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Cecil Houk's Photo's

Some of these are photographs of various friends and relatives that I obtained from the estates of my mother (Helen Houk, January 1908 - July 1997), and brother (Douglas Houk, January 1938 - November 1997). Others are those that I have taken over the years.

First let me show you where I live now in San Diego, CA. This photo was taken in late 1969.

April 1972
February 1998
February 1998

This is Meda and Helen in the back yard of the house above. ca 1970

Covered bridge bird feeder built by Doug Houk ca 1994.

Can you find Helen in this picture?
Click here for a clue.

This photo taken in Redmond, OR ca 1938/39.
From left to right standing: Alvin Mills (holding Bob Mills), Lovena Mills, Melvin Harmon, Aunt Hattie Montgomery, Emory (?), Nora Houk, and Helen Houk. In the buggy Doug Houk (left) and Betty Mills/Joice Partin?

From my baby book dated 1940; I'm in the buggy, the two older kids are Patsy & Don Houk, and I can't name the others.

Helen Rulaford's 1928 Girl's Poly graduation picture

Houk's & Mills' families, Tacoma WA 1940

Houk's & Mills' families, Redmond OR 1938

William Ellsworth Houk 1938

(l to r)Cecil H., Mrs. Moore, George H., and Doug H. ca 1944 at Foster OR

(l)Doug & (r)Cecil Houk ca 1945/46 at Foster OR. Yes, it's a double exposure. All photo's taken of the front of this house were!

 The house was located here: You can zoom out on this map and get a better idea of the location. The loop is the driveway for the view point that is there now. In 1947 there was an orchard at that location. The house was on the north side of HWY 20; just a few yards west of Riggs Hill Road.

ca 1974 at Foster OR.

(r)Doug & (l)Cecil Houk ca 1947/48 at Foster OR. Doug built this cage for a duck; it got away.

Doug and grandson Neal Douglas Juarez, July 1997

L to R (Back) Richard Moore, Leonard Houk. (Front) Donna Moore, Melvin Harmon. ca 1937

Leonard Houk ca 1938.

Nora and Wm. Houk; baby Doug Houk and ? ca 1939

Irene (Houk) Partin ca 1937.

(back) Bertha & Albert Mills. (center) Patsy, Nora May, Don, and Bessie Houk. (front) Bob & Betty Mills. ca 1947

Betty Mills

Bob Mills

Lovena Mills

Bob & Betty Mills, Easter Sunday 1943

Nora Houk, Bob & Betty Mills

Elsie,Charlie, and Dennis Houk

Patsy, Bessie & Nora Houk ca 1946

Dennis Houk

Doug, Cecil, and Dennis Houk

Nora & William Houk, Don & Patsy Houk, and Melvin Harmon. Dated April 2, 1938 by photo lab.

The Mills Family

Nora Houk, Bob & Betty Mills

Ms Dos atop her 10 foot step ladder, Feb 28, 1998

Cecil (3rd from the left, front row) Sweet Home Jr HI 1954 The teacher Mr. James Crakes now lives about 15 miles from me here in San Diego! He has a 39 year old son who also lives in San Diego!! James Jr. !!!

Guy Houk (the one with the hat!), Oct. 1937

Andersons July 4, 1939 (l to r) Ida, Frank, boy ?, Lillian, Floyd

Ms Dos This pix was taken about 8:00 AM November 6, 1997. This is the one and only time she ever got up on this table!

Captain James Blakely This portrait is from the Linn County Museum, Brownsville OR.
Captain James Blakely This funeral notice is from the Linn County Museum, Brownsville OR.
Captain James Blakely This pix is from the Linn County Museum, Brownsville OR.
Captain James Blakely This pix is from the Linn County Museum, Brownsville OR (enlargement of the above pix)

1998A This is the grave site of Cecil Laertes Rulaford. "X" marks the grave.
1998B This is the grave site of Cecil Laertes Rulaford. The view is toward Freemont Street. "X" marks the grave.

1998A This is where Doug is now. The location is 0.6 mile from the entrance to the interprative center, and on the right side of the road (back toward the freeway, I-84, exit 302).
1998B View from the interprative center. Doug is to the left.
1998C Enlarged version of the above, the white object is a wagon; you can see the ruts too.

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