Girls' Polytechnic 1928 Portland OR  

revised December 7, 2001
  Girl's Polytechnic School Portland, Oregon 1928

These photographs are from my mother's copy of the January 1928 graduating class book "The Polytechnic Maid", published by Girls' Polytechnic School, Portland, Oregon.  My mother, Helen Rulaford Houk, died (at the age of 89 years 6 months), on July 7, 1997.  It is my intention, some day, to place this book in the care of one of the genealogy groups in Portland.

I don't know the history of Girls' Poly, but it seems that the building it occupied was at one time Portland High School, which moved and was renamed "Lincoln" circa 1912. That information came from a clipping from the January 14, 1969, "Portland Oregonian" that my mother put in the book.

Girls' Poly * Lincoln High School

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