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I849: Jakob Friedrich ACKERMANN (17 Oct 1838 - 17 Feb 1839)

Jakob Friedrich ACKERMANN


17 Oct 1838 - 17 Feb 1839

Father: Johan Michael ACKERMANN
Mother: Juliana Gottliebin REUSCHLE

                                _Johan Conrad ACKERMANN _______
 _Johan Michael ACKERMANN _____|
|                              |_Dorothea BACHER ______________
|--Jakob Friedrich ACKERMANN 
|                               _Johan Georg REUSCHLE _________
|_Juliana Gottliebin REUSCHLE _|
                               |_Christina Frederika ALLGAIER _


[987] Death: Died in infancy.

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Abiathar ANGELL


13 Dec 1748 - 17 Jun 1830

Father: Joshua ANGELL
Mother: Elizabeth TAYLOR

Family 1 : Lucy BENNETT
  1.  Sally ANGELL
  2.  Betsey ANGELL
  3.  Joseph ANGELL
  4.  Lucy ANGELL
  5.  John ANGELL
  6.  Fanny ANGELL
  7.  William ANGELL
  8.  James C. ANGELL
  9.  Samuel ANGELL
  10.  Mary ANGELL

                     _Daniel ANGELL _+
 _Joshua ANGELL ____|
|                   |_Hannah WINSOR _+
|--Abiathar ANGELL 
|                    ________________
|_Elizabeth TAYLOR _|


[8493] Of Scituate, RI and Cheshire, MA.

In "Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell, Who
Settled in Providence, 1636," (by Avery F. Angell, Providence: A.Crawford
Greene, 1872) I find the following :

p. 65
(Abiathar ANGELL (Joshua, Daniel, John, Thomas)

1. Sally, b. 18 July 1778, mar. Samuel WRIGHT
2. Betsey, b. 8 May 1780, never married
3. Joseph, b. 8 May 1782 [sic], mar. Eleanor DUNNING
4. Lucy, b. 28 Mar 1784, mar. Martin DUNNING
5. John, b. 20 Mar 1786, bachelor
6. Fanny, b. 20 May 1788, mar. Nathan B. WILBUR
7. William, b. Nov 1790, died in 8th yr.
8. James C., b. 16 Aug 1798, bachelor
9. Samuel, b. 20 Mar 1796, mar. Lois PRATT
10. Mary, b. 30 June 1799, mar. Foster Blackington

"Abiathar ANGELL has been so long absent from his Rhode Islandfriends, that
the author has been able to find but one man in the State who had the
slightest knowledge of his existence. In July, 1865, by inquiring ofthe late
Abraham ANGELL, of Scituate, respecting Joshua ANGELL's children, hesaid he
believed there was one Abiathar, but knew very little about him. Hebelieved
he went off somewhere. Abraham, at this time, was very deaf, so thatit was
difficult to talk with him. He died shortly after. Abiathar left hisnative
State so early that we are not able to find his name on the publicrecords.
The knowledge of his family table, his children and sketch of his lifeis
derived from letters of his descendants. Abiathar ANGELL removed from
Scituate, R. I., to Cheshire, Mass., before his marriage. Several ofhis
relatives had previously moved from Rhode Island to that vicinity. Wehave
derived the following facts from his descendants in Pownal, Vt:

His wife was Lucy BENNETT, daughter of Judge BENNETT, who was one ofthe
proprietors of Cheshire. He moved to Pownal, Vt., in January 1778. Hisonly
child, living in 1869, was Mrs. Martha DUNNING, at the age of 85. Butfew of
his descendants are now living in that place--the most of them having
emigrated to the western States. One of his grandsons, James C.ANGELL,
resides in North Adams, Mass., and is editor of the Hoosac ValleyNews, and
another, John, in Troy, N.Y. He served in the Revolutionary war, witha
captain's commission. He kept a diary, when in the service, thegreater part
of which has been lost. the only part preserved is that which had a
bullet-hole in it, made while the manuscript was in his coat pocket.During
his stay in Cheshire he applied for and received a commission asCaptain in
the army, July 4, 1776, and immediately commenced raising a company.When the
news of the advance of the British on Bennington reached him, hecollected
his company and marched forward at night. They rested at the line of
Bennington. In the morning they were awakened by the firingcommencing, and,
without stopping for breakfast, hastened to the field, arriving justas the
battle was ended and the Hessians had thrown down their arms. Col.Baum was
wounded and insensible, and breathing heavily. Capt. ANGELL undid his
neckcloth and unbuttoned his collar, brought water and bathed hisface, and
remained with him till he breathed his last. At Bennington, Capt.ANGELL was
one of the guard over the Hessians, who were confined in the church.During
the night the prisoners, supposing the floor was giving way, rushed
confusedly out, and the guard, thinking they were rising, and not
understanding what they said, fired on them, killing some of them.

Capt. ANGELL was in Arnold's march to Quebec. He has been often heardto say,
'Quebec was ours, but a blunder caused us to lose it.' He suffered
considerably by the smallpox and other diseases in his company, andvarious
hardships with which they were afflicted. When returning home, as hewas
lying one night on the floor, a gun was accidentally discharged, theball
passing under his head and lodging in his overcoat. It pierced thecorner of
his diary, which he kept through all his campaign, but of which only a
portion now remains.

After the war, he bought a farm in Pownal, Vt., upon which he settled,and
spent the remainder of his days. He was, before the war, a member ofthe
Baptist Church in Cheshire. When he came to Pownal he united with the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and remained in it till his death. He wasa great
reader, and particularly fond of history; he had a large library forthose
days. He died June 17, 1830, and was buried on his farm, in the family
burying-ground. His farm is now the property of Benj. Barber, thehusband of
Caroline WRIGHT who as daughter of Samuel WRIGHT and Sally ANGELL,Abiathar's
oldest child. "

[8497] Abiathar Angell, (1744-1830), was captain under Col. Jonathan Brewer1775, and 1776; served in Warner's Additional Continental Regiment. Hewas at Bunker Hill, siege of Boston, expedition to Canada, Benningtonand the surrender of Burgoyne. He was born in South Scituate, R. I.,removed in 1771 to Cheshire, Mass.

[8499] [S28] DAR Lineage Book

[8494] [S732] Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell

[8495] [S28] DAR Lineage Book

[8496] [S732] Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell

[8498] [S28] DAR Lineage Book

[10841] [S154] Boston Transcript Notes

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20 Mar 1786 - ____

Father: Abiathar ANGELL
Mother: Lucy BENNETT

                    _Joshua ANGELL ____+
 _Abiathar ANGELL _|
|                  |_Elizabeth TAYLOR _
|--John ANGELL 
|                   _Joseph BENNETT ___+
|_Lucy BENNETT ____|
                   |_Eunice WARD ______+


[8707] [S733] Descendants of Thomas Angell

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____ - BEF 1647

Family 1 : John LORD

|  |__
|--Rebecca BUSHNELL 
|   __


[5111] [S31] Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emm

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Elnathan CURTIS

[2507] [2508] [2509]

22 Mar 1712 - 20 Aug 1781

Father: Thomas CURTIS
Mother: Mary GOODRICH

Family 1 : Rose WELLER
  1.  Elizabeth CURTIS
  2.  Lucy CURTIS
  3. +Abel CURTIS
  4.  Mary CURTIS
  5.  Samuel CURTIS
  6.  Lois CURTIS
  7.  Isaac CURTIS
  8.  Rhoda CURTIS
  9.  Elnathan CURTIS

                  _Joseph CURTIS _______+
 _Thomas CURTIS _|
|                |_Mary (Mercy) DEMING _
|--Elnathan CURTIS 
|                 _John GOODRICH _______+
|_Mary GOODRICH _|
                 |_Rebecca ALLEN _______+


[2507] Differences in the DeForest source: 1)Mother was Lois Wentworth, p.214. 2)Born. "With his two brothers, Abel and Isaac, Elnathan Curtissettled on the land near Stockbridge which his father had bought (andleft to them). (a square mile of land on Lake Mahkeenac, nearStockbridge, Berkshire, MA) This small community became known asCurtisville. Before going to this place Curtis had evidently lived inNew Preston, CT, and was received into the Stockbridge church as anewcomer from New Preston.

This church had an interesting history. It was first organized in 1735as a mission for the Muhhekaneew or Stockbridge Indians and many ofits members and even some of its officers were Indians. In the year1763 there were six admissions: Elnathan Curtis and his wife, SamuelChurchill and his wife (Elizabeth Curtis), and two Indians. ElnathanCurtis was the fourth man made deacon of the church, an office he heldmany years.

Elnathan Curtis lived through the War of the Revolution but did notserve in it. His son of the same name served in the Berkshire Countymilitia for many periods of active duty between the Lexington Alarm of1775 and the end of the year 1781. The not appear on thepublic records, but, according to a family record dated Aug 16, 1859,which gives appearance of accuracy, the full list of children seems tobe established." (DeForest, p. 215) This record apparently shows thatthe children were born in Woodbury, CT and that child #7 was a femalenamed Grace born 4 Jul 1749.

[2508] [S415] Elnathan Curtis

[2509] [S450] Moore and Allied Families

[2510] [S407] Vital Records of Farmington, CT

[2511] [S450] Moore and Allied Families

[9614] [S17] Vital Records of New Milford, CT

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____ - ____

Family 1 : Medad ROOT

|  |__
|--Rhoda CURTIS 
|   __


[2328] Marriage: Bailey. Early Connecticut Marriages. Bk. 7, p. 61.

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____ - ____

Family 1 :
  1.  Keziah KEITH

|  |__
|--John KEITH 
|   __


[3617] He was a descendant of Francis Cook.

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