, Roger and Robert, and to his daughter Catherine, money andbread to the poor in various sections of London.

The will of Alice (Pemberton) Williams was admitted to probate 26January 1634. Among other bequests, she left the sum of Ten Poundsyearly for twenty years to her son, Roger Williams, "now beyond theseas." She further provided that if Roger predeceased her, "whatremaineth thereof unpaid ... shall be paid to his wife anddaughter...." Obviously, by the time of her death, Roger's mother wasaware of the birth in America in 1633 of her grandchild, MaryWilliams.

Roger's youth was spent in the parish of "St. Sepulchre's, withoutNewgate, London." While a young man, he must have been aware of thenumerous burnings at the stake that had taken place at nearbySmithfield of so-called Puritans or heretics. This probably influencedhis later strong beliefs in civic and religious liberty.

During his teens, Roger Williams came to the attention of Sir EdwardCoke, a brilliant lawyer and one-time Chief Justice of England,through whose influence he was enrolled at Sutton's Hospital, a partof Charter House, a school in London. He next entered Pembroke Collegeat Cambridge University from which he graduated in 1627. All of theliterature currently available at Pembroke to prospective studentsmentions Roger Williams, his part in the Reformation, and his foundingof the Colony of Rhode Island. At Pembroke, he was one of eightgranted scholarships based on excellence in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.Pembroke College in Providence, once the women's college of BrownUniversity, was named after Pembroke at Cambridge in honor of RogerWilliams.

In the years after he left Cambridge, Roger Williams was Chaplain to awealthy family, and on 15 December 1629, he married MARY BARNARD atthe Church of High Laver, Essex, England. Even at this time, he becamea controversial figure because of his ideas on freedom of worship. Andso, in 1630, ten years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Rogerthought it expedient to leave England. He arrived, with Mary, on 5February 1631 at Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their passagewas aboard the ship Lyon (Lion).

He preached first at Salem, then at Plymouth, then back to Salem,always at odds with the structured Puritans. When he was about to bedeported back to England, Roger fled southwest out of theMassachusetts Bay Colony, was befriended by local Indians andeventually settled at the headwaters of what is now Narragansett Bay,after he learned that his first settlement on the east bank of theSeekonk River was within the boundaries of the Plymouth Colony. Rogerpurchased land from the Narragansett Chiefs, Canonicus and Miantonomiand named his settlement Providence in thanks to God. The originaldeed remains in the Archives of the City of Providence.

Roger Williams made two trips back to England during his lifetime. Thefirst in June or July 1643 was to obtain a Charter for his colony toforestall the attempt of neighboring colonies to take over Providence.He returned with a Charter for "the Providence Plantations inNarragansett Bay" which incorporated Providence, Newport andPortsmouth. During this voyage, he produced his best-known literarywork -- Key into the Languages of America, which when published inLondon in 1643, made him the authority on American Indians.

On his return, Roger Williams started a trading post at Cocumcussocs(now North Kingstown) where he traded with the Indians and was knownfor his peacemaking between the neighboring colonists and the Indians.But again colony affairs interfered, and in 1651 he sold his tradingpost and returned to England with John Clarke (a Newport preacher) inorder to have the Charter confirmed. Because of familyresponsibilities, he returned sometime before 1654. John Clarkefinally obtained the Royal Charter from Charles II on 8 July 1663,thereby averting further trouble with William Coddington and somecolonists at Newport, who had previously obtained a charter for aseparate colony.

Roger Williams was Governor of the Colony 1654 through 1658. Duringthe later years of his life, he saw almost all of Providence burnedduring King Philip's War, 1675-1676. He lived to see Providencerebuilt. He continued to preach, and the Colony grew through itsacceptance of settlers of all religious persuasions. The two volumesof the correspondence of Roger Williams recently published by theRhode Island Historical Society, Glenn W. LaFantasie, Editor, presentan excellent picture of his philosophy and personality. Unfortunately,there was no known painting made of him during his lifetime, althoughmany artists and sculptors have portrayed him as they envision him.

Roger and Mary (Barnard) Williams were the parents of six children,all born in America:

1. MARY, born at Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, August 1633, died 1684;married JOHN SAYLES in 1650; six children. John and Mary Sayles livedon Aquidneck Island and are buried near Easton's Beach, Middletown,Rhode Island.

2. FREEBORN, born at Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, 4 October 1635,died 10 January 1710; married first THOMAS HART, died 1671; fourchildren. There were no children of Freeborn's second marriage toWALTER CLARKE, a Governor of Newport.

3. PROVIDENCE, born at Providence, September 1638, died March 1686;never married.

4. MERCY, born at Providence, 15 July 1640, died circa 1705; marriedfirst in 1659 RESOLVED WATERMAN, born July 1638, died August 1670;five children. Mercy married second SAMUEL WINSOR, born 1644, died 19September 1705; three children.

5. DANIEL, born at Providence, February 1641 "counting years to beginabout ye 25 of March so yt he was borne above a year & half afterMercy (Carpenter, Roger Williams), died 14 May 1712; married 7December 1676 REBECCA (RHODES) POWER, died 1727, widow of NicholasPower; six children.

6. JOSEPH, born at Providence, 12 December 1643, died 17 August 1724;married LYDIA OLNEY, born 1645, died 9 September 1724; six children.

Roger Williams died at Providence between 16 January and 16 April1683/84, his wife Mary having predeceased him in 1676. His descendantshave contributed in many ways, first to the establishment of anindependent Colony, later to the establishment of an independent statein a united nation. The United States of America has maintained thereality of separation of church and state which Roger Williamsenvisioned, and ordained in his settlement at Providence

[7914] He came on the Lyon.

[7911] [S659] Roger Williams Family Association

[7912] [S747] Winthrop Society

[7913] [S747] Winthrop Society

[7915] [S747] Winthrop Society

[11376] [S659] Roger Williams Family Association

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