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Cecil Houk's Nineveh Ford Web Page

July 15, 1815 - March 3, 1897    He was born in Ashe County, NC              Me   1939 - 20??

Click on our photo for his "Pioneer Road Builders" narative

I am a great great grandson of Nineveh FORD. (Note that his name is sometimes misspelled as "Ninevah".) Click here for his "Pioneer Road Builders. (in ASCII format)   He was part of the 1843 wagon train on the Oregon Trail. I am related to Nineveh through his daughter Martha Jane "Mattie" (FORD) RULAFORD.

Click the certificate for information about SDOP

Click herefor his Marion Co., OR DLC.

Nineveh Ford is burried in Walla Walla

Nineveh Ford is burried in block/section 12 of the Masonic area, click photo for obituary.

Click here to read the probate/will papers

Doug Johnson devotes a chapter to Nineveh Ford
and his son Clarence · · click on the title to read it

Across the Plains in 1844 by Catherine Sager Pringle (written circa 1860)
(click on the logo)

Nineveh FORD married Martha Jane "Mattie" SIMPSON, and they had 11 children.
*John J. FORD 27 Mar 1849 - 3 Mar 1886
*William Simpson B. FORD 1852 -1861
*Mary FORD 1854 - ?
*Willis Ephraim Lane FORD 20 Nov 1855 - 25 Apr 1942 photo 1 -- photo 2
   son Orley Ford photo
   The children of Willis Ford photo
     Orley Ford and son Robert Elden Ford photo
        Robert Elden Ford and family ca 1950 photo
        Orley, Robert and Robert Ford Jr. photo 1961
           Robert Ford Jr. photo (web page)
               Bryan Ford photo (web page)
*Clarence Sylvester / L. ? FORD 1857 - 8 Jan 1930? ca 1881 photo w/wife (Minnie E. Wood)
*Martha Jane FORD 8 Sept 1859 - 16 Sept 1933 ca 1880 photo
*Charles E.(?) FORD 3 May 1861? - 29 Apr 1932?
*George FORD 1864 - ?
*Josephine "Josie" FORD 13 Feb 1868 - May 1941
*Anita FORD 10 Sept 1875 - 1966
*# 11 ??

Martha FORD married George A. RULAFORD, 7 Dec 1848 - 17 Jan 1914 (text), and they had 3 sons. 1908 photo
*Cecil Clark RULAFORD 18 Jun 1881 - 21 Aug 1963
*Burnham S. "Burnie" RULAFORD
*Ernest Eugene "Earnie" RULAFORD?

Ernest Eugene RULAFORD married Anna Maud BUNKER, and they had at least 1 son.
*Theodore RULAFORD 1900's photo

Burnie S. RULAFORD married Margarette BUNKER, at least one son.1907 wed. photo
*George B. RULAFORD 17 Sept 1910 - 21 Feb 1987

George B. RULAFORD married Josephine SWEET, no children. 1935 photo

Cecil RULAFORD married Edna May ANDERSON, 10 Nov 1888 - 7 Jun 1913, and they had a daughter and a son. ca 1906 photo * 1908 photo
*Helen Edna RULAFORD 23 Jan 1908 - 11 Jul 1997 1908 photo 1925 photo 1925a photo 1928 photo 1949 photo 1956 photo 1969 photo
*Cecil Laertes RULAFORD 20 Sept 1909 - 27 Dec 1923 1915 photo
circa 1918 photo Helen & Cecil L.
Grave location for Cecil L. Rulaford

NOTE:following the death of Edna, Cecil RULAFORD married Alma HARDING. circa 1915 photo of Alma, Cecil L. and Helen.

NOTE:following the short marrage to Alma Harding, Cecil RULAFORD married Meda LAWRENCE 29 Jan 1894 - Mar 1986 1912 photo, and they had one daughter.
*Garnetha RULAFORD 6 May 1918 - Mar 1979.
1959 photo w/Garnetha & Monte

Helen RULAFORD married George Douglas HOUK, and they had two sons. 1937 photo
*Douglas Raymond HOUK 13 Jan 1938 - 6 Nov 1997 1996 photo * Jul 1997 photo * OCT 1997 photo
*Cecil Charles HOUK (me) July 1939 - 1962 photo * 1968 photo * 1978 photo * 1998 photo *
1945 photo Douglas is on the left
1953 photo Douglas is on the left
1993 photo Douglas is on the left

Garnetha RULAFORD married Edward J. MOE, and they had one daughter. 1944 photo
*Monte Cheryl MOE 15 Jun 1947 1947 photo * 1949 photo

I, Cecil HOUK, married Rachel Ellen FISHER, and we have no children. 1973 photo

Douglas HOUK married Delores Louise TODD, and they had two sons 1972 photo

Monte MOE married David Hind. No children

More names and dates will be added; more photo's too.

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Check my "I remember" on SHOL (Sweet Home On Line)

Additions and corrections are welcome.

Researchers include:
*Cecil Houk
*Don Houk
*Bill Kelly

Some photo's of Nineveh's bother John's children

photo provided by Marilyn Lang
l-r Eugene, Lloyd, Paul and Frances (Ford) Lang

photo dated ca 1909,  provided by Marilyn Lang
Martha (Ford) Rooker age 62 [left] Frances (Ford) Lang age 52


The 1700's SIMPSONs??? ??? .

The ANDERSONSs Frank_&_Ida_1935_ * 50th_wed._aniv._1935_large_group * small_group_photo * Frank_&_Ida * Frank_&_Ida_1939_age_74 *

The RULAFORDs 1908 * ca 1915 * 1925 * ca 1936 photo

The RULAFORDs & KELLEYs 1900 photo * 1908 photo * 1908 photo

The HOUKs 1945 photo * 1948 photo * 1953 photo * 1993 photo *

Our Fur People Mr Midi 1998 * Ms Dos 1998 * Chow Line 1998 * Nitey Nite

To see more photo's from my collections click here.

To see photo's from Sweet Home (Oregon) Union High School click here.

To see photo's from Girls' Polytechnic School, 1928 Graduating Class (Portland OR) click here.

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