Sweet Home, OR schools .

The schools of Sweet Home, Oregon as I lived and remember them.

1:30 AMFebruary 8, 2002

4th Grade  Long Street Grade School  Sweet Home, Oregon 1948

     Let's see how many names I can remember:  From left to right:

Front row: ?, ?, Royce McDaniel, Archie Vibbard, ?, Ivan -, ?, ?, ?,  me.
Second Row:  Bob West, Roy Parker, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,?, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Third Row:  ?, Barbra Dishaw, Edna -, ?,  Mrs. Kartavold, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

5th Grade  Long Street Grade School  Sweet Home, Oregon 1948

     Well, I had to include this pix too.  My brother Doug is in the back row; far left.  The teacher is Mrs. Latimer.  Can you spot the used car salesman?  (hint: HIS NAME IS BOB WALKER - MIDDLE ROW - 3RD FROM THE RIGHT).  I can't name any one else in this pix.

Mel (left) and Bob Walker  July 1998

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Foster School  1944

     I should have been in this picture, but Mrs. Marker (far right), discovered that I was only 5 years old and sent me home.  My brother Doug is 7th from the left in the first row.  I think it's a shame that they tore down this building.

Sweet Home Junior High School    Mr. James Crakes' 8th Grade Class    1952/53

     One day not long ago I was looking at this picture and it occurred to me that our teacher had an uncommon name.  So I did a Yahoo "white pages" internet search for J Crakes.  Hmmmm?  Two hits right here in San Diego;  A "J. Crakes" a local call, and a "James Crakes" a toll call.  Being frugal (cheap), I called J. Crakes. BINGO!  And James is his son!