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Camille Brown Thornton's Family Tree

Brown, Phillips, Winking, and Rupp

These are the four names of my grandparents and where my journey starts. My grandmother Mary Margaret Phillips Brown was the one who started my interest in genealogy. She was the Probate Clerk of New Madrid, Mo for many years and began researching her family lines back int he 1960's. I have since inherited all of her books and research along with the genealogy bug. Only recently have I began to dig into my other branches and I can't wait to find out more.

Brown Genealogy

  • Brown Genealogy Pages
    This is my Dad's line. There is a story passed down that we are related to Ethan Allen, Rev. Jonathon Edwards, Aaron Burr and the author of Ben Hurr, Lew Wallace. These have yet to proven but we do have a Julia Allen married into the line and the middle name Edwards is used for several generations. Although we have not pinpointed the immigrant Brown, we know the family was in Pennsylvania, then Nebraska and then my grandfather went to Missouri.

Phillips Genealogy

  • Phillips Genealogy Pages
    This is my grandmother, the genealogist's, paternal line. She did loads of research on this line and traced her lineage so she could join DAR. Her lines go back to Virginia and connect to what some call "The First Families of Virginia" such as the Randolphs, Lewis' and Jeffersons. This line comes directly from Thomas Jefferson's sister Lucy who married Charles Lilbourne Lewis.

Winking Genealogy

  • Winking Genealogy Pages
    This is my Mom's line. They came over from Germany in and settle in Quincy, Ill. There are still Winking Descendants in Germany.

Rupp Genealogy

  • Rupp Genealogy Pages
    This is my maternal grandmother's line. They also came over from Germany and settled in Quincy, Illinois. My grandmother had 11 brothers and sisters and she is the only one still living.

New Madrid, MO

  • New Madrid, MO Pages
    This site wouldn't be complete without having a little history of the small town where my Dad and Grandmother lived. This is where all the research began and it is the subject of book written by my Dad, a cousin and myself called "Pioneers of New Madrid, Mo and Their Descendants"

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