My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT1
The New Car  - Happy 26th Rachel!
12-8-1973  12-8-1999  see I did remember.

From the Pontiac book.   It looks much better in black

The 1988 Grand Am LE is across the street today.

     This is the 1988 Grand Am LE July 1988 in the same location as above.  It still looks like this in spite of the additional 105,000 miles added to the 18 miles on it the day I drove it home.

     The Y2K Grand Am GT1 starts it's life with us with 118
miles on its digital odometer.  The first tune-up is due in 99,882
miles.  Rachel...  I hope that won't be next year!



other baby pictures:

1984 Dave in front of the Plymouth, Dean, and my 1970 Pontiac Le Mans

Click here to see the license plate on the Le mans

Click here to see the license plate on the Le mans in a mirror

1972 Olds 98 LS  no pix

1962 Olds Starfire  no pix

1971 - I wish I still had this '59 Caddy!

1964 Me in my 1955 Pontiac

The 1955 Pontiac and the 1955 Packard sans tires

My 1955 Packard Clipper

1961 Bob Mills and my 1955 Packard

1949 Ford Convertable  no pix

1960 My pink 1951 Ford Victoria hard top and Cat.

1960 I traded the 1949 Studebaker in for this 1949 Chevrolet

1959 Donna, Doug, and Helen Houk.  Doug bought this '49 Studebaker for $20.  He gave it to me.  My first car.