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My Oregon Trail Families
     I have known for many years that my great great grandfather Nineveh Ford crossed the Oregon Trail in a wagon pulled by oxen, but I had no idea how many of my ancestors did the same thing until my brother got me interested in genealogy shortly before he died in 1997.  In the years since, I have discovered the names of of those hearty people.  I even have photo's of some of them!

   Stephenie Flora has done a great job collecting and posting the names of the people who made that journey.  I have driven from San Diego CA to Norfolk VA (via Denver, CO), but it wasn't in a covered wagon!  ( It was a 1962 Olds Starfire with a V8 engine.)  My coast to coast trip took just a few days, and I had the convenience of motels, restaurants, Rand McNalley maps, and Interstate Highways.  There were bridges over every river I had to cross.  Our ancestors had none of these, and their journey of less than half the distance generally took about six months.  Several did not survive the journey.


     Above all I must give credit to my dear wife Rachel who puts up with my many hours spent at the computer!  I must give credit to my cousin Don Houk who has been shaking the family tree for more than a quarter century.  A big thanks goes to Clint Joyce who sent me the Blakely, Brown and Browning family files.  Finally, lest we forget; I thank the people at RootsWeb.Com for the FREE web space!!!

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