You're a Good Man Charles Schulz

You're a Good Man Charles Schulz

by Shelley D. Sparks
Feb. 13, 2000

It's very hard for me to say
That Charles Schulz has passed away
He and his Gang will all be missed
By them our daily lives were kissed

Dear Charlie Brown, we've loved you so
We wish you didn't have to go
You gave many simple thoughts
On on love and life --We owe you lots

Linus and his pumpkin patch,
A baseball mound, a football catch
We've known Snoopy as a pup
The Peanuts Gang, has now grown up

We've read our comics again and again
And know all good things must someday end
So today it its not without a sigh
To Charlie, Lucy, we say "Goodbye".

Charles Schulz, our lives you've touched
So many memories--you've given much
As every day we'd laugh and cry
With Charlie we'd identify

But in our hearts they'll always stay
And truly never go away
With love and sadness we say "Adieu"
Dear Peanuts Gang... we will miss you!

Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip
passed away from this earth just hours before his
final original comic strip was to run nationally
in the February 13th, Sunday newspapers.

He will be missed.

Goodbye Charlie. (click on this line if you have a sound card)

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              \   `-.___.' /
               '._      _.'
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               | |/\/\/\/|.-.
               |-|/\/\/\/|;' )
              (__/_______|  _)
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